Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 100 Please Accept It


Their fight ended in minutes, and there were only a few puppets were still in good condition.

As for those puppets, they were wrecked and lied down on the ground.

“Huft … Huft … Huft …”

Kamo Subaru was sitting on the ground paralyzed, exhausted, and already drained out of magical power.

“So? Is this enough?”

Rozen grinned at Kamo Subaru, although he was not proud to win against Kamo Subaru.

Although Domon Hinowa and Yuge Mutsura had already predicted the result, they were surprised by how fast the battle ended.

“It’s … one-sided.” Yuge Mutsura was shocked.

“Awesome, Narukami-san.”

Domon Hinowa now looked at Rozen with full of respect.

“After all, Narukami as talented as Tenzen.” Raishin said that with a bitter smile.

As part of the right-hand clan of Domon Clan, Kamo Subaru was quite talented, it was just Rozen, the prodigy was far stronger than him.

Akabane Tenzen was the one who will break the historical record, and Rozen who did not have Crimson Blood was in equal footing with him.

With those two talented brothers, Akabane Clan’s members had been using them as a comparison.

How much pressure did Raishin endure with such talented brothers?

Even for Kamo Subaru who was part of Izanagi Clan, Rozen was out you his league.

“You … don’t be too proud just because of beating me once!” Kamo Subaru said that while panting.

“Even if I can’t win this time, in the future, I will become a great Yin-Yang master and defeat you!”

“Alright.” Rozen said, “But I won’t wait for you for too long.”

When hearing that, Kamo Subaru stared at Rozen, with fighting spirit in his eyes.

He didn’t admit it, but he had a bit of admiration for Rozen.

“Well, it’s time to leave.” Rozen said.

He helped Kamo Subaru to get up and prepared to leave.

“Are you leaving right now?” Yuge Mutsura said with a sigh.

Akabane clan was going to leave the Izanagi Clan’s residence.

Those kids didn’t know for how long they could meet again, that fact made Yuge Mutsura felt a bit emotional.

Those kids now became closer compared to the first time they met each other.

Thanks to Yama that helped them to unite.

If Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura knew Rozen and Raishin would leave soon, they might try to hold them back.

“I hope we have a chance to play together again in the future.” Raishin also felt a bit emotional.

He patted Yuge Mutsura’s shoulder while saying that.

Rozen smiled lightly, and when he was about to leave, he heard a faint voice.

“Narukami-san …” Domon Hinowa was a bit hesitant to say something.

She didn’t know what to say and was afraid, but she summoned her courage.

“Narukami-san, please come here.” Domon Hinowa took the initiative to hold Rozen’s hand and pulled him far away.

“What are you gonna do, Hinowa?”

Kamo Subaru, Yuge Mutsura, and Raishin were surprised.

Yuge Mutsura looked at Kamo Subaru and said, “I thought you will stop them.”

When he heard that, Kamo Subaru cleared his throat.

“I’m not that cheap.” Kamo Subaru said, “Since it’s what the young lady wants to do, I won’t stop them.” He sincerely said that.

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But …

“I don’t want to lose to that guy.” Kamo Subaru declared.

Yuge Mutsura smiled when he heard that.

“Next time you fight him, you will win for sure.” Yuge Mutsura encouraged Kamo Subaru.

“Of course.” Kamo Subaru answered confidently.

Those two didn’t realize it at all.

On the other side, Raishin’s eyes looked full of pain.

“If, I also have the talent for magic …” Raishin tried to deny that kind of thought.

“Yosh! There really is no other way for me other than pursuing martial arts.” Raishin tried to encourage himself in his mind.

And one day, Raishin will regret that decision.

On the other side …

“Is this for me?” Rozen couldn’t help but look at the thing in his hand.

That was Domon Hinowa’s bell.

That wasn’t the bell she previously used for praying, but a bell with a ribbon on it that could be used as a hair accessory.

Domon Hinowa gave it to Rozen as a present.

“Is that … this is …”

“The token of love”. Rozen thought in his mind.

Domon Hinowa lowered her head, and later her eyes looked at Rozen.

“Please accept it and keep it with you at all times.”

Domon Hinowa made such a request, she was very enthusiastic that everyone could look that in her eyes.

“Ri … Right.” Rozen felt so awkward.

“Don’t forget our time here.” Domon Hinowa said that.

After that, Rozen left Izanagi clan’s residence, and together with the Akabane Clan heading home.

That was completely unexpected, and by the next meeting with Domon Hinowa, the two of them will make great progress.

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