Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 119 Let Me Show You


Summoner of Miracles Chapter 119


Just like when they were at the Mansion’s hall, the magical power shrouded Yaya, the slim body became so powerful, Yaya jumped and stepped on the tree branch to attack Rozen.

Yaya was already in mid-air behind Rozen, and she was ready to launch a powerful blow, her magical power was like an arrow.

Yaya put almost half of her magical power to that attack.

After all, Yaya already knew that Rozen would use Magic Defense to block all the attacks.

Therefore, Yaya did not hesitate to give her full strength for the first time.

The Hakyaku Suigetsu improved Yaya’s ability and allowed Yaya to cut the air.

That blow will surely break Rozen’s Magic Defense.

Unless Rozen increased his magical power to strengthen Magic Defense.

However, that will consume a lot of magical power.

Based on the situation, Rozen did not choose to use Magic Defense but used the trick he did not use yesterday.


When Yaya kicked Rozen, something appeared behind her.

“What …!”

Yaya was startled, without having time to think, the shadow behind her launched a surprise attack.


It punched Yaya up to the sky.

Yaya tried to control her body in mid-air and landed on a tree branch.

But Yaya could not see the shadow that attacked her earlier.

“A puppet?”

Yaya could not help but surprised.

The shadow that attacked her was a puppet.

“Are you okay?” Rozen slowly put the miso soup back in his hand and turned toward Yaya.

“This is something that I made with Telekinesis when I was practicing magic today. It was barely solid and but it should be enough to fight you.”

Rozen’s words made Yaya very angry.

“Are you going to fight me with that kind of puppet?”

“Fighting against one of the Setsugasukas, the most advanced automaton, you will fight with such just a piece of wood?”

Yaya’s expression changed, and she looked so scary.

Those girls made by Shouko Karyuusai were really beautiful.

And Rozen was surprisingly calm while facing her.

“Even if it is just a piece of wood, as long as it is in the hands of those who know how to use it, it will be the most powerful weapon. On the contrary, the most powerful weapon will be trash if an amateur controls it.” Rozen said.

“I will show you the Akabane Clan’s puppet technique!”

The pure magical power was suddenly bursting out from Rozen’s body.

The puppet standing in front of Rozen was like coming to life, raised its head, then rushed out at a fast speed, and attacked Yaya.

“This kind of thing …!”

Yaya scornfully looked at the puppet rushing towards her, bursting out at a faster speed than a mere automaton.

“This kind of thing can’t even hit me!”

Yaya shouted, and she landed a punch on Rozen’s puppet.

“Clang!” The heavy clash sounded in the next second.

Yaya used Hakyaku Suigetsu to attack Rozen’s puppet, and it only left a bit scratch on the layer of barriers.

“It’s not over yet!” Rozen shouted, and the puppet, who blocked Yaya’s blow, suddenly raised its hand while holding a wooden sword.

“Vwoooom!” The buzzing sound was heard while the sword was moving.

That sword was enhanced with Magic Blade.

Yaya knew that was dangerous and used Hakyaku Suigetsu.

Its attack didn’t reach Yaya and crushed the ground.


The wooden sword cut through the ground of the courtyard, leaving a deep hole in it.

Witnessing that power, Yaya’s forehead shed cold sweat.

If that attack landed successfully on her, even if she activated Hyaku Suigetsu in time, she was not sure she would survive that attack unscathed.

Yaya had to admit that if she were hit by Rozen’s attack enhanced with Magic Blade yesterday, she would have been seriously injured.

But …

“As long as I don’t get hit by it …!” Yaya’s thought.

However, Yaya hasn’t realized a second puppet has already appeared behind her.

“Urgh!” A heavy blow landed on Yaya’s back.


She screamed, and her entire body was hurting.

She fell and shattered the ground in the process.

In the dust, Yaya stood while holding her arm from within the crack on the ground.

“There is … the second …?”

Yaya’s voice showed a bit of distress.

“Second?” Rozen replied.

Rozen stood and looked at Yaya, then he suddenly laughed.

“Are you sure there are only two of them?” As soon as he said that, several puppets leaped from every corner and lined up in front of Rozen.

There were ten of them.

They were all enhanced by Magic Defense and Magic Blade.

Rozen, used Spirit Vision and Heavenly Eye, Telekinesis, and Akabane Clan’s puppet technique to control all of those puppets.

” …… “

Yaya bit her lip, trying to restrain her body from shaking.

In that regard, Rozen said.

“Does it never occur to you that one day you will be cornered by a group of puppets made from a piece of woods since you are the most powerful automaton?” Rozen grinned.

“The fun has just begun.”

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