Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 123 Is Yaya Here


On the outskirts, in an open field not far from the mansion.

At that moment, Rozen, Irori, and Komurasaki stood there.

“Okay.” Rozen brought those two there, and he said, “Let’s start here, let’s talk about Yaya.” Rozen said.

Irori and Komurasaki looked at each other.

Then, Komurasaki took the initiative to speak first.

“How are you going to find Yaya nee-chan?” Komurasaki was curious, and said, “Shouldn’t Heavenly Eye be able to find her quickly?”

That was natural.

Even though Rozen’s Heavenly Eye has already improved a lot compared with five years ago, both the range and the accuracy has improved greatly; it could cover up to hundreds of meters with Rozen as the center.

But how to find Yaya within that vast world?

Irori wanted Rozen to help.

And she was looking for the right person.

“I have my own way.” Rozen did not explain the details; he just asked Irori, “Did you bring what I requested?”

“I brought it with me …” Irori was still confused. At the same time, she stepped forward while showing the thing in her hands.

It was a hairband that Yaya used to tie her hair.

“This is a hairband that Yaya has been using lately. I usually wash it for her. This one has not been washed yet.”

Irori handed over the hairband while looking at Rozen with suspicious eyes.

That look, it was almost like looking at …

“Narukami-dono, are you trying to keep Yaya’s personal belonging as a collection?” Irori did not hesitate to say that.

“… Do I really look like a pervert in your eyes?”

Komurasaki held her laughed when she heard their conversations.

“I’m not a maniac, and now bring me her hair.” Rozen said.

Irori still didn’t trust Rozen at all, but she had no choice but to give the hair to Rozen.

Rozen rolled his eyes and then turned around, blowing a loud whistle into the woods not far ahead.

In the next second …



A group of wild dogs in the woods came closer; they were summoned by Rozen.

“Dog?” Irori was surprised.


Stars flickered in Komurasaki’s eyes.

All the wild dogs ran over and approached Rozen. “Good boy, good boy.”

Rozen squatted down while patting the dogs’ heads one by one; he enjoyed the feeling of being surrounded by dogs.

“So cute!”

Komurasaki couldn’t help but hug one of those dogs.

“Narukami-dono, is this …?” Irori asked.

“I accidentally discovered this when I was out, and they got attached to me after that.” Rozen answered.

Of course, that was a lie.

In fact, those dogs were actually summoned by Rozen secretly in the mansion using Summoning System, and then the dogs were hiding in the woods.

Komurasaki, who didn’t know that, was extremely dissatisfied as she hugged the dog and she said, “You never tell me about them at all, are you trying to keep these cuties for yourself?”

“Well, I don’t need to tell everything to you though. Now, I might be able to ask them to help us a bit.”

Rozen took Yaya’s hairband from Irori.

Seeing that, both of them understood what Rozen would do.

“I see!” Komurasaki said. “Do you want the dogs to smell the onee-chan’s hairband and find out her whereabouts?”

Rozen could divide the familiar into hundreds during the mock battle at Chaldea, relying on the birds familiar to figure out the shape of the field and the enemies’ positions, and even set a strategy to fight the enemies.

Now, Rozen intended to rely on the dogs to find Yaya.

“They are just wild dogs. You don’t even know where they were from, do you trust them to that extent?”

That was true if those were just average dogs.

But those were all Rozen’s familiars, and there will be no problem.

“Just sit back and watch.”

Rozen gave Irori a reassuring expression.



All the dogs immediately gathered up, sniffing the smell of the hairband with their noses.

“Guys, you get it?” Rozen asked the dogs.

“Find her!”

With Rozen’s order, the dogs spread out in all directions and began their work.

“Ah …” Komurasaki sadly said, “The dogs are gone.”

“I don’t know if it will work.” Irori said, “I hope they can find Yaya without getting any trouble.”

Those sisters had a different personality.

Rozen tracked the dogs’ magical power flow.

Half an hour later …


A dog suddenly came from a distance and barked at Rozen.

Rozen informed the news that surprised Irori and Komurasaki.

“Okay, I’ve found Yaya.”

And, Rozen found her somewhere unexpected.

That was the nearest city to the suburbs.

Unlike the deserted suburbs, it was a crowded place where people come and goes.

“Brother, Onee-sama, hurry up!”

Komurasaki ran on the street, smiling cheerfully toward Rozen and Irori.

“Komurasaki! Don’t run around like that! It’s dangerous!” Irori hurriedly went after her.

Rozen slowly walked on the street.

Previously, Rozen and Komurasaki came there every time they slipped out.

Irori also often came there to buy the daily necessities and ingredients needed for the mansion.

It was just …

“Is Yaya really here?” Irori, who caught up to Komurasaki, asked such a question to Rozen.

Rozen answered, “Yes, Yaya is here.”

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