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S.S Chapter 4 How The System is Trained


“As a System, it must have some basic functions.” 

“First of all, statistics of the host’s physical data. So, I’ll add the Host’s attribute interface.”

After that, Li Yu added the necessary information on the Purple Bamboo Book. 

“The host attribute must contain the basic information: name, sex, age, and race. The extended information: special physique, cultivation level, cultivation technique, skill.” 

“Besides, the system must have the ability to communicate and answer the host’s questions.” 

As setting this function, Li Yu’s eyes turned, and another command was immediately issued.

“Set me as the system’s highest authority. The system host can only have a sub-level authority.” 

Li Yu just realized that being a system seller was a very dangerous profession. The worst possibility is that the host’s system can be misused. So, he needed to have a back-up.

“The next step is to add the main function of the system. This system’s main function is trade.” 

Li Yu began to complete the System Functions. 

“After all, I am not like the old grandpa out there, so this system must absolutely benefit me!” 

“The host can trade an item from the Trade System, he must redeem the required item with another trade item, just like energy points.” 

Having said that, Li Yu suddenly thought of a problem and quickly added: “For the purchase price, it is always static.” 

Who knows if someone will deliberately test the System exchange price? In any case, the host would redeem a similar thing in the future, wouldn’t he suddenly find out that the System’s price had changed? 

“For the trade, there will be a cultivation technique secret book trade, bloodline and physique trade, medicine pill trade, material trade, weapons and equipment trade, skill trade, junk trade. That’s all for the time being, I’ll add later.” 

“How about the exchange price? If I use the energy consumed to make the item, as the basis of setting the exchange price. Should I add 10% to increase the price? Oh well, I’ll just double it then!” 

“Oh, yes, the price of the cultivation technique secret book is only half the price of the weapons trade. For the exchange of knowledge, the energy used is low, and the price is low as well!” 

A line added into the redemption specifics. When Li Yu was finished, nine lines in total were lit up. 

“Almost done. ” 

Li Yu looked at the bamboo slips, and smilingly nodded, “That’s it, let’s make it!” 

‘Highest Heavenly Book’ system is set, system is being created…’ 

‘System creation is complete!’ 


In my mind, there were fragments of five-colored light shot out, and glowed up. 

‘Found the new System ‘Highest Heavenly Book,’ System Shop starts to connect…’ 


‘System template, ‘Highest Heavenly Book’ has been added!’ 

‘Congratulations, ‘Highest Heavenly Book’ System a success! All Heavens and Myriad Realms System Shop had automatically added all features of ‘Highest Heavenly Book.”

“Haha! Great!” 

Li Yu couldn’t help but laugh when he heard that System automatically had all the features of ‘Highest Heavenly Book.’

“Open ‘Highest Heavenly Book’ System and let me see it.” 

“Hua la!”

A Purple Bamboo Book was slowly unfolding in Li Yu’s mind. 

“Host’s Attribute!”

‘Name: Li Yu’

‘Sex: Male’

‘Age: Sixteen’

‘Race: Human’

‘Special Physique: None’

‘Culture Level: None’

‘Treatment Technique: None’

‘Skill: None.’ 

“There is nothing much. Let’s proceed!” 

Li Yu continued, “Open Trade System.” 

The book opened, and a few lines showed up. 

Cultivation technique secret book trade, bloodline and physique trade, medicine pill trade, material trade, weapons and equipments trade, skill trade, junk trade, a series of exchanges were presented. 


“Why is it empty? Why is there nothing inside?” 

Looking at the empty Trade System, Li Yu was stunned. 

‘Insuficient resources’ 

“Insuficient resources?” 

When he heard the insufficient resources prompt, Li Yu quickly thought of the empty ‘Resource Storage.’

From this point of view, it could be concluded that all the resources that the manufactured systems will use are from the ‘Resource Storage’ of the System Shop. 

“How does the Resource Storage get its resources?” 

Li Yu frowned slightly, hoping that the resources should not be too difficult to get. Otherwise, it would be a big problem. 

“System Shop Resource Storage, which has the function of scanning resource information. Asking to enable the resource information scanning.” 

‘Enable! Of course!’ 

Li Yu gave the system the command.

‘Insufficient energy. Resource information scanning could not be started, scanning failed!’

‘Insufficient energy?’ 

Li Yu thought for a moment and quickly opened his User Profile. After seeing the energy and the number displayed changed from one hundred to twenty currently. 

“Only 20 points of energy? What’s going on?” 

‘Crossing through worlds consumes 50 points, and creating the ‘Highest Heavenly Book’ used 30 points. The remaining energy is 20 points. Please refill energy as soon as possible!’

“Okay! Everything is always difficult at the beginning!” 

Li Yu took a deep breath and asked the system, “How to add energy points?” 

‘Everything has energy, and this energy can be collected through the Resources Collection Function.’


Li Yu frowned, looked up, and turned to the sky. 

“I must have enough energy!” 

Li Yu smiled and stood up, “I’ve decided to go to Mount Tai. Well, it’s not bad!” 

Just remembering, Li Yu thought again, “But… I don’t have money! It’s less than three days before the story starts. I have to get to Mount Tai before that. Otherwise, it will be over for me!”

“System, if I specify to scan something, can I start a resource scan?” 

‘Yes! Please specify the things to be scanned.’ 


Li Yu sighed in relief, “Based on my current location, I choose to scan a hundred yuan banknote.” 

‘Scan completed. The scanning of the one hundred yuan bill is over and has been entered into the Trade System as a junk item.’

“Junk item?” 

Li Yu smile wryly, “Well, for the System, this thing is really just equivalent to sundries.” 

“Exchange to 10,000 Yuan.” 


A stack of red notes appeared in the hands of Li Yu. 

“To exchange for 10,000 Yuan banknotes, the energy consumed is only 0,0001. This money is really worthless!” 

With this money, Li Yu didn’t have to worry about his journey. 

Looking for a good hotel, Li Yu planned to have a nice room to sleep. However, when he opened the door, he found out that he actually didn’t have an ID card! 

Fortunately, the banknote could completely replace the identity card. After presenting a stack of banknotes, Li Yu got the room card very smoothly. 

“The next step is to go to Mount Tai!” 

Li Yu pushed open the window of the room and looked up at the starry night sky. The corner of his mouth floated with a smile.

“That thing, it should be within my reach soon!”

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