Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 107 Automaton


The address was in an unknown suburban area, far from the city.

No one would come there because there was nothing to see.

If there were any proof that human beings have ever visited there, it would be a mansion.

It was a mansion in the remote place which announced the owner of that mansion completely shut herself from the world.

That mansion was using Japanese style decorations, with a beautiful garden inside that does not match the outside, planted with various flowers and trees.

In addition, there are various small animals in that house.

The birds were chirping on the tree.

The dogs barked on the ground.

Beetles were flying in the air.

Fishes and shrimps were swimming in the pool.

At first glance, that may seem like a smaller version of the zoo.

But who knew those animals that seemed to be alive were all puppets.

“It’s amazing …”

Rozen stood in that garden, amazed by the scenery.

“Is everything here the work of Karyuusai?”

If that was the case, then he could understand why that puppet master was called the genius in the automaton world.

“If it weren’t for the Heavenly Eye, I wouldn’t have thought they were all puppets.”

“Compared with those puppets, the Akabane Clan’s puppets are just a lump of woods with hairs.”

Rozen couldn’t help thinking that.

It has been three full days since he left Akabane Clan’s residence.

In the past three days, in order to get there, Rozen rode carriages and already lost count how many times he already switched from one carriage to another.

“But why is there no one here?”

Rozen knocked on the door for quite a while and shouted. But no one came or gave a response.

Rozen repeatedly checked the address that Akabane Kuukan gave to him, and after confirming that he was not in the wrong place, he couldn’t help but opened the door and walked in.

Looking at those wonderful puppets, Rozen once again confirmed that he was not in the wrong place.

Rozen activated Heavenly Eye, searched the surroundings, and also activated Spirit Vision and looked in all directions.

Just at that moment …

There was a sound of the air being cut open.

Rozen detected there was a threat with his Heavenly Eye and Spirit Vision.

“Ice …!”

An ice spear came out of nowhere and projected him in a bullet-speed.

He successfully blocked the ice spear with Magic Defense.

While Rozen deactivating Magic Defense, he stepped back and said with a bit loud voice.

“Excuse me, Her Excellency Karyuusai?

“I’m from Akabane Clan! I’m here to see you!” After Rozen said that, the air gradually felt warmer than earlier.

“We don’t have any appointment for today. I see that you are still young. I forgive you for breaking in. Please get away from here.” A voice echoed through the entire building.

The owner of the voice seemed like a beautiful young girl, Rozen thought.

“Are you Karyuusai’s servant? Or are you a doll?”

If it was a doll, the owner of that voice was undoubtedly an automaton based on the attack from before.

“After coming to this world for so many years, I have never seen a real automaton.”

Rozen wanted to see the automaton so badly.

“Please also tell Her Excellency Karyuusai, I have no evil intention, I just come here to relay a message.” Rozen bowed slightly, giving a sign that he has no ill intention.

“A message?” The girl’s cold voice echoed again.

“In that case, please give me the letter.”

As soon as the voice stopped, Rozen detected with the Heavenly Eye there was a girl approaching him, her appearance matched up with her beautiful voice.

The girl was dressed in a kimono, with an elegant gesture and a delicate face. It was not like something from the earth. It was a masterpiece by an artist.

She had waist-long silver-white hair, and was surrounded by a faint cold, and looked like a fairy walking out of the snow.

Goddess of Snow.

That was the most appropriate title for her.

“Snow …?” Rozen could not help thinking.

“Did …”

He was stunned by the goddess’s appearance in front of him.

She seemed to be accustomed to that kind of gaze and didn’t care much about it, but she stopped to keep a distance from Rozen, stared at him, and spoke with a faint voice.

“Give me the letter.” Said the girl politely.

Rozen didn’t say anything and gave the letter to that girl.

The girl took the letter.

“Wait here for a while.”

After speaking, the girl left and returned inside the house again.

Rozen did not worry and waited in the courtyard, curiously looking at those wonderful little animals around.

And he waited for exactly half an hour.

Half an hour later …

“Are you the son from the Akabane Clan?”

The girl came out, looked at Rozen, and said, “Master invites you in, come with me.” Rozen smiled after he heard that.

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