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S.S Chapter 6 Too Poor, Giving You a Chance


“I really encountered a great disaster?” 

The disaster gradually calmed down, and Li Xiaoman gasped with fear. 

The thrilling scene she had just experienced has made Li Xiaoman shocked. She remembered the words of Li Yu, and she survived. 

“Fortunately, I can survive this tragedy. Who is that young man? He said that he is a cultivator?”

Li Xiaoman shook her head and stood up slowly on the ground. 

“Is there anyone injured?” 

“No! Only a little bruise!” 

“Everyone is fine. Just calm down now, and let’s get out of here!” 

“Go away?” 

Zhou Yi felt his heart tightening. He remembered Li Yu’s words and thought of the “Emperor Path” and the “Prosperity of the Great Emperor,” which made Zhou Yi have some conceptions. Zhou Yi felt that this Nine Dragons coming to the world, somehow related to him? 

Of course, this was definitely what Li Yu wanted him to believe. 

However, Zhou Yi had some expectations for the Nine Dragons descending from the sky, and he didn’t want to miss this opportunity. 

Looking up towards the Nine Dragons, Zhou Yi looked away immediately and couldn’t help but yell, “Look! That’s…” 

With the exclaim of Zhou Yi, everyone looked at him together. 


“This… am I really seeing it?” 

“Is it an Immortal?” 

Everyone looked towards the Nine Dragons, and immediately exclamations filled the place. 

Because the descend of Nine Dragons resulting in a hundred thousand feet of light illuminating the entire Kowloon. 

A young man in traditional clothes floated in the middle of the red light, and his whole body was shrouded of red light, like an Immortal. 

“It’s him!” 

Li Xiaoman stared wide-eyed with full of surprise.

“This person is really not mortal? So… Is he really…” 

“Ye Fan, that’s the person we encountered on the road.” 

“Is he? Is this person really Immortal?” 

Ye Fan was surprised to see the silhouette in the red light, his face was incredulous. 

“He must be an Immortal! He said, that I have the prosperity of a Great Emperor?” 

Zhou Yi squeezed his fist, and he was very excited. 

“Haha. Sure enough, I didn’t expect this!” 

Li Yu floated near the Bronze Coffin and watched the System extract the energy of Immortal World through Bronze Coffin to System. 

Li Yu was happy. 

‘Extract the energy of the Immortal World through the Bronze Coffin to System, start resource scanning.’ 

‘Starting resources scan, scan initiated!’ 

In the middle of the hundred thousand feet radius of red light, an invisible wave spread over, sweeping through Earth in an instant, sweeping through the solar System, sweeping through the Milky Way… 

The invisible wave swept the entire universe. 

At this moment, in the whole world, the hearts of countless Supreme Beings were suddenly startled, and it seems that something terrible happened. They tried to look for clues but found nothing. 

‘Resources scanning is complete!’ 

‘Resource entry is complete!’ 

“Wow… So fast!” 

Li Yu was a little surprised and quickly opened the “Highest Heavenly Book” to see. 

‘True Dragon Undying Medicine …’ 

‘Sans Beginning Sutra …’ 

‘Supreme Void Mirror…’ 

‘Innate Sacred Body Dao Embryo …’ 

Seeing the exquisite secret art in the Trade System, the various bloodline physiques, and the various earthly treasures shining with spiritual light, Li Yu’s mouth busted. 


Li Yu’s excitement ended when he saw the System was still extracting the energy of the Immortal World through the Bronze Coffin to System, Li Yu suddenly shocked. 

‘Stop! Stop absorbing energy!’ 

Li Yu’s face was a bit pale and sweat.

“The Immortal World was connected to Bronze Coffin. So if you absorb too much energy of the Immortal World, it will collapse and be destroyed.” 

Fortunately, the System immediately stopped its energy extraction, and the hundred thousand foots red light dissipated, this made Li Yu sigh in relief. 

Looking down and seeing Zhou Yi and the others, who were still stunned in front of him, Li Yu’s mouth formed into a smile, he opened the System and traded for a flying skill. 

The red light circulates rapidly.

Li Yu instantly disappeared from the Bronze Coffin and appeared in front of Zhou Yi and the others, and everyone was scared. 

