Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 106 Changes In My Borthers And Sister


A few minutes later, Rozen left Akabane Kuukan’s room and walked on the corridor outside the room.

“Big brother?” Rozen was stunned.

“Narukami?” Akabane Tenzen stopped.

After five years, Rozen grew up a lot, and also the same goes for the seventeen years old boy Akabane Tenzen. Akabane Tenzen’s character remained the same as he was, he became more handsome than before. He gave off the world-class magus vibes because he already mastered Crimson Wing Formation and the puppet production technology.

“I haven’t seen you in a while, big brother.”

To study the puppet maker technology, Akabane Tenzen shut himself in the library and his room as soon as he returned home.

Not only that, as the heir of the Akabane Clan, he must attend special training from the elders. In order to inherit the head position, he also had to be active on the political stage.

As Rozen expected, Akabane Clan will use Akabane Tenzen to influence the government and brought back their past glory days.

For that reason, Akabane Tenzen even ran into the Izanagi Clan several times because of the military matters.

“It’s a rare occurrence, am I right?” Akabane Tenzen smiled bitterly.

Rozen knew he was the one who was hard to meet, but he remained silent.

“What? You worry about me?” Rozen spread his hands, and said, “You already have your hands full worrying about Raishin, no need to worry about me.”

“Did you just visit Raishin, Big brother?” Rozen asked.

“… Yeah.” Akabane Tenzen answered.

In those past years, to beat Crimson Wing Formation, Rozen rarely showed himself at home.

And he skipped something big that shocked the entire clan members.

Akabane Kuukan banished Raishin from the main house because Raishin didn’t want to learn magic.

Akabane Kuukan challenged Raishin to a duel because he wanted to show magic was far stronger than martial arts.

However, Raishin was stubborn, even though he was already beaten up and swollen, he still shouted, “I will never learn magic! I will never do it in my life!”

In that regard, Akabane Kuukan just remained silent about that, and then he said, “Akabane Clan does not need a useless man like you.”

Under such circumstances, Raishin was finally banished from the house.

“How is he doing?” Rozen asked casually.

“Fortunately, he seems to be very satisfied with his current life. He lives and practices in the dojo every day, and he doesn’t want to go home at all.” Akabane Tenzen shook his head and said, “What a pity.”

Akabane Nadeshiko tried to stop Raishin when he wanted to leave home, but those two seemed to fight, and they never talked ever since.

“Since Raishin left, Nadeshiko has been very lonely. As her big brother, there is nothing I can do.” Akabane Tenzen said.

Rozen felt so helpless.

Because of his training, Rozen rarely took care of Akabane Nadeshiko.

“If you have free time, please go see her once in a while.” Akabane Tenzen also said, “And Raishin, he is living in the dojo. I hope you also ca go see him.”

“I know.” Rozen nodded his head.

After that, those two separated again to their own path.

Before leaving, Akabane Tenzen suddenly said such word.

“Take care.”

Rozen turned around in surprise, looking at Akabane Tenzen, who headed to Akabane Kuukan’s room.

“Take care …?” Rozen pondered about Akabane Tenzen’s word.

“Did he think I won’t come back again?”

Rozen scratched his head and left.

He will go to the address that Akabane Kuukan has already given to him, that address was supposed to be where Karyuusai lived.

Even though Karyuusai’s place was a secret, it seemed that Akabane Kuukan got that address through his channel and immediately sending Rozen there.

“I want to see Raishin and Nadeshiko when I’m back.”

Rozen didn’t know he will say goodbye to many people.

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