Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 105 Karyuusai


Akabane Clan’s Residence.

When Rozen was about to knock the door he heard a voice from inside.

“Come in.” After hearing the word, Rozen’s attempt to knock the door was stopped.

“Do you need to use Heavenly Eye for that?” Rozen muttered and walked into Akabane Kuukan’s Room.

Just like five years ago, Akabane Kuukan sat on a tatami mat with wooden fish beside it.

“Father.” Rozen said respectfully.

“Sit down.” Akabane Kuukan looked so stiff.

Rozen realized there was something important his father wanted to tell him that time because his father never acted like that in daily life.

Akabane Kuukan stared at Rozen.

“You are very talented, but unfortunately you aren’t our bloodline, even though you are more talented than Tenzen.”

But Rozen never hoped to be the heir.

Even though the Akabane Clan treated him well in that world, but Rozen must come back to Chaldea.

So Rozen didn’t want to be the heir and couldn’t return to Chaldea.

“I didn’t expect that a baby I picked up at that time is growing up very healthy.”

And, that baby grew up to be a genius boy comparable to Akabane Tenzen.

If it wasn’t for Crimson Blood, that baby would not lose to Akabane Tenzen.

“I need you to go on a trip.”

Akabane Kuukan handed over the letter in his hand to Rozen.

“This is …?” Rozen took the letter and asked.

“Do you know Karyuusai?”

When that word came into Rozen’s ears, he immediately nodded.

How could Rozen not know that name?

Because …

“The puppet master who made Oborofuji.”

It was because of her that automaton had finally received the attention of the country and will soon become popular in that country.

Earlier, Akabane Kuukan mentioned the infamous master in the automaton doll’s world.

Only for one reason.

“For me and other people who can use the Crimson Wing Formation, how much the automaton will affect our strength? Can you imagine?”

Akabane Kuukan said gently.


The automaton could increase the power of Crimson Wing Formation’s users significantly.

One powerful automaton was enough to destroy a city, imagine if there was someone who could control multiple of them at once, how terrifying was that?

“This era belongs to our Akabane Clan.” Akabane Kuukan stared at Rozen.

“Under such circumstances, how important is a puppet division that can make powerful automaton and provide us with enough weapons? Do I need to explain more?”

Akabane Kuukan’s intention was already clear.

“Invite Karyuusai to our clan.” That was Akabane Kuukan’s intention.

“We need automatons she created personally.” Akabane Kuukan said.

“You mean.. Are you telling me to invite Karyuusai to our clan?” Rozen asked, Akabane Kuukan nodded as respond.

“It’s impossible.” Rozen said.

“If it was that easy, then Karyuusai’s works would have spread all over the country.”

It was said that even the military could get their hands on Karyuusai’s automaton once, and that was Oborofuji. Since then, Karyuusai has never made a puppet for the military.

Because she was an unpredictable woman.

She liked wine and admired beauty, and didn’t care about anyone’s feelings. She only made a doll when she was in the mood, and sold it to the people who liked it. She didn’t want to sell it to those she didn’t like, no matter who it was.

That was Karyuusai.

Now, Akabane Kuukan asked Rozen to invite that expert to come to Akabane clan for a special service?

How was that possible?

“And, isn’t there a rumor recently that she is making a series of dolls which is more powerful than Oborofuji?”

“Yeah, I remember it, it’s called Satsugesuka, right?”

Satsugesuka was her masterpiece above Oborofuji.

There were three automatons in that series.

The price for each one of them was equal to a warship.

When she made those automatons, she rejected all requests to make automaton from every one, no matter who it was.

So how could Rozen invite such person?

“You don’t need to worry about that.” Akabane Kuukan said.

“As long as you send this letter to Her Excellency Karyuusai, the rest will be decided by Her Excellency Karyuusai herself.”

Akabane Kuukan’s explanation ended there.

Rozen looked at the letter in his hand.

In his heart, although he had no hope of inviting Karyuusai, he was full of curiosity about Karyuusai herself.

“There is a chance I might be able to see the legendary Setsugasuka series…” Rozen couldn’t help to think about that.

If he can get the Setsugasuka series, then even if his summoning technique was not fully developed, and his research on Crimson Wing Formation has not completed yet, but his combat power will be improved, right?

Thinking of that, Rozen began to feel impatient.

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