Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 15


Long Xiaoyao felt that he was hit hard!

Since childhood, he has been a genius in people’s mouths. Whether it is cultivation level, knowledge, or background, it is enough to make people look up. At only 21 years old, his cultivation has reached the Foundation Establishment 3rd Layer.

Before Qin Xiaotian appeared, Long Xiaoyao is the worthy first genius in Tiandu city. Not only that, even in the Xianling Taoist Academy, he was among the top 20 existing freshmen in the last year. Therefore, his heart is proud.

But after he met Qin Xiaotian, he found that his proud heart was destroyed repeatedly, almost collapsed.

Needless to say, his cultivation base is amazing. This bear kid is only six years old, and his cultivation base strength has surpassed him, especially the dominance of his physical body, almost reaching the point of breathtaking.

Not to mention the background. To be able to cultivate a little kid into something like a monster, this teacher must be very terrifying!

What makes him most unacceptable is… even in the field of literature, which I have always been proud of, has been abused by the little devil to the point of incompleteness.

The opponent’s realm in the field of poetry has almost reached the level of a master.

Compared to the song “Shuidiao Getou”, what he did just now is like something written by an elementary school student. Let alone comparing, he feels ashamed for showing it.

How can the light of the firefly compete with the brightness of the moon?

Fortunately, in addition to being a student of the Xianling Taoist Academy, Long Xiaoyao is also a 2nd Grade Alchemist. This is where he is truly proud. It is also the key to his entry into the last year’s Xianling Taoist Newcomer List top 20.

In the entire continent of Kyushu, for any cultivator, alchemist is a noble and welcome career.

If a cultivator wants to increase his cultivation quickly, he can’t do without a pill.

Where does the pill come from? Naturally, it was created by the alchemist.

As a 2nd Grade Alchemist, he can refine the medicine pill required by the Foundation Establishment cultivator. Therefore, even if Long Xiaoyao’s cultivation base realm only has Refining Qi 3rd-layer, with the profession of 2nd Grade Alchemist, the cultivator of the Foundation Establishment 9th Layer is not willing to offend him.

Fortunately this little devil will not pill refining. Otherwise, he really doesn’t even have the last bit of dignity!

Of course, this is only his wishful thinking. Qin Xiaotian knew much more than he knew.

Wanchunlou. In the inner courtyard boudoir.

A beautiful maid presented poems she just collected in front of Bai Yiyi.

“Miss, these are poems written by all the young masters just now. See if you think it is good!”

“Okay. You can go back down.” Bai Yiyi said calmly.

Bai Yiyi actually didn’t hold much hope for the poems written by these aristocratic families’ sons.

The reason why she loves the way of literature and loves poems and songs is mainly related to her practice.

The seven emotions require the realization of seven emotions: joy, anger, goodness, thought, sadness, fear, and shock.

Comprehending the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth from Human’s most original emotions.

The best shortcut to express emotions is reflected in poetry, and it is also the easiest way to resonate with others. It’s just that the poems written by ordinary people are mostly flashy and meaningless.

Only a true scholar can put his sincere feelings in his works and contain rich philosophies that will resonate with others.

Only such works can make her comprehend something. It’s a pity that few people in this world have such great talents.

Bai Yiyi flipped through these so-called “poems”.

Very disappointed! Really disappointed! Sure enough, they are all flashy things.

Just when she was about to give up, the song “Shuidiao Getou” came into view.

“When will the bright moon be…” Bai Yiyi muttered to himself.

Very unpretentious sentences, she didn’t care at first.

But then, she looked more and more frightened, and the more she looked, the more interesting. Until later, she was utterly shocked!

The beginning is just filled with unpretentious words.

Concise and concise.

But the avenue is simple, expressing the author’s feelings of loneliness and regret, especially the last two sentences, which sublimate the artistic conception of this poem again and almost rise to the height of the philosophy of life.

This is more than just poems. This is simply a masterpiece of the literary world that will last forever!

“There is such a talent in Wanchunlou?”


Bai Yiyi only felt a flash of light in her mind. She looked up at the bright moon in the sky.

At this moment, she had an epiphany!

The Seven Emotion Enlightenment secret art… works by itself.

Countless auras gathered crazily on her.

Although it’s only a while, her cultivation level actually skyrocketed all the way from the Foundation Establishment 7th Layer, breaking through directly to Foundation Establishment 8th Layer, and then breaking through Foundation Establishment 9th Layer.

Sudden enlightenment.

Actually broke through two realms in one succession.

“Who wrote this Shuidiao Getou?”

In Bai Yiyi’s heart, there was a strong interest.

A short while later, she came to the front stage with this Shuidiao Getou.

Her presence once again caused a commotion.

“Look, girl Bai Yiyi appeared, and she seemed to be holding a poem in her hand. Could anyone win Young Lady Yiyi’s favor?”

“Really? I don’t know who is the lucky guy, but I have a chance to get intimate with her.”

Bai Yiyi ignored the crowd, and she just yelled, “When will the moon be clear and bright? With a cup of wine in my hand, I ask the clear sky······”

Her voice was soft, but when she spoke, the emotions of everyone at the scene were almost driven by her.

Naturally blended into the artistic conception of the bright moon.

When she finished the last sentence, the audience was silent. Everyone held their breath. Nearly petrochemical!

“It’s so wonderful, it’s incredible! Which master did this poem come from?”

“Life will inevitably have regrets, just like a bright moon in the sky. There are also times when it gets cloudy and sunny, but this is life. I have been taught. Those who can make this poem must be a person of extraordinary realm!”

“I am ashamed of it!”

“This is the first time this Young Master has lost conviction!”

When everyone was talking about it, Bai Yiyi spoke again.

“I don’t know which gentleman wrote this poem ‘Shuidiao Getou’… I sincerely ask the gentleman to come and see me!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone looked forward with great expectations.

Whether it is the Young Lady in the brothel, the pampered young master who is drinking and having fun, or the servant of a young grandmother, or even the old grandmother, almost no one doesn’t want to know who the master is?

Under such a crowd’s attention… They saw a five- or six-year-old little child, posing with one hand on his back.

With one hand on his chest and one hand behind his waist, he walked toward the stage calmly and gracefully with small steps.

Everyone looked dumbfounded!

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