Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 114 I Will Overcome It


At that moment, Rozen couldn’t think of anyone else except Mashu.

The Kouhai who accompanied him for two years, and he hasn’t seen her for fifteen years, she was originally used as a material of spirit fusion experiment.

In the end, Mashu became a demi-servant and formed a contract with Rozen, becoming Rozen’s first servant.

Now, on the back of Rozen’s hands, he still kept the proof that he has formed a contract with Mashu, the Command Seal.

Rozen lowered his head and looked at his right hand.

On that hand, as before, when he was in Chaldea, he was wearing a black glove.

That glove hid Command Seal and also Miracle.

No one knew that under Rozen’s glove, there was a mystery that no one could pursue.

Rozen clenched his hand.

Immediately, Rozen looked at Shouko Karyuusai.

Shouko Karyuusai was waiting silently for Rozen’s answer.

Under such circumstances …

“Do you really think that I’m so high and mighty?”

Rozen said.

It was true that Rozen hated human experiments.

However, Rozen knew Yaya, Irori, and Komurasaki had no sin.

Just like Mashu, even if she has been used in human experiments, she was still pure, kind, and innocent.

Of course, if those three sinned, Rozen would hate them.

Shouko Karyuusai pondered for a while, like she knew what Rozen meant.

“Just take your time, young boy.” Shouko Karyuusai said softly, “I asked you that question not only to make fun of you. You know, you are about to use a banned doll, since it is made using a taboo method. It is impossible to use something powerful like that without cost.”

The reason why taboo was being called taboo because it was against the law of nature.

Like children with abnormal growth, maybe they were far more powerful than ordinary people in some aspects, but in exchange for something unimaginable.

The same goes for so-called banned dolls.

“To pursue powerful output, puppet masters often add a lot of things to the body or give up a lot of things.”

Shouko Karyuusai’s voice seemed very gloomy.

“To save the consumption of magical power, it is created to move so effectively.”

“To increase control, it is created without personal emotions.”

“To enhance physical power, it is created with the need to suck blood for its survival.”

“To use powerful magic, it is created by sacrificing a lot of lives.”

“But is there absolutely no shortage of such things in the taboo dolls?” What was the meaning of that, there was no need to explain.

“My Setsugetsuka also requires you to pay an unreasonable price before I can give it to you. What do you think?” At that moment, Shouko Karyuusai was undoubtedly like a demon, both tempting and dangerous.

Rozen didn’t know Shouko Karyuusai was scaring him.

However, Rozen also had his own ideas.

As long as it only needed something from himself, he wanted to get his hands on that high-quality doll.

Rozen believed he could easily defeat Akabane Tenzen if he used the banned doll.

And above all, his technique to control the puppet would increase, thus affecting his capability when he fought with the servant.

“Even if I can’t bring that puppet back to Chaldea, at least, in this world, my combat power will increase significantly.” Rozen thought.

For example, if he had Komurasaki when he was in the Forbidden Area, he would have defeated Yama easily.

Rozen believed if he controlled the Setsugasukas, at least its power will be on par with superior servant.

At first, when Rozen hasn’t learned various magic, he was able to fight with Mashu’s help.

As a summoner, without a powerful servant or familiar, he won’t stand a chance.

Regarding that, Rozen wouldn’t refuse if he could get the powerful puppets.

As for the cost …

“My Excellency Karyuusai, I think you make a mistake.”

“Only an immature person can’t control the weapon in their hands.”

Rozen said.

That was right.

That was not only because the servant and familiar will be engraved in his Throne of Heroes, and will absolutely obey him.

It was also because Rozen was a summoner.

Even if his servant was scared, he would keep his composure and kept fighting.

That was what Rozen believed as a summoner.

So …

“If there is any problem with the puppet I control, then I will overcome it myself.” Rozen said.

Everyone calmed down and became silent for a moment.

Irori stared at Rozen without saying a word.

Komurasaki’s eyes flashed with stars.

Yaya, for the first time, looked at Rozen’s eyes.

Shouko Karyuusai also stared at Rozen for a long time, without saying a word.

“Overcome it …?” Shouko Karyuusai murmured.

“Maybe …” Shouko Karyuusai’s voice began to sound gloomy again.

“Master Karyuusai?” Rozen couldn’t help but asked.

Shouko Karyuusai was back to her usual self.

“Let me see to what extent you can prove your worth.” Shouko Karyuusai said.

“I think …” Shouko Karyuusai pondered for a moment.

Everyone, including Rozen, wondered what words she would say.

Not to mention the Setsugetsukas had a different opinion with Shouko Karyuusai.

But in the end, Shouko Karyuusai herself was the decision maker.

Rozen stayed there temporarily. It was estimated he will not be able to return for quite a while.

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