Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 124 What Will You Do


Rozen was surprised.

“Yaya, who sees humans as low creatures, will visit the city where humans live.”

Rozen did not allow Irori to answer and he quickly said, “According to the dogs, that nerve-racking puppet lady is indeed here.”

They didn’t know why Yaya was there.

Irori was panic because she thought Rozen was right.

“This … what should I do? I have never been to a place this crowded, and I don’t know anything. If Yaya was deceived by a bad, dirty man, and taken to an obscene place, then I must…! ”

Irori’s body emitted a chilling cold, causing ice crystals to appear on the ground and air, which scared the pedestrians.

Rozen and Komurasaki were scared too.


Komurasaki quickly tried to stop Irori.

“Hey! Calm down will you?”

Rozen punched Irori’s head softly, Irori snapped out of it and the ice disappeared without a trace.

If Irori used her magic in the middle of the city, that would cause a major problem.

Irori was usually calm and collected, but when it came to her sister’s affairs, she will immediately lose her cool.

“Let’s find Yaya.” Rozen said.

“If you stay here, you will invite some troubles sooner or later.”

Because her beauty alone will attract people’s attention.

Rozen wanted to find Yaya quickly so he could get away from that time bomb as soon as possible.

“Woof!” The dog barked in front of Rozen and ran forward.

“This way!”

Rozen immediately held Irori and Komurasaki in each of his hands.

The dog led them to an unexpected place.

“Wh … Where is …!” Irori was shocked.

“No …” Komurasaki was also startled.

Rozen was also shoked.

They arrived in front of the red light district, where many women seduced every man who passed by.

Rozen knew what kind of place that was.

“That … that’s a prostitute … a prostitute …”

Komurasaki was embarrassed, Irori wanted to say that she was too shy to say that.

“Yaya … She is in this kind of place …?”

Like the clockwork puppet, Irori turned her head and confirmed something to Rozen.

The pitch dark eyes stared at Rozen, made him felt chill down to his spine.

“Th … that …” Rozen said in horror, “If I said yes, what will you do?”

“Yes … Yes … Yes …” Irori repeated the word like a broken puppet.

“Freeze the city.”

After saying that, all the magic in Irori’s body bursted out.

“Stop! Onee-sama!” Komurasaki immediately rushed up and hugged Irori.

“I knew it!”

Rozen activated a few layers of Magic Defense around Irori’s body. He was preventing the cold leaking outside.

“Let me go! Let me go! Yaya has been defiled! Those filthy men … I’m going to bury all of them!”

Irori kept struggling.

But when Komurasaki shouted that she found Yaya, Irori stopped her struggle.

They saw Yaya in a fine black silk kimono came out of some building.

Yaya was dragging two drunk men in her little hands.

“Let … Let me go!”

“You … Do you know who I am? How dare you treat me this way!”

Those men struggled desperately while shouting at Yaya.

Yaya ignored them, throwing both of them on the street, and staring at them with a scary gaze.

“You are just wasting Yaya’s energy! You despicable man!”

As always, Yaya’s tone and attitude were both harsh and vicious.

“Yaya doesn’t have the time to be wasted on humans like you, leave this place quickly!”


“I … I will remember your face!”

Those men ran away in a hurry.

“Men really are disgusting.” After saying that, she turned around and saw Rozen’s party.

“You …?” Yaya paused.



Irori and Komurasaki hugged her.

Looking at that scene, Rozen could not help but wiped the sweat from his forehead.

“Thank god, it doesn’t turned into a tragedy …”

Next time, he won’t help Irori for sure.

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