Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 108 Setsugetsuka


Led by the Snow Maiden, Rozen followed behind her through a corridor in the mansion.

Along the way, Rozen passed through the gardens one after another and saw the scenes that were similar to the garden he saw earlier. It was filled with various small animal puppets.

“This Karyuusai is quite artistic.” As rumored, Karyuusai was a puppet master who liked beauty and wine. She liked to enjoy her time. That mansion was enough to guess the personality of its owner.

Rozen finally arrived in some room. He smelled the scent of flowers mixed with tobacco in that room. The Snow Maiden stepped forward and pushed the door open.

The next second, Rozen saw a large hall behind the door.

Deep in that room, there was a luxurious seat.

A curtain hung in front of the seat, just like a noble’s palace.

Rozen saw the person behind the curtain.

It was a mature woman with a scent of flowers, wearing a kimono-like a gorgeous fairy.

“Are you the Prodigy from Akabane Clan?” The gorgeous woman’s voice was so sweet.

Such an extremely charming woman was sitting on a luxurious seat with her elbows on the armrests, and her beautiful feet leaned to the side, and she looked a bit lazy.

Two girls were sitting on both sides of that gorgeous woman.

They were very similar to the Snow Maiden. He could see those three girls were siblings.

A girl with dark black, straight and waist-long hair, and a girl with silky red hair tied into a twin ponytail.

Those girls, including the Snow maiden, have a common feature.

That was suffocating beauty.

Each one of those girls had their own characteristics.

A cold and elegant girl like snow.

A dark and mysterious girl like the moon.

A cheerful and lovely girl like flower.

Rozen thought those three were…

“Setsugetsuka …” That was right.

Those girls were the rumored Karyuusai’s masterpiece.

Those girls were the highest level of Automaton in that world.

In that world, many people wanted to have those girls, even if it meant sacrificing everything in the process.

But …

“If those girls are Setsugetsuka, then who is she?”

Rozen set his eyes on the gorgeous woman who was served by Setsugetsuka.

Rozen guessed the woman was the creator of those girls.

In other words …

“Are you Karyuusai?” Rozen was stunned.

The gorgeous woman smiled when she heard Rozen.

“Why? Do I look that different from what you imagine?” The gorgeous woman smiled.

Rozen became awkward.

Rozen didn’t know the rumored Karyuusai was a beautiful woman.

Karyuusai introduced herself and looking forward to work together with him.

Shouko Karyuusai.

That was the full name of Japan’s most advanced puppet master.

Rozen found out Karyuusai was wearing an eyepatch.

It wasn’t clear whether that was to cover the scars, or it was a magic tool.

Rozen only knew that he stood before the most skilled puppet master.

“I’m Irori, nice to meet you, Master Narukami.”

The snowy girl bowed and saluted to Rozen, looking a bit sloppy.

“… Yaya.”

The dark girl gave her name coldly.

“People called me Komurasaki, nice to meet you, big brother.”

The cheerful flower-like girl greeted Rozen with a lovely voice.

Regardless of the characteristics, those girls were not like a puppet at all.

Even in the West, where Delicate Magic has sophisticated, Magus there still created an automaton consisted of just machinery, wood, gears, and various parts.

Rozen couldn’t believe those girls were puppets at first sight.

The reason was not only because those girls were too human-like, but also because Rozen could see faint magic from them.

Although the magic was not strong, puppets were not supposed to generate magic on their body to begin with, only human could.

The puppeteer and the puppet were the same as the master and the servant, one must provide magical power to the other, so the other could fight with that magical power.

However, Rozen saw the abnormal condition in those girls’ bodies.

“Banned dolls …” Rozen muttered in a low voice.

“Hmm …” Shouko Karyuusai looked at Rozen closely.

Irori, Yaya and Komurasaki’s expression changed.

And the atmosphere in that room became heavy.

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