Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 128 Dejavu


Akabane Clan’s Mansion.

That building was inhabited by all members of Akabane Clan.

“When the night comes, that is time to start all mercenary activities.”

Based on that principle, even at night, Akabane Clan was busy.

Sometimes they gathered to practice together.

Sometimes they meditated together.

They were sometimes doing their own things in the room.

Sometimes they drank and talked about the world.

That was how the Akabane Clan spent their everyday life.

If one looked down from the sky, one would definitely see a vibrant family down there, nothing like a bloodthirst mercenary.

However, that night, that mansion has completely changed.

There was nobody.

Only a raging fire.


The entire Akabane Clan’s mansion was on fire.

Rozen was using his magic, so it didn’t take a day for him to arrive at Akabane Clan’s mansion.

” …….. “

Rozen was shocked when he saw the fire.

Rozen seemed to have a dejavu like he was in Chaldea.

Because of Lev, the command room was also caught in the sea of ​​fire, and he saw the same condition right now.

He saw someone precious to him, Mashu, who was caught under the rubble within the sea of fire.

“Damn …”

Rozen jumped from the eagle’s back.

“Vwoooom!” Rozen’s magical power was discharged.

After five years of training, Rozen was able to fly using Telekinesis.

Rozen controlled his Telekinesis flawlessly and arrived at Akabane Clan’s mansion gate.

“Fire-Mouse Summoning!” Rozen summoned the fire mouse, and it hopped onto Rozen’s shoulder.

Then, Rozen rushed into Akabane Clan’s mansion, which was already turning into the sea of ​​fire.

Thanks to the fire mouse, Rozen seemed to be doing just fine.

With the fire mouse’s protection, Rozen didn’t take any damage from the fire.

Rozen rushed into the fire recklessly and entered the mansion.

In the end, Rozen saw what exactly happened in Chaldea in many years ago.

That was… Purgatory.

The charred wood fell off from the ceiling to the ground.

Rozen could see everything clearly from the gate.

There were dead bodies in the fire.

There was blood on the ground.

The broken puppet was all over the ground.

There were many large holes in the wall, which informed Rozen that a fierce battle had happened there.

Rozen was speechless when he saw that.

“You’re too late, Narukami.” The familiar voice passed into Rozen’s ears, Rozen slowly raised his head and looked at the source of the voice’s direction.

He saw a handsome man in kimono was slowly coming out from the depths of the sea of ​​fire.

Familiar looks.

Familiar eyes.

Familiar figure.

“Tenzen …” It was Akabane Tenzen.

However, Rozen felt something wrong about that figure.

That feeling was called cold.

That feeling was called evil.

What made Rozen felt so strange was the things behind Akabane Tenzen.

They were six young girls in formal dresses and wearing veils with Chinese letters on the veils.

Those six young girls followed Akabane Tenzen and came out of the sea of ​​fire together.

And he saw Akabane Tenzen carrying a dead body.

“Raishin!” It was Raishin.

“Uh …”

At that time, Raishin was really badly wounded. He was bruised all over his body, half-dead, and only screamed painfully.

Akabane Tenzen carried him like trash and said, “I haven’t killed him yet, because he has no value to be killed by me.”

“Urgh!” Raishin suddenly fell in front of Rozen.

“Gah!” Raishin vomited blood.

“…!” Rozen clenched his fists and observed the situation.

“… Thank you, you can bear it.” Akabane Tenzen was as surprised, and he said, “You have been smart since you are a child, I thought that in the situation like this, even you would go berserk.”

Indeed, Rozen had the urge to kill everything in front of him.

But …

“Nothing can be changed. In that case, why should I go crazy about it?”

Rozen said that as if he was killing all of his emotions.

Of course, Rozen certainly wanted to stop everything in front of him.

But now that was too late, Rozen could only bear it and kept his cool.

That was the only way he could overcome the situation.

“It is indeed you.” Akabane Tenzen only said that.

The Tendo and Prodigy of Akabane Clan faced each other in the sea of ​​fire.

One was full of mystery, and the other was full of hatred.

“Where’s our father?”

“His dead body should be in the fire over there with everyone else.”

“… Are you the one who did it?”


“… Why?”

“You won’t Understand. “

” … Really? “

“Because you are only interested in your own training, your vision is too narrow to see bigger things.”

Then …

“Where’s Nadeshiko?” Rozen asked the last question.

And the answer …

“Dead.” Akabane said.

“I have used her as a material and to make six puppets here.”

The six young girls behind Akabane Tenzen were all automatons.

Moreover, it was automatons made by Akabane Tenzen himself, using his sister’s body.

“… I see.” Rozen looked at the ground.

An amazing magical power was discharged out from Rozen’s body.

The giant eagle swooped down from the sky and aimed its sharp claws toward Akabane Tenzen’s head.

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