Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 101 Akabane Nadeshiko


Akabane Clan’s Residence.

There were already a lot of people waiting for them to come back home.

“Welcome back!”

Many people reunited with their families one after another, all gathered in front of the gate, smiled, and full of laughter.

And when Raishin and Rozen got off from the carriage everybody was in silence.

“Master Narukami, welcome back.”

Akabane Clan members flocked around Rozen.

“I heard that you defeated a very powerful shikigami in Izanagi’s forbidden area.”

“And you set a fire in the forbidden area.”

“I want to see Izanagis’ expressions when that happens.”

Peoples spoke one after another full of enthusiasm.

“Unfortunately, the engagement with Princess Izanagi is called off.”

“But that’s not Master Narukami’s fault.”

“If only Master Narukami went alone, maybe it will turn out in a different story.”


They talked like they put all the blame on Raishin.

Even though Raishin fought with Rozen side by side in that forbidden area.

That made Rozen frowned slightly.

“Who says I’m the burden? Even if I tell you guys that I contributed when fighting Yama, you guys won’t believe me anyway, right!” Raishin said that with a mockery tone.

Raishin was already used to that kind of treatment since long ago.

If it weren’t for Domon Hinowa, Kamo Subaru, and Yuge Mutsura stating the fact, other people would not believe that Raishin really fought side by side with them?

The reality was so cruel.

Until …

“I believe in you.”

When he heard those words, Raishin turned around and looked at the gate.

Akabane Tenzen slowly walked toward Raishin, showing a sincere smile.

“My brother, you did a splendid job.” Akabane Tenzen praised Raishin in front of everyone.

“Big brother!” Raishin shouted when he saw Akabane Tenzen.

“Narukami has worked hard, too.” Akabane Tenzen turned his attention to Rozen, and said, “I have heard a lot of things, but I didn’t expect you to be able to defeat Yama. I wonder how much you have improved.”

After hearing those words, Rozen said, “Let’s find out in the next mock battle.”

“Yeah, You’re right.” Akabane Tenzen couldn’t help but smile.

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Meanwhile, Akabane Kuukan spoke.

“Okay, everyone is going to return with their family, please walk-in line, so nobody gets hurt.”

When they’re watching clan members head back, Raishin remembered something.

“Right, Big brother.” Raishin asked Akabane Tenzen, “Where’s Nadeshiko?”

“She’s in the dojo.” Akabane Tenzen laughed, “I heard you’re doing great in Izanagi’s residence. Nadeshiko has also been in training to catch up to you guys, and has been staying in the dojo to practice telekinesis in an attempt to be a puppeteer as soon as possible.”

“Let’s go and see her.” Akabane Tenzen patted Raishin’s shoulder and invited Rozen.

“Okay.” Rozen answered.

“I want to do something, but let’s go to see her first.”

Rozen couldn’t wait to begin his own training.

“My Summoning Skill is indeed improving, even though I can’t summon high level familiar yet.”

“And I must master all of the eight steps to improve my control skill.”

“And the most important thing is to open all of my magic circuits. No matter what kind of technique I will use, I need magical power to support it.”

In summary, Rozen still had a lot to do.

Not to mention …

“I must learn The Crimson Wing Formation.”

Compared to going out and fooling around, studying magic at home was Rozen’s happiness.

Akabane Tenzen seemed to understand Rozen’s way of thinking.

But magic was not an interesting topic for Raishin.

“Alright, let’s go find our sister.” Raishin said.

They headed to the dojo.

Akabane Clan Residence’s, Dojo.

Within a large dojo, a little black-haired girl wearing a kimono was sitting on the ground, her eyes were closed and her body was surging a lot of magical power.


The little girl stretched out her hand, turning her magical power into telekinesis to move the puppet standing in front of her.

“Kacha Kacha …” The puppet suddenly moved.

The movements were still awkward, just like a baby who has just learned to walk.

“Move … Move …”

The cute little girl murmured nervously, constantly channeling her magical power into the puppet, and controlled the puppet.

Gradually, the puppet’s movements became more flexible.

“Yosh!” The little girl suddenly showed her cute smile.

She didn’t realize her brothers were watching behind her for a while.

“You can do it!?” Raishin shouted.

“Yeah!” The little girl shouted, causing her magical power to fall into disarray, the puppet lost control charged toward Raishin and the others.

The puppet slammed Raishin’s face.

“Guh …!” Raishin fell to the ground.

Rozen and Akabane Tenzen activated Magic Defense, so the puppet didn’t attack them.

The little girl turned around and saw her big brothers.


She was Akabanes siblings’ youngest sister, Akabane Nadeshiko.

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