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S.S Chapter 7 About to Start


The red light flashed away. 

Li Yu finally showed his figure under Mount Lu. 


Li Yu landed at the boulders on the edge of the dark mountain. 

“I really can’t take it anymore. This is forcing the load on myself. I almost lost half of my life!” 

After a long while, Li Yu’s face was still pale, and his mouth was gaping wide, gasping for air. 

“Some people have motion sickness, some are seasick, and I have airsickness, I about to faint. This body’s physique is really bad.” 

Li Yu smiled and shook his head. 

Just for the sake of keeping appearances and to not be found out quickly, he had to cross several thousand miles from Dongyue to Mount Lu. A thousand miles away, because it’s so fast, Li Yu’s body could not withstand it.

“It seems that I must improve my strength fast. I can’t stand this weak body.” 

Li Yu slightly smiled, got up, and found a place to sit down as he opened the System. 

The System Shop automatically included all the features of the Highest Heavenly Book, so Li Yu could scan all the resources in the Trade System. 

“The first is physique. My body is fragile. Then I shall redeem a Physique!” 

Opening the System and seeing all the exquisite items in the Resource Storage. Li Yu smiles, contemplating, “Which physique shall I choose? The Sacred Body? Or the Innate Sacred Body Dao Embryo?” 

The Sacred Body, even though it could be stronger, but it’s very hard to cultivate it. 

The Innate Sacred Body Dao Embryo, with all the advantages of the Sacred Body, and it is beneficial to reach the great Dao of the Heaven and Earth! Then I choose this! 

“Give me the Innate Sacred Body Dao Embryo.” 

“Expending 30 energy points… Beginning the redeeming process.” 

“What …” 

Li Yu was unable to resist the sudden burst of pain. 

Great energy flowed fiercely to Li Yu’s body, and his whole body is hurting. It feels wholly crushed and then re-shaped little by little. 

Fortunately, it didn’t take too long for the process of body remodeling to finish. However, in just a few minutes, Li Yu could live for another 10.000 years. 


Li Yu wiped the sweat on his forehead, gasping for breath, still had a lingering fear of what he had just experienced. 

“That almost killed me, but let’s try how effective is the body?” 

After recovering, Li Yu began to see his changes. 

Freely moving around, the power of his body was incomparable like never before, Li Yu was suddenly filled with a unique sense of power. 

“Haha! Good! Very good! I am not weak anymore!” 

Li Yu patted his chest, clenched his fists, bent his arms, and put on a bodybuilder’s posture, all along accompanied by a weird laugh. 

Turning his head, Li Yu looked for a stone on the edge of the mountain, and he walked over to it with a smile. 

“Let’s try it!” 

Bending down, he reached for the two corners of the large stone, and pushing it hard, he easily lifted the stone. 

“It’s so easy! This large stone is very light if weighed maybe 500 kgs!” 

With his new strength, he threw the stone outwards, and Li Yu waved his arm and laughed creepily again. 

“The problem with my physique has been solved. Now let’s see for a cultivation technique so I can start cultivation. The cultivation technique for this physique is naturally the Primordial Beginning Scripture.” 

Li Yu opened System, and he was ready to redeem the Primordial Beginning Scripture when he came to a realization. 

“Hey? I just redeemed the Innate Sacred Body Dao Embryo and consumed 30 points. How much energy point left?” 

Thinking of this, Li Yu quickly checked the energy point data. 

“A thousand eight hundred and fifty-three points of energy? Turned out, I still have a lot of energy! It seems that I won’t have to worry about using up my energy points for a short while.” 

“Since I have a lot of energy, I want to trade Primordial Beginning Scripture.” 

“Expending 10 energy points, and beginning the redeeming process.” 

Many texts flowed like water, continually pouring into Li Yu’s mind. Li Yu groaned, and his face turned pale.

“It’s a bit unbearable to process so much information at once. Fortunately, my physique has become stronger, or else I would have a headache.” 

Li Yu touched his forehead and sat down on the rock. 

“My physique has changed, and I also have a cultivation technique now. For now, let’s observe what happens to Zhou Yi.” 

“Give me a connection to the Highest Heavenly Book System.” 

As soon as Li Yu gave the order, the System instantly connected to the Highest Heavenly Book and showed all the situations around Zhou Yi in Li Yu’s eyes. 

Jade Emperor peak. 

