Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 122 Where Is Yaya


Rozen didn’t know what happened with Shouko Karyuusai.

He only knew he would practice hard again when he came home.

Rozen didn’t change his way of life even though he has already made an agreement with Shouko Karyuusai. He will train when he wanted to train, he will study when he wanted to study, and will never slack off in his research of Crimson Wing Formation.

Of course, it was different from when he was at Akabane Clan’s mansion, in that mansion, Rozen must come out of his room from time to time.

It was Komurasaki who dragged Rozen out of his room.

Rozen had become Komurasaki’s favorite playmate.

From time to time, Komurasaki would drag him out of the mansion, either playing hide and seek or showing her various abilities that she has learned. She was so happy.

Komurasaki’s favorite was to ask Rozen to take her out to play.

“Usually, neither master nor my elder sister allows me to go to the city.”

“Do you want me to take you to stroll around the city?” Rozen asked.

Those words were the beginning.

After that, Komurasaki often asked Rozen to take her to the city to play, and when she was at home, she was also looking for Rozen to be her playmate, either it was intentionally or unintentionally, that little girl became the only one in Setsugetsuka who was close to Rozen.

In contrast, Irori disliked Rozen because he took Komurasaki to the city.

“Excuse me, Narukami-dono, please allow me to speak about my opinion.”

Irori used that sentence as an opening statement every time she wanted to preach to Rozen.

The content was no doubt about Komurasaki going to the city with him.

Especially in spring, there were too many men outside. She would freeze everyone if Komurasaki got abducted.

“Are you afraid I will cause her harm!?”

“Isn’t this Snow Princess always following her sister?” Rozen asked.

He developed a good relationship with Komurasaki, but he established a bad relationship with Irori.

On the contrary, he didn’t know what happened to Yaya.

Since the last battle, Yaya has never shown herself in front of Rozen again.

According to Irori and Komurasaki, Yaya also rarely showed herself in front of them, which made them quite worried.

Because of that, Irori’s foods tasted different. Recent problems occupied her mind.

Komurasaki didn’t tell Shouko Karyuusai about she went to the city with Rozen, but Shouko Karyuusai said, “Let her go.”

So …

“No! I can’t help it!”

Irori came to Rozen’s room with a serious expression and said it in person. She did that because Shouko Karyuusai let Komurasaki went to the city with Rozen.

Rozen looked at Irori with a serious expression, and then he glanced at Komurasaki, who had the same helpless expression.

“What is this all about? Speak properly. Usually, you are the most polite person in here.”

“I just can’t help it.” She said.

What if Rozen misunderstood?

“Yaya has not shown up for several days. I haven’t eaten properly. I locked off myself in my room. If things go on like this, what should I do? If that happens, I will …”

Irori thought of something insane; she was trying to say something like, “I will freeze the entire house if that happens.”

Komurasaki felt so helpless seeing her sister’s expression.

“Nee-sama, don’t worry.” Komurasaki tried to calm her down, she said, “It will be okay. I will come back before dark, and this is not the first time for me to go to the city.”

“Komurasaki …” Irori said with a serious expression, “Come to my room tonight. There is something I have to tell you.”

“Eh …” Komurasaki found herself asking for trouble.

“Alright, let’s talk about the important topic.” Rozen said.

Rozen guessed the change in Irori’s behavior was something about Yaya.

Sure enough …

“Although Narukami-dono is my master’s guest, I think Narukami-dono was partly responsible for Yaya’s disappearance, and I don’t know if you realize it or not.” Irori said.

“If you do, please lend us your power.”

That was Irori’s intention.

In short …

“Do you want me to find Yaya?” Rozen said.

“Yes.” Irori nodded and said, “If Narukami-dono uses the Heavenly Eye, we can find her easier.”

It was almost like a parent worried about their child being lost somewhere.

Rozen sighed in his heart while thinking so. He wanted to reject Irori’s request.

However, knowing her personality, once Rozen refused her, perhaps she will really freeze the whole house.

“Also.” Rozen stood up.

“Look at what this girl has been doing lately.”

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      “Yaya has not shown up for several days. I haven’t eaten properly. I locked off myself in my room. If things go on like this, what should I do? If that happens, I will …”
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