Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 120 Do You Want To Try


Summoner of Miracles Chapter 120

Rozen already proved that he could corner Yaya after using the Akabane Clan’s puppet technique.

Akabane technique that has been developed over the past thousand years has proven its capability by defeating one of the best automaton in the world.

Yaya could only defend against the synchronized attacks from Rozen’s puppets and used Hakyaku Suigetsu to increase her defense to the maximum to withstand the attacks.

That scene only lasted for a few minutes, and finally came to an end.

A few minutes later, Yaya’s magical power was exhausted first.

“Urgh …!” Two puppets grabbed Yaya’s arm, holding Yaya on the ground, and she couldn’t get up again.

Rozen concentrated his magical power and controlled it without flaws. He also spent a lot of magical power to beat Yaya’s Hakyaku Suigetsu.

Otherwise, how could the puppets make out of wood be able to withstand Yaya’s attack?

Rozen enhanced all the puppets with Magic Defense and Magic Blade.

Fortunately, Rozen has opened all the magic circuits in his body. Even if he consumed a lot of magical power, he still had enough magical power left to fight.

Rozen squatted down in front of Yaya while his puppets still held her down.

“How is it? To lose against the human that you look down.”

Rozen said with a provoking expression, infuriating Yaya.

“It’s a shame …” Rozen said to Yaya.

However, Rozen wasn’t satisfied yet.

“You deserve it.” Rozen’s words humiliated Yaya.

Seeing Yaya, who was on the verge of crying …

“Hey.” Rozen shouted to Yaya.

“Yaya has a name! Don’t call me hey!”

Yaya’s reaction was so fierce.

“Okay, Yaya …”

Rozen called Yaya’s name, but she became even more furious than before.

“Don’t call Yaya’s name so casually! It’s disgusting!”

Yaya’s rude words made Rozen angry too.

So Rozen grabbed Yaya’s cheek.

“Is this the mouth that said a foul word earlier? Ha?!”

Rozen pinched Yaya’s cheek.

“It hurts …! It hurts … It hurts … Stop! …”

Yaya’s tears came out; she was struggling hard, but couldn’t escape from those two puppets, and could only bear Rozen’s punishment.

“It hurts …! It hurts …”

Yaya’s cry sounded in the courtyard.

Rozen felt a lot better after teasing her a bit and let her go.

“Aw …” Yaya started sobbing suddenly.

“This is only a small lesson.” Rozen threatened her, “Next, if you haven’t learned your lesson, I will teach you another lesson.”

“You devil!” She refused to accept what Lin Fan said, and she said, “Don’t think this will make Yaya succumb, Yaya won’t be afraid of you!”

“Really?” Rozen raised his hand, to scare Yaya off.

“Would you like to give it a try? I don’t mind.”

Yaya became a bit sacred.

“I ask you.” Rozen asked casually, “Why do you hate humans so much?”

Yaya closed her mouth, not saying a word.

Rozen narrowed his eyes and raised his hand again.

“Because … because human beings are dirty! That is… human is an ugly creature! Bugs are much more adorable than humans!”

Yaya couldn’t help but speak, but she said too much.

“Don’t you think that is a serious prejudice?” Rozen asked.

“It’s not prejudiced, human beings are so ugly,” Yaya said. “Especially men, men are vulgar and lustful, they look at master and my sisters with dirty eyes, disgusting, and Yaya couldn’t wait to tear out their eyes.”

Rozen understood why she hated humans after hearing Yaya’s explanation.

“In short, you think humans are like that, so you hate humans?” Rozen said bluntly, “That is prejudice, who says all humans are like that?”

“Don’t they?”

“Of course not.”

“You can’t persuade Yaya with that.”

“Who’s persuading you? I’m just telling you the truth.”

“Yaya don’t believe what men say.”

“Then, you tell me how many men have you met?”

“Umph … ” After a fierce argument, Yaya was choked by Rozen’s question.

“How many men can you see in this mansion all day?” Rozen said the fact.

“You can’t judge humans only by one or two examples.”

“Because Setsugetsukas is a priceless world-class automaton, you know well how precious you are, and you value yourself above humans, that is called arrogance,” Rozen said.

“And now… Can you still think you are above human?”

Rozen’s words were full of provocations.

“You … what do you know about Yaya anyway!?” Yaya shouted.

“It is impossible for human beings to understand us!” Yaya’s heart screamed out loud.

“Humans never try to understand others! So Yaya hates humans!”

That was Yaya’s true feelings.

After hearing those words …

“You finally show your true color, you despicable girl.” Rozen smiled softly.

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