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S.S Chapter 9 Good Things Can’t be Wasted


“Give me victory, Zhou Yi, don’t disappoint me!”

Li Yu stopped laughing and glanced at the image displayed on the system, “The next step is the story of the Great Thunder Temple.”

Li Yu cleaned the dust on his clothes and stood up.

“I can’t just wait, either.”

Stared at Mount Lu in front of him, Li Yu smiled.

“This place also has a cultivation system left by red pines. The cultivation system has no meaning for me, but the Heavenly Lake Sword is very unusual.”

Li Yu immediately scanned Mount Lu and got the information about Heavenly Lake Sword. 

Li Yu knew that it was just information. If Li Yu would create a real Heavenly Lake Sword, he will need a lot of energy. But if he got the Heavenly Lake Sword directly from the Mount Lu, no need to use energy for redemption.

“Red pine in The Heavenly Lake Sword contains unlimited power and essential sword, I can move it directly to storage.”

The dawn, Li Yu flew toward the Heavenly Lake Sword.

When the system scanned for resource information, the system automatically recorded resource location information. 

Li Yu arrived in the vicinity of the Heavenly Lake Sword according to the system instructions. In front of him, there was a high mountain.

As Li Yu flew, he saw sulfuric acid in the crater, many swords around the mountain.


“System, take the swords!”

Li Yu still could not use his new strength. What was more, if he continued to move forward, he would be affected by the as he got closer to Heavenly Lake Sword, his body was like being cut by countless swords. But Li Yu was not afraid to try it.

The system’s resource collection function was very powerful, all substances and all energy could be collected. Then, Li Yu continued to gather a resource.

An invisible black hole appeared around Li Yu, and the swords around him were absorbed by the system.

Without the Heavenly Lake Sword, that was just a steep mountain.

The dawn passed, Li Yu took the sword and rushed to the foot of the mountain.

There was a clear lake in the mountain.

The sparkling light is not water, but infinite sword light.

There were some ancient pines by the lake, its branches, and knots, like an old dragon wrapped around, strong and ancient.

There is a stone table under an old tree.

“Is this red pine land?”

When Li Yu saw the view of the mountains, he was just like nostalgia, and there was a sword that pierced the clouds and tore up the sky, making everything in this world meaningless.

“Huge sword!”

Li Yu was stunned to see this sword.

“The Heavenly Lake Sword is truly invincible!” 

Unfortunately, the road to longevity in this world has been cut off. Even the Great Emperor could not do anything.

“The invincible sword, this sword can break the sword of dao!”

Li Yu waved his sleeve, and the system quickly absorbed swords around it. As time passed, the energy of the sword became weaker, and in the end, the sword on the mountain was really absorbed.

“These swords are amazing, but the most powerful is the Heavenly Lake Sword!”

Li Yu’s gaze turned to the Heavenly Lake Sword, and his face smiled, “The power of this Heavenly Lake Sword shines forth!”

The red pine was live within the Heavenly Lake Sword.

Red pine spends most of its life cultivating. The Heavenly Lake Sword filled with energy red pine day and night, and every drop of the lake contains Sword Qi as the highest sword manifestation. The strength of Heavenly Lake Sword with Sword Qi was enough to destroy the earth.

“This Heavenly Lake Sword is powerful and naturally cannot be taken it directly.”

Li Yu walked to the lake and grabbed it. An invisible black hole flowed at Li Yu’s fingertip.

“sulfuric acid ……”

The sword’s light was infinite like a wave of water. Ten thousand Sword Qi with cold and heartbreaking feeling. It seemed that the Heavenly Lake Sword didn’t want to accept its master.

However, that was all useless.

The system directly extracted lake water with infinite sword light, and extraction speed was very fast. The sparkling water surface of the lake continued to shrink, after about ten minutes, a large lake had dried up.

The gentle breeze and the clouds were light and windy.

There were no more swords to see.

“Good! Nice catch!”

Li Yu glanced at the “resource library” and saw the Heavenly Lake Sword and suddenly smiled.

Even though the system scanned all the world’s resources, he could not spend a lot of energy to make it.

Li Yu took the Heavenly Lake Sword as an example. He worried that his energy would run out. Even if he did have enough energy to create the Heavenly Lake Sword, it was just a waste of energy anyway.

If he used the power of the Heavenly Lake Sword, he would not lose much system energy.

With that Heavenly Lake Sword, Li Yu could use great power without consuming the system’s energy. Very helpful for him to pretend to be a high-ranking person, played the role of a grandpa, and he was protected.

“Let’s see … Zhou Yi, that child should have arrived at the Great Thunder Temple?”

Li Yu looked at the sky, and his face was filled with a smile. 

“With this Heavenly Lake Sword, I don’t need to worry about consuming too much energy from the system. So … up we go!”

A sword light skyrocketed and headed straight for the sky.

Li Yu used the power of the Heavenly Lake Sword to ride and rushed towards the Illusion Star.

Zhou Yi and his group had just come out of the Bronze Coffin.

“Where is this?”

In front of Zhou Yi was the sight of a vast land covered in reddish-brown sand.

Silent, lonely, no sigh life whatsoever.

“Spirit of the Heavenly Book, where is this?”

From the Bronze Coffin, Zhou Yi asked Highest Heavenly Book in mind.

‘Your Majesty, this is the first stop of the starry sky, the illusion of stars.’

The spirit of the book answered, ‘The Illusion Star is also a great holy land, but after that, it falls into space. Your Majesty, you will find something in the Great Thunder Temple’s ruins.’

“Great Thunder Temple? Great Thunder Buddhist Temple? Is it here?”

Zhou Yi was shocked and looked in the direction pointed by the Spirit of The Heavenly Book.

“Immortal said that when I arrived at the great Temple of Thunder, I must sacrifice a Bodhi tree. So do you expect Immortal to do this?”

Zhou Yi stared at the Great Thunder Temple and took a deep breath, “I hope the treasure of the great Thunder Temple will not disappoint me!”

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