Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 125 The Incosistent Thought


Yaya didn’t come home for several days and visited the human’s city, and the reason was simple …

“Do you want to observe human again?”

On the way back to the mansion, Yaya explained why she wanted to go there and that shocked Irori and Komurasaki.

Yaya glanced at Rozen that was also surprised by Yaya’s explanation.

“Yaya wonders whether human beings are completely different from what Yaya has been imagining this all-time or not.”

In the past, Yaya was arrogant because of her twisted sense of value between her and humans.

Yaya was not hostile toward human beings; she just hated them.

And Setsugetsuka, who considered themselves to be the highest-level automaton, was far higher than human beings.

But after being defeated by Rozen, Yaya began to doubt her own ideas.

Since then, Yaya has been thinking about what Rozen said that day.

Among them, the most important sentence was …

“Then tell me how many humans have you met personally?”

Her heart was shaken while she was thinking of that sentence.

She wanted to re-observe humans and see as many different human natures as possible.

As a result, she visited the city alone.

Yaya did meet a lot of people in the city.

As always, many people were stunned by her looks.

But unlike in the past, those men from earlier tried to hit on her.

And there were women who were jealous of her beauty.

Needless to say, those days, Yaya has already seen many kinds of human nature.

At the same time, she also realized that some humans were not as bad as she thought.

As a matter of course, there were some people who changed Yaya’s way of thinking.

“Did someone deceive you into going there and trying to sell you?”

Rozen couldn’t help but shocked.

“Is there really such a guy in this world who is not afraid of death?” The most annoying thing for Yaya was humans who see her as nothing but a tool.

Shouko Karyuusai once told her to kill everyone who wanted to abduct her, sell her, or anything like that.

Yaya remembered Shouko Karyuusai’s words.

“Are you sure? Is there anyone who knows master there?”

Irori was surprised.

“What!?” Komurasaki was astonished.

But that was indeed true.

“The host there seemed to be very familiar with our master, knowing that I’m master’s acquaintance, she protected me, beat up the human who tried to sell me there, and I threw them onto the street.”

Yaya explained the situation, Rozen was so ashamed because he jumped into conclusion before hearing Yaya’s explanation.

However, why Shouko Karyuusai was well-known in such a place?

Shouldn’t …

Just when Rozen was thinking something bad, Yaya’s explanation has ended.

That might be because Yaya was too outstanding, right?

There was such a beauty who walked in and out of that kind of place.

Any man who saw it will be charmed.

They maybe wanted to scout her.

Yaya didn’t seem to notice that, but that kind of thing didn’t often happen too much, so it ended up peacefully.

Irori and Komurasaki also seemed relieved.

“Thank god.”

Irori quietly wiped the tears in the corners of her eyes; she was relieved to find Yaya doing just fine.

“I thought my sister really did something that she mustn’t do, and it scared me.”

“Yaya didn’t do that kind of thing! Onee-sama and Komurasaki were thinking too much!”

Yaya protested loudly.

Those sisters were so cheerful when they were together.

The scenes of those beautiful girls were seductive.

Rozen had some questions that he wanted to ask.

“Now.” Rozen asked Yaya, “Do you still hate humans?” After hearing that question, those girls stopped.

Irori and Komurasaki also looked at Yaya.

“Of course, Yaya hates humans,” Yaya said without hesitation.

“Most humans have no manner and self-control. For the sake of their own happiness, they constantly do all kinds of ugly things, and that is the kind of humans that Yaya hates so much.”

After that, Yaya’s tone was calmed down.

“But Yaya already realized, not all humans are like that,” Yaya whispered.

“Yaya will reconsider it again in the future.” After she said such words, Yaya seemed to be embarrassed. She was speeding ​​up and moved towards the mansion.

“Ya … Yaya!”

“Wait for us!”

Irori and Komurasaki quickly chased after her.

Only Rozen was left behind.

When Yaya was looking at her sisters chasing her, she smiled and laughed.

At that moment, Rozen thought, “That girl is not so annoying.” With that said, Rozen raised his pace and chased those sisters.

Rozen didn’t know.

When he thought that, Yaya, who ran at the front, was also thinking about Rozen, who was catching up.

“Compared to those ugly men, this person is not so annoying.” Yaya arrived at the same conclusion as Rozen.

That group ran toward the mansion’s direction.

They felt kind of fluffy and warm inside.

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