Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 117 He Can Fix That


Summoner of Miracles Chapter 117

“That …”

Rozen looked at a doll hidden under the tree, Rozen seemed to understand what happened to that little purple doll.

Komurasaki scratched her head, all flustered.

The doll under the tree was the bird Rozen saw in the garden when he first came there.

But at that time, the wings of that bird were cracked, and it couldn’t fly.

And that little bird cried, and its voice was so sad as if it was a living thing.

Looking at that little bird, Rozen couldn’t help but ask, “What did you do to this bird?”

“I… I didn’t do anything.” Komurasaki shook her head, and she said, “I just watched it flew and chased it. I didn’t know that I ended up scaring it. I only chased it … and …”

“And you use too much power then break it? Sure enough …” Rozen took her silence as a yes.

“N, No… My body has not stabilized yet!” Komurasaki sighed.

“Sometimes I can’t control part of my body according to Master. I don’t expect it will end up like this!”

“So?” Rozen sighed.

“You take me here to fix this?” Rozen asked.

“If my master knows that I break it, she will be mad at me.” Komurasaki was afraid of Shouko Karyuusai.

It seemed the anger of Shouko Karyuusai was not a joke.

“She won’t be angry over a small thing like this, but she will be angry at you because you are running around and jumping around even though your body isn’t stable yet.” Rozen said.

“But if you are a bit tall, this won’t happen.” Rozen teased her.

“Please don’t tell my master about this.” Komurasaki said.

She didn’t want Shouko Karyuusai to know about that little bird, so she needed to either fix that bird or get rid of it from the garden.

“Big brother, can you fix that bird?”

Rozen rolled his eyes when Komurasaki asked that.

“Big brother, aren’t you very skilled?”

“Even though I’m talented, it is only in magic, that doesn’t mean I can repair a doll.”

Rozen shattered her hope.

“But, Master said Akabane Clan is a very powerful family. There are also techniques for making dolls in your family. Big Brother, since you are an important person in the Akabane Clan, can you do me a little favor?” Komurasaki begged.

Rozen was a curious boy who loved to learn something new. When he was running out of magical power back in Chaldea, he did not only learn things from the internet but also from countless games. He also mastered eight languages ​​, and his academic ability was comparable to a doctor.

Therefore, after coming to that world, Rozen also read tons of books in the Akabane Clan library when he ran out of magical power, including the puppet production method.

In other words, Rozen was able to fix that doll even though he was not as skilled as Shouko Karyuusai.

“I will try.” Rozen said.

After that, Rozen squatted down and began to check the bird doll in front of him.

Komurasaki was watching him closely.

After a few minutes…

“All right.” Rozen stood up.

The bird with the cracked wings suddenly acted like it was released from the cage. It flew to the sky cheerfully.

“That… that fast.” Komurasaki was surprised.

“I just injected magic into it, and it recovered itself.” Rozen explained.

An automaton could repair itself as long as someone gave it magical power.

However, one needed a quite amount of magical power to support an automaton.

Rozen did not think all the animals at that mansion were only furniture.

“No wonder it looks so lifelike, it’s all automaton?”

Rozen was only thinking to make that bird flew once again, that was enough to make him happy.

“Great, so that’s it…”

“What is going on?”

A serious voice came from behind, shocking Komurasaki.

As for Rozen, he realized that someone was already there before he and Komurasaki came there, but he couldn’t tell Komurasaki about that.

Komurasaki slowly turned around and looked at the source of the voice.


Irori was standing there; she was so angry.

“Suspicious. What happen?”

Irori stared at Komurasaki’s eyes, which were full of guilt.

“Onee-sama!” Komurasaki suddenly stepped back and cried.

“I… I know it is wrong!”

“I have told you so many times; your body is not stable yet, don’t be a bad girl, you never listen to me!”

Irori began to preach.

Komurasaki could only ask for help from Rozen, but she got ignored.

Rozen just watched those two in front of him and thought,

“Are those two really puppets?”

Those two were so human-like.

So, at that moment, Rozen finally changed his opinion about automaton.

“They are not weapons that can only be manipulated by Puppeteer, but they have a life like a human.”

Rozen smiled a bit.

No one hasn’t realized yet, in the shadow, there was a figure hiding there, looking at those three, biting her lips.

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