Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 52


In fact, Qin Xiaotian didn’t plan to go to the Demon Beast Sea so early. He originally planned to wait for a while.

At least he planned to wait for Xiaotian Pharmaceutical Corporation to get on the right track smoothly so that he can rest assured going outside!

However, time waits for no one. Sometimes plans can’t keep up with changes. Now that there has been an incident in the Demon Beast Sea, every cultivator will inevitably flock to the frontline battlefield.

How can Qin Xiaotian miss this opportunity to join the fun?

He is the man who will conquer the ocean of stars in the future. If you can’t conquer even a small Demon Beast Sea, how about playing a ball?

As for the danger? Qin Xiaotian automatically ignored it!

Is there anyone more dangerous than Strongest Invincible Brat?

But before he left, he had to do some preparations in advance.


At noon the next day, Long Xiaoyao and his few attendants to Qin Xiaotian’s Cave Mansion.

At that time, Qin Xiaotian walked out of the Cave Mansion.

“Senior Xiaotian, let me report to you the latest situation of the company. So far, our Xiaotian Pharmaceutical has successfully recruited 571 employees. Among them, there are two 2nd Grade Alchemists and eighty-nine 1st Grade Alchemists. The remaining four hundred eighty are alchemy apprentices. In addition, we also purchased a batch of Alchemy Furnace from the Artifact Refining Department. Also, we rented a temporary office location from Dao Academy, as well as the entire assembly line processing site, supervised in your name! I also made a preliminary estimate. You now owe a total of 500,000 lower-grade spirit stones to the Dao Academy…”

Qin Xiaotian was stunned!

“What’s wrong, Senior?”

“I just went to the Elder Courtyard for a meeting. Why did you make me owe a  500,000 foreign debt?”

“Why is Senior confused? Didn’t Senior tell me to do a big deal and get the company on track as soon as possible? In order to complete the task you entrusted to me, I can only supervise it in your name. Our company doesn’t have much money yet. I can only owe it first!”

Qin Xiaotian was speechless when he heard this!

I let you do everything, but I never let you owe money everywhere.

But the matter was done anyway. Qin Xiaotian acknowledged it!

When he comes back from the Demon Beast Sea, let alone five hundred thousand, he can even get five million spirit stones!

Besides, owing money is only temporary, and you can always pay it back in the future.

“Xiaoyao, in fact, I want to see you today because I have something to tell you!”

“If Senior has something to say, please go ahead interrupt me*!” Long Xiaoyao bends over. His tone is extremely respectful.

*TL note: 但说无妨 dàn shuō wú fáng= there is no harm in saying what one thinks (idiom)

“Right. The Elder’s House recently dispatched a new mission that requires me to go to the Demon Beast Sea. The responsibility for the development of Xiaotian Company is up to you. I hope you will live up to my expectations!” Qin Xiaotian slapped Long Xiaoyao’s arm earnestly.

Because he was too short to slap his shoulders, he can only slap his arms!

Long Xiaoyao was shocked when he heard this. He naturally knew where the Demon Beast Sea was. Although this place has endless opportunities, it is also accompanied by fatal dangers.

This Xiaotian Company was set up entirely by Qin Xiaotian’s reputation. If Qin Xiaotian accidentally dies, most likely, the newly formed company will fall apart instantly.

Long Xiaoyao has just gotten a taste of power.

I don’t want to lose it immediately.

Long Xiaoyao became anxious!

“Senior Xiaotian, our company has just been formed, and you are leaving. I am afraid that Xiaoyao alone will not be able to handle the important task!”

“You can do it. You can do it! You have to believe in yourself. Besides, this Eminence doesn’t leave you nothing!”

After Qin Xiaotian finished speaking, he immediately took out two books from his Universe Bag!

“This is the gift from this Eminence. The first one is Xiaotian’s development plan for the next ten years, and the second one is the refining Pill Recipes from 108 kinds of 1st grade medicine pills to 3rd grade medicine pills. This Eminence will leave you with these two for now!”

When Qin Xiaotian said this, Long Xiaoyao was shocked!

The first company development plan given to him was a normal thing to do.

But the second book…  Pill Recipes with a total of one hundred and eight kinds of pills. This is too terrifying! For an alchemist, any pill recipe is precious! Its value is immeasurable!

A 2nd Grade medicine pill’s value may be between several hundred spirit stones and several thousand spirit stones.

But a Pill Recipe of 2nd Grade medicine pill is worth at least a few thousand spirit stones. And there is no Pill Recipe in the market at all!

Perhaps in the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy Medicine Pill Department, there are several Pill Recipes for 2nd Grade medicine pill that are publicly taught. But outside, you can’t even learn!

Right now, a book that Qin Xiaotian gave him contains a full record of one hundred and eight Pill Recipes. This is no longer a question of value or not!

This is simply a supreme legacy treasure handed down to him. An inheritance sufficient to establish a sect.

For any alchemists, this thing is extremely attractive! Yet something so precious, Senior Xiaotian gave it to him. What kind of trust is this? How heavy is this?

At this moment, Long Xiaoyao’s eyes were red, and there seemed to be a flame burning in his heart.

“thump!” He knelt down in front of Qin Xiaotian without hesitation.

“The Senior who fully trusts his confidant, how can Xiaoyao be so foolish?! Today, I, Long Xiaoyao, swears to the sky: I wish to follow my Senior in this life, to go through water and tread on fire, wherever you go. If Xiaoyao ever betrays Senior, may the five thunders strike, destroying the body and soul; dying without anything to be buried!”

“Boom!” As soon as Long Xiaoyao made this vow, the sky suddenly exploded like thunder.

A pair of huge eyes seemed to be looking down at the sky.

It hears and will remember Long Xiaoyao’s vow.

In the world of cultivation, you must never swear on the sky on a whim!

You must do what you vow. Otherwise, you will be robbed of heaven in the future!

A normal mortal may spout out vows and just be fine, but a cultivator’s vow must be fulfilled.

But, Long Xiaoyao made such poisonous oaths to show his loyalty!

Of course, in Qin Xiaotian’s view, those 108 pill recipes didn’t mean anything. He can always get more Pill Recipes if he wants to. And these Pill Recipes are all for low-level pill refining. For him, it has no benefit. Not even as nerve-wracking as that Xiaotian Company’s plan book for the next ten years!

“Xiaoyao, I know your loyalty. You don’t have to do that…”

“Senior, Xiaoyao swears voluntarily! There is absolutely no hesitation nor regret in my heart!”

“Well then, I believe you will not fail my trust in you. Of course, you also have to believe that you have made the correct choice in your life. Later, I will also purchase a batch of material, probably tomorrow before I leave. Also, spend some time to take a good look at the plan. I believe its important will not be smaller than that of the 108 Pill Recipes!”

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