Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 127 Disintegration


Because they were getting closer, Rozen began to understand Yaya.

“In short, Yaya is just like Mashu. She only has strength without combat experience and technique.”

That was because Setsugetsuka was the lastest automaton that Shouko Karyuusai created.

In other words, Yaya hasn’t lived for too long.

And because Yaya was thinking so high and mighty about herself, he didn’t learn any technique, in other words, she only had brute strength.

In contrast, Rozen, who had experienced many battles when he was at Chaldea, has already learned the ability to adapt in various situations, and had sufficient knowledge, experience, and creative mind, and mastered Akabane clan’s technique. That technique required exquisite control, coordination, and positioning. Compared with Yaya, it was naturally like heaven and earth.

In that way, Rozen could think of various strategies to beat Yaya’s brute strength.

As of the moment, if Yaya wanted to rival Rozen, it was basically impossible unless she learned some techniques.

“Of course, if you have a good puppeteer to control you, then it’s a different matter.” Rozen reached out his hand while saying that.

Even if Yaya lacked combat experience and combat skills, once a good puppeteer took control of her, the result would be very different.

Not to mention, if someone provided her enough magical power, her Hakyaku Suigetsu’s power would increase several times.

It had enough power to destroy the forbidden mountain of Izanagi Clan.

Of course …

“It also depends on you to be manipulated by humans.”

Rozen said sarcastically to Yaya.

For Yaya, that was a difficult thing.

“Yes, if there is a good puppeteer to control Yaya, Yaya will not lose to you.” Yaya agreed to Rozen’s statement frankly.

“You …” Rozen was shocked.

Did she want to be controlled by humans?

“Did you break your parts somewhere? Would you like Shouko Karyuusai to check you?” Rozen said, and he poked Yaya’s neck with his fingers to make her angry.

“Yaya is fine! There is no malfunction! Don’t touch Yaya so casually!”

Yaya was angry and brushed Rozen’s hand aside.

Just then …

“Narukami-dono …” Irori suddenly appeared.

“Irori?” Rozen froze for a moment.

“Onee-sama?” Yaya also held her breath.

Because, at that moment, Irori’s expression looked very serious.

Not only Irori, but even Komurasaki also came over, looking at Rozen’s lovely eyes with worry.

Behind those two, Shouko Karyuusai, who hasn’t been seen for quite a while, also appeared.

“Komurasaki? Even Master …”

Yaya seemed to realize something.

“You guys …”

Rozen had a hunch that something bad has happened.

That hunch was almost the same as the sensation that he felt when Lev was missing in Chaldea’s control room.

Shouko Karyuusai’s words shocked him greatly.

“I have some news I just heard from my acquaintances in the military faction.” Shouko Karyuusai said.

“It is said that the eldest son of the Akabane Clan escaped after killing the soldiers in the military ground.”

When those words entered Rozen’s ears, his brain couldn’t keep up.

The eldest son of the Akabane Clan?


“Brother … escaped after killing the soldier in the military ground …?”

“How …”

“How could it be?” Rozen thought.

When Shouko Karyuusai said that, her expression was like she already predicted that would happen.

“The military has begun looking for Akabane Tenzen, and according to the evidence, he is heading to the base of the Akabane Clan.”

“Narukami-dono …?”

“Big brother!”

Irori and Komurasaki shouted one after another.

Because Rozen ran out without hesitation.

And after Rozen ran out of the courtyard, before everyone could catch up, his magical power was bursting out from his body.

“Bird Summoning!” A dazzling magic circle lit up.

With a loud cry, a huge eagle flew out from the magic circle.

That was one of the summoning magic that Rozen has developed over the years that could summon intermediate familiar, and could summon bird that was much larger than the average bird, the Bird Summoning.

As a result, the giant eagle swooped down and flew up into the sky, with one more person on its back.

But who else besides Rozen?

“Is that …?”

Irori and Komurasaki were shocked when they were looking at Rozen.

“… It seems that this little boy has some secrets on his sleeve.” Shouko Karyuusai narrowed her eyes.

At that time, Rozen flew to the sky like a sharp arrow.

“Wait …!” Irori and Komurasaki reacted.

When they wanted to do something, they were stopped by Shouko Karyuusai.

“Let him go.” Shouko Karyuusai said.

“But …”


Irori and Komurasaki both planned to say something but were stopped by Shouko Karyuusai.

“Right now, Akabane Clan is facing something serious.” Shouko Karyuusai said that while watching Rozen’s back.

“I hope he will be fine.”

That tone was almost like Shouko Karyuusai has experienced the same situation long ago.


Irori remained silent.

Komurasaki looked at Rozen’s back with worry and suddenly realized an important thing after quite a while.

“Where is Yaya Nee-chan?” Komurasaki’s voice snapped Shouko Karyuusai and Irori.

They realized Yaya was gone.

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