Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 126 How Good Is To Stay At Home


In the following days, their usual life in the mansion was back like it used to be.

Irori managed the house as always.

Komurasaki was playing in the corner as always too.

Yaya was also as stubborn as ever.

Regardless of Irori’s words, she often sneaked out of the mansion and went to the city, where she interacted with various people.

As for Rozen, he continued to practice in the mansion day after day. He only stopped his training once his magical power was exhausted, and then he will play with Komurasaki, or read a book and read a newspaper like an old man.

But Rozen has never met Shouko Karyuusai since they made an agreement.

Rozen often listened to Komurasaki’s information.

From time to time, some people would come to meet Shouko Karyuusai and chat with her about all kinds of complicated things.

Rozen also discovered that several people visited him while practicing Heavenly Eye, and Irori skillfully led those people to meet Shouko Karyuusai in her room.

Rozen guessed those people were from military faction, based on their outfit and attitude.

Even though Shouko Karyuusai labeled Oborofuji as a failure, but in their eyes, it was a lethal weapon, and it was perfectly suitable to be used on the battlefield.

“According to historical records, this era is the beginning of World War II.” Rozen remembered.

Rozen could guess every nation was trying to build a coalition and prepared to attack each other.

“Akabane Clan is also gathering power for that.”

Rozen was aware of his family’s condition.

As a mercenary family that could adapt quickly to the situation outside, Akabane Clan has been waiting for the opportunities on the battlefield.

As long as they could prove their worth on the battlefield, they could rival Izanagi Clan, plus with automatons in their arsenal, Akabane clan will be invincible on the battlefield.

Because of that, Akabane Clan was making all kinds of preparations, they traveled all over the world, strengthen their social circles and political circles.

Akabane Kuukan also prepared his own plan, instead of requesting Shouko Karyuusai to create dolls for all clan members, he wanted Shouko Karyuusai to create an automaton exclusively for Rozen to increase his combat power.

Akabane Kuukan thought Rozen would also be a representative of Akabane Clan in the future.

“Unfortunately, I have no interest in the war, old man.” Rozen thought.

If possible, Rozen didn’t want to go to the battlefield, because there was a possibility he will be killed there.

“I don’t want to take other people’s hope.” Not to mention, Rozen will return to Chaldea. So, he didn’t have time to be involved in other people’s war.

“Otherwise, my brother and Mashu would be disappointed if those two know about this.”

“Let me stay at home, learn magic, play games, and read books. That’s enough.”

Rozen only wanted a peaceful life.

Rozen will stick with his way of life since he was in Chaldea, and that will never change.

Not to mention, several beauties were walking around every day in front of his eyes.

Every day, Irori came to deliver Rozen’s food; she was taking care of Rozen’s daily necessities every single day.

Komurasaki often visited Rozen to play with him from time to time; she was like a little sister, and like a naughty child who found a new playmate.

She even ignored Yaya’s word.

Just like …

“It works!”

In the vast field, Rozen manipulated a puppet, and he shouted, then the puppet held a wooden sword, as if an invisible string was controlling the puppet, it was jumping and rushing toward Yaya, who was about to unleash a monstrous blow.


Yaya was startled; she couldn’t avoid the puppet rushing in front of her while concentrating on releasing a tremendous power. She could only watch the puppet’s wooden sword cut through the air and chopped her neck.


The wooden sword, which was already enhanced by Magic Blade, suddenly stopped when it was about to touch Yaya’s neck, only a few inches away from Yaya’s neck.

“Okay.” Rozen proudly said, “I won again.”

“Hmph …” Yaya suddenly showed a very unsightly expression and said, “One more round! “

“Nope.” Rozen said, “You have lost to me for three consecutive fights. If you still want to continue, you will run out of gas. You are just an automaton. Your magical power is limited.”

“Then… wait until Yaya’s magical power is fully restored…! ”

“You don’t want to admit your defeat? Okay, fine, I will play with you until you are satisfied.”

Those two started arguing, but in a good way, like a friend bantering with each other.

Since returning to the mansion that night, they often quarreled with each other like that, and then they started practicing.

They often practiced there, and of course, Yaya has never won, not even once.

The reason was not just because she didn’t have a puppeteer.

“You hear that?” Rozen said.

Such as combat techniques, tactics, and even academics.

Yaya didn’t have any of that, let alone combat experience.

It was a combination of various aspects that made Yaya never win against Rozen.

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