Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 109 Disgusting


Banned Dolls.

As the name implied, it was a puppet that was classified as banned, not allowed to be produced indefinitely.

No matter how delicate, realistic, and human-like dolls were, in the end, they were not living beings. They were just something made of inorganic material. They only had life because they were provided magical power in their bodies, which could give them self-awareness and intelligence.

Nonetheless, they were not living beings, and they could not generate magical power on their own like human beings.

In Chaldea’s words, the automaton has no life essence and couldn’t use magic.

Without the magical power provided by the puppeteer, no matter how delicate the automaton was, it won’t function at all.

Only one puppet was the exception.

That was a banned doll.

They were made from living humans as its materials, such as the organs from the human’s body.

Since the puppet couldn’t generate magical power, then using the human body capable of generating magical power as its material could solve the problem.

Because there were human organs in its body, the banned doll could generate magical power to some extent.

Although the generated magic power was far less than that of humans, they could act on their own thanks to that.

Due to the human organs, the magic affinity of the banned doll was extremely high. And the puppeteer could control it even easier.

However, using human organs as its materials to make puppets was undoubtedly a violation of human rights.

In that world, the magus could experiment with a taboo object to their heart’s content.

But there was an organization to prevent that act.

They were hidden from humanity’s history, they have always been a bystander, but they had actual combat troops. To the extent that the Vatican couldn’t affect them, they had great authority over the kingdoms.

Once someone crossed the line, the organization’s forces will be dispatched to punish them.

Because of the organization’s existence, the world was not completely in chaos.

However, now Rozen has discovered it.

The first-class puppet master in Japan, Shouko Karyuusai, created banned dolls.

The Setsugetsukas stared at Rozen furiously. But Karyuusai still maintained a gorgeous posture and smiled slightly.

“Looks like you have good eyes.”

Even if an ordinary magus has mastered Spirit Vision, that magus couldn’t easily see the magical power flow in a banned doll. Otherwise, the organization would have urged the world from that banned dolls.

The banned dolls used just a few human organs, just so they could produce a small amount of magical power. And the puppet master put some mechanism tool for that. And it also had a function that could prevent anyone from seeing its magical power flow.

But Rozen could see it.

Because over the years, Rozen has been training his ability without slacking.

Shoukou Karyuusai was surprised by that.

“I didn’t expect the infamous Karyuusai to be a sinner who would commit such taboo.” Rozen’s tone became harsh, “Now I finally understand why Oborofuji will make the military forces cower.”

“If Oborofuji is a banned doll, it can generate magical power on its own, and has a high degree of magic affinity, anyone can easily control it, and can maximize the puppeteer’s and its magical power to the greatest extent. The performance of its magic circuit can naturally reach such level.”

Rozen hated the human experiment for long ago, and because of that, he didn’t respect Karyuusai anymore.

“In order to make excellent dolls, you violate human rights and commit the taboo. The infamous Karyuusai is such a disgusting person, but I can understand that.”

Rozen said rudely. He couldn’t hold his hatred.

“Don’t you dare mock our Master!”

Irori said coldly, and she was ready to launch ice magic.

But the one who gave off a murderous killing intent was Yaya.

“Sister … Sister?”

Komurasaki realized Yaya’s killing intent and tried to calm her down, but Yaya ignored Komurasaki.

“A mere lowlife human like you dare to speak to Master like that …?!” Yaya started at Rozen furiously.

“Aren’t those parts in your body also from a lowlife like me?” Rozen teased her.

“Miss stupid doll.” That was the final touch of his poem.

Yaya cracked the floor when she heard that.

Then Yaya attacked Rozen with amazing power and speed.

Then, a small fist was about to hit Rozen.

So fast.

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