Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 116 You Should Come With Me


Rozen has already figured out everyone’s personality even though he just stayed there one night.

Irori was the eldest among the Setsugetsuka sisters; she was elegant and dignified. She was a serious type and responsible for managing the mansion. She was especially good at cooking, and within a month, she will be responsible for serving Rozen.

Yaya was the second; she was the opposite of Irori, Yaya didn’t care to show her expression about something or someone. She hasn’t shown herself since yesterday because she didn’t want her sister to be taken away by Rozen, but Shouko Karyuusai never listened to her.

The youngest was Komurasaki; she was the most cheerful one; she had an easygoing personality. According to Shouko Karyuusai, her body was not stable; she didn’t have combat ability like the other two; her magic circuit was still under development.

“If you want Komurasaki, you have to wait for a while.” Shouko Karyuusai said.

But no matter what, Komurasaki was the best choice for Rozen.

That little girl was full of curiosity about Rozen; she has been watching him since yesterday.

But finally, she talked with Rozen.

“Hey, is that the so-called Telekinesis?” Komurasaki said with an innocent expression.

She was very curious about that, and Rozen answered her, “Yeah.”

“This is what we call Telekinesis, the first step, which is the foundation of the puppeteer.”

“That is just the foundation?” Komurasaki was shocked.

“Didn’t that technique almost beat Yaya-neesama yesterday?”

Komurasaki thought Telekinesis was the same as Magic Blade Rozen used at the last moment.

“Nope, I’m using a more powerful technique yesterday.” Rozen answered.

Everyone might think they could do what Rozen did yesterday, but that was a fatal mistake.

And talking about the difference between the automaton and ordinary puppet, to control an ordinary puppet, one needed a skillful technique, but not for controlling the automaton.

Akabane Tenzen could control ten ordinary puppets at once when he was still a child, and Rozen could control twenty puppets at once when he was still ten years old.

Akabane Nadeshiko couldn’t control that much, but she was still considered a genius.

And because Raishin was constantly being compared to his siblings, he gave up the path of magic and converted to martial arts.

But Rozen’s current ability could control hundreds of puppets at once.

With that talent, it was necessary to learn all the steps, including the Magic Blade.

“I see.” Komurasaki seemed to understand and then looked toward Rozen.

“In other words, brother, you are amazing.”

Rozen was happy to be praised by such a loli; he flustered and smiled.

Indeed, among Setsugetsuka sisters, Komurasaki was the most cheerful one.

Even though she did not have Eve’s Heart yet, she was so clever.

“Hey, I can do more interesting things, you know?” Rozen smiled.

“What is it, brother?”

“Just say it. What do you want me to do?”

“If you insist, then you need to come with me.”

After that, Komurasaki left with Rozen.

A black shadow came out and followed those two.

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