Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 110 Hyaku Suigetsu


“Vroom! The sound of the air pressure loud enough to tear the eardrum was heard as Yaya’s fists made its way to Rozen.

That punch was extremely powerful.

The human body couldn’t withstand that kind of blow.

But Rozen used his Heavenly Eye to see the trajectory and blocked it with Magic Defense.

Although Magic Defense blocked most of that blow, the air pressure still pushed Rozen back as if being blown by the storm.

“Not bad …” Rozen said.

After more than ten years of training, plus all of his magic circuits were already opened, Rozen’s Magic Defense was different than before.

Rozen gathered his magical power and converted it to the Telekinesis and enhanced the barrier of Magic Defense, at Rozen’s current state, his defensive power was equal with Mashu.

Rozen himself and the others were surprised that Rozen could defend against that punch.

“Did you just block Yaya’s Hyaku Suigetsu …!?”

“That’s awesome!” Irori and Komurasaki both were startled.

Yaya took a deep breath, and she tried to attack Rozen again at amazing speed.

Rozen relied on the Heavenly Eye to dodge her attacks.

The automaton could use magic like they were breathing, but magus must chant to use magic. But there was some magus who didn’t need to chant to activate their magic. So, the big difference was in chanting.

Rozen knew that difference would be disadvantageous for him.

He only had the eight-step he could use without chanting.

“If someone is controlling and providing her with a huge amount of magical power, then I have no chance of winning.” Rozen thought.

Although Yaya could generate magical power on her own, just like servants, the more magical power they got, the stronger they will be. And if someone like Akabane Tenzen controlled that kind of automaton, then they could guess the end of the story.

“A good weapon can only be a serious threat if it falls into a master’s hands.” Rozen thought.

So it was a problem for a strong servant or automaton without a master. They couldn’t exert their full potential.

The same goes for Yaya, she had a lot of potentials, but she didn’t have a master who controlled her right now.

“I can win!”

Rozen released his magic power.

The magical power turned into Telekinesis. It swept up throughout the room, the tatamis in the room were flying and crashed at Yaya.

Yaya couldn’t help but defend it with all her might, she could not dodge it, her magic power rose up, and she punched so fast, crushing the incoming tatamis.


The tatamis were destroyed by Yaya’s punches and were shattered into pieces.



Yaya screamed and rushed toward Rozen like a bullet.

Just when Yaya was about to give Rozen a fatal blow …


“Be careful!”

Irori and Komurasaki shouted.


Yaya trusted her siblings, she jumped to dodge without hesitation.

Almost at the same time, countless attacks raided Yaya’s location before she jumped.

It was …

“Shards of tatami …!”

It was tatamis that were already crushed into pieces by Yaya.

It did not only crash Yaya’s previous location. It even crashed in the surrounding area.

In other words, Yaya has been surrounded.

“Did you enjoy my present?”

Rozen stepped back while sneering.

Rozen’s idea was to control all the pieces of the shattered tatamis using his Telekinesis at amazing speed like a barrage of bullets.

“Boom!” An explosion sound echoed.

The tatamis shards imbued by Telekinesis exerted amazing power with incredible acceleration.

Yaya was suddenly buried in the storm of tatamis shards.

However …

“She blocked all of it?” Rozen was shocked.

He saw that Yaya just blocked all the pieces of tatamis barehanded, and not even the clothes on her body were scratched by that attack.

Seeing that, Rozen realized something.

“Is this the power of Automaton?”

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