Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 115 Natural


Shouko Karyuusai’s mansion.

Rozen slowly opened his eyes when the sun was rising to the sky.

“Hoaaam …” After he was yawning, Rozen crawled up from the bed and sat there idly for a long time.

“Is it morning already …?” Rozen wondered.

After a while, he was finally fully awake.

Rozen’s room was so large.

The incense was burned beside the bed; its aroma filled the room.

Through the Japanese-style paper door, Rozen could see the bright sunlight outside, and the windows showed the scenery outside.

Rozen remembered.

“What happened yesterday is real …”

He stayed in Shouko Karyuusai’s mansion, and he won’t go back for quite a while.


“Since you said only immature people who not able to control a weapon in their hands, then you should also know, good weapons choose their worthy master by themselves, right?” Shouko Karyuusai said to Rozen.

“I can give you a chance to get Setsugetsukas.”

She was the first-class puppet maker in the land; no one could buy her masterpiece if she didn’t like them.

Therefore, Shouko Karyuusai and Rozen made an agreement.

“You can stay with me until next month.”

“You can live here freely, and you can enter and exit the house at will. “

“You have to wait until the next month, if no one can buy Setsugetsukas, you can take one of them.”

“You can get the world’s best puppet, but it’s up to you, young boy.”

That was the agreement and her promise to Rozen.

“Rest assured. I will reply to the letter from your father and tell him about your current situation so that he doesn’t have to worry. Even if you fail to take any of Setsugasukas in the next month, I will make another one exclusively for you.”

“Of course, it won’t be anywhere near the level of Setsugetsukas; at most, it is at the same level of Oborofuji.”

“Let me see how well you can do it.”

The true meaning of her words was there.

Needless to say, that was the true test of Shouko Karyuusai.

“Be it the ability to control the weapon in your hands or your talent, let me confirm it with my own eyes.”

Shouko Karyuusai’s last words echoed in Rozen’s mind.

Recalling what happened at that time, Rozen laughed for a while.

“To think that it will turn out like this …”

When Akabane Kuukan explained the mission, Rozen also hoped that he could get a doll at the same level as Setsugetsuka.

But that was just hope.

Rozen never thought that he could get the Setsugetsuka series.

Of course, that was just an opportunity.

Shouko Karyuusai wanted to confirm Rozen’s resolve.

But for Rozen, that was an opportunity.

It was another matter if it was mysterious magic, but Rozen never feared anything that appeared before him.

In other words, “I was lucky.” Rozen thought.


Rozen felt the sunshine’s warmth on his skin, which was so comforting.

And in the garden outside, the harmonious and peaceful atmosphere like nature made Rozen a lot happier.

“So, let’s do a warm-up first.”

Of course, that was magic training.

Rozen couldn’t train like a normal man.

Rozen turned his eyes on a tree in the garden.

Pure magical power flowed from Rozen, turned into Telekinesis, and wrapped in a tree.


A sound from the tree.

That was the sound of the broken tree’s branch.

Rozen was using Telekinesis, Rozen controlled the branches and lifted it up to the air like an arrow.

Sometimes the branches of the tree moved like dragons.

Sometimes the branches turned into a puppet.

Sometimes, the branches collided with each other, as if two armies were fighting each other.

Sometimes, the branches are lined up one by one, like troops.

Rozen controlled those branches so delicately as if those branches were a living being.

Such ability, if Yaya saw that, she would be embarrassed.

Then …

“It’s awesome!”

Rozen heard the voice of a young girl.

Rozen didn’t activate his Heavenly Eye, so he was surprised by that voice, and when he turned around, Rozen saw a quite girl with her twin tail.

“You are …” Rozen was surprised.

“I’m Komurasaki. I introduced myself yesterday, onii-chan.” Komurasaki said with a cute smile, showing her cheerful personality.

Afterward, Komurasaki jumped and ran.

The way she moved.

Her skin.

Her expression.

Her existence.

Was that girl really an automaton?

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