“Imm… Immortal?” 

Li Xiaoman looked at Li Yu, who suddenly flew over, and her eyes seemed to be falling out of their sockets. 

“You really are an Immortal? That thing… did you do those?” 

Zhou Yi’s blood is boiling.

“This person is really an Immortal, and he also said that I have the prosperity of a Great Emperor. Will I become his apprentice? Will he give me an Immortal Pill?” 

“Nine Dragons is descending, the Emperor’s Path is opened, and I have foreseen this encounter!” 

Li Yu stood up and smiled at the people, nodding.

“Given our fated encounter, let me give you a first meeting gift! ” 

Li Yu used little energy to redeem some Spiritual Qi. With a gentle wave, spiritual light showered like rain, and like silk falling, blending within everyone’s body. 

“Wow! So comfortable!” 

“Ah! Look, my scratch has been healed!” 

“My cervical spine is not hurting anymore!” 

“Immortal Technique! He really is an Immortal!” 

“Many thanks, Great Immortal! Many thanks, Great Immortal! ” 

The crowd was both shocked and delighted, and their gaze towards Li Yu was full of excitement and expectations. 

“Everyone here is destined to meet today.” 

Li Yu smiled and nodded, he glanced at the crowd and said, “This poor Daoist has a big opportunity in my hands. I wonder if you are interested?” 

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” 

“Of course! We are interested!” 

“Immortality is my destiny, I’m willing to offer anything and longevity! I ask for the Great Immortal to also give me this opportunity!” 

When they heard Li Yu’s words, everyone was impatient to start and asked for the opportunity. 

“What opportunities will the Great Immortal give us?” 

Zhou Yi took a step forward and had some positive expectations on this opportunity. 

“I also ask Great Immortal for your advice!” 

A young man named Liu Yunzhi also stepped forward, and he seems to have some hostility towards Zhou Yi. 

“Hehe! Opportunity?” 

Li Yu laughed, bending over and picking up a piece of gravel from the ground, and in front of everyone, he showed the palm of his hand, “The so-called opportunity, this… is the opportunity.” 


Liu Yunzhi’s face changed slightly, and he was annoyed. 

“Clearly, that is only stone that taking from the ground. How is this the opportunity? Is he playing with me?” 

“This…Great Immortal is testing us?” 

“Could it actually be pointing to stone and turning it into gold? Is that stone actually gold?” 

“Stop! Such a small stone, even if it’s gold, it doesn’t worth much.” 

Seeing the stone in the hands of Li Yu, everyone talked about it. 

“Great Immortal, this stone… Can you give it to me?” 

Zhou Yi was excited. 

“Nothing is free in this world.” 

Li Yu shook his head towards Zhou Yi.

“If you want this stone, you have to pay the price!” 


Zhou Yi was shocked, and some of them were upset. 

“Ah? Have to pay the price?” 

When they heard Li Yu, some people became interested, and some of them gave up. Logically they thought this anything no sense. Some held a distrust of Li Yu’s so-called opportunity. 

“Great Immortal, I don’t know what price I have to pay?” 

Zhou Yi seems to have thought it and appears to have made a decision, looking up and asking Li Yu. 

“Have you decided?” 

Li Yu showed a smile toward Zhou Yi. 

“I have decided!” 

Zhou Yi firmly nodded. 


Li Yu laughed loudly, “Good! Good decision! There still a place you need to reach so you can completely grasp the opportunity! Young man, I am looking forward to your great success!” 

Li Yu threw the stone in his hand to Zhou Yi.

“When you get to the Great Thunder Sound Temple, remember to give the Bodhi Tree to me!” 

After that, the red light rose, and Li Yu floated away. 

“I dare to ask the Great Immortal’s name!” 

Zhou Yi shouted the last time. 

“Closed-door alchemy is blended with hexose, there is medicine in the furnace to improve the physique. Generate Eight Sceneries Palace, and forget the mortal world for tens of thousands of years!” 

Among the red light, the sound of lengthy songs could be faintly heard. In the twinkling of an eye, only the sound was left in the air, and no silhouette could be seen. 

“He is an expert!” 

Zhou Yi sighed, with a look of fascination.

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