Zhou Yi reached for the stone and stood on the field. 

“Zhou Yi, congratulations, you get the immortal destiny!” 

Liu Yunzhi walked up, and the smile on his face was meaningful. 

“What immortal destiny? Let’s see it?” 

“Yes! Let us see it!” 

“Zhou Yi, don’t hide it, take it out, and let us see it! ” 

“Yeah! Immortal destiny, let’s see it!” 

Everyone was curious about that. 

“Hehe. What immortal destiny? did you really believe it?” 

Zhou Yi shook the stone in his hand and shook his head. 

“This is just a stone that Immortal picked up from the ground in front of everyone! The Immortal is just teasing us. It is just a game for him in the human world.” 

“Zhou Yi, don’t you lie to us!” 

Liu Yunzhi’s eyes flashed with a trace of unfathomable glare, “Everyone here is your classmate. It’s not fair if you are the only one getting the opportunity. Everyone here also wants to get an opportunity, isn’t that right?” 

“Yes! Zhou Yi, you are so stingy, what do you mean by doing that?” 

“If we all become Immortals, the world will be ours!” 

Almost all of them talked to Zhou Yi.


The smile on Zhou Yi’s face was still very gentle, and his posture remained gentle and graceful, like a piece of jade. 

Zhou Yi knew that Liu Yunzhi didn’t have good intentions, and he knew that everyone was jealous of him. He calmly spoke.

“It’s really only a stone, if you want to take a look, then take it!” 

Zhou Yi didn’t actually care about the stone in his hand, and so he casually threw the stone to Liu Yunzhi. 

Li Yu hid the Highest Heavenly Book System into the stone. When Zhou Yi took the stone, the system had already entered his mind. And this stone is really just a stone. 


Liu Yunzhi took the stone and looked at it carefully. He finally found out that it was really just a stone. 

“Did I do it the wrong way?” 

Liu Yunzhi thought of the plots in many novels he read, and quickly bit his middle finger and painted the blood on the stone. However… nothing happened. 

Zhou Yi saw Liu Yunzhi’s move and secretly sneered. He said at the beginning, “It may be that my luck is not enough for this opportunity. This immortal destiny has nothing to do with me anymore. Maybe someone else can get this opportunity.” 

“Yeah! Didn’t the Immortal say that we are destined ones? Liu Yunzhi, give it to me.” 

“And me! And me!” 

“Me too!” 

The bunch of people already rioted for having the opportunity, and so Liu Yunzhi had no choice but to hand over the stone. 

The stone passed around in the crowd. Everyone has tried every method and think of getting that opportunity, but they still gained nothing of it. 

“It must be that the Immortal is just teasing us. Isn’t there a lot of Immortal who like to play pranks in stories? This is definitely just an ordinary stone.” 

Zhou Yi said to the crowd when finally the stone returned to him. Then he threw the stone on the ground. 

“That must be the case!” 

Everyone sighed helplessly. 

“Look! There, what is that?” 

Li Xiaoman suddenly pointed to the place where the Nine Dragons descended and shouted in surprise. 

Everyone quickly looked over and saw that in the place where Nine Dragons fell was a huge five-colored stone platform illuminating a dazzling Five-colored light, and a huge Eigth Trigrams appeared out of thin air. 

The two Yin-Yang Fish in the Eigth Trigrams kept moving and seemed to be slowly opening a portal. 

“Immortal destiny! That’s the real immortal destiny!” 

Liu Yunzhi screamed and rushed to the ground where the Nine Dragons descended. 


“This is the real immortal destiny!” 

“Fast! Fast! Let’s quickly go!” 

Everyone looked at the place where the platform stand erected. Immediately they felt their heart fluttered with excitement, and they rushed over with newfound enthusiasm. 

“Nine Dragons descended to the ground, and the Emperor’s Path was opened. Is this the Immortal Emperor’s Path?” 

Zhou Yi’s eyes lit up, and he rushed to the place where the Nine Dragons fell. 


An invisible force pulled everyone inside the bronze coffin, and the lid closed with a “clang.” 


The five-colored divine light seemed to pierce through Heaven and Earth, shooting straight towards the sky. The Nine Dragons also entered through the portal in the Taiji Diagram with the coffin and disappeared completely. 

“Good! The curtain has been opened, and the show is about to begin!” 

Li Yu, who saw this scene, immediately laughed heartily.

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