Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 129 Fire And Scythe


The battle started so suddenly and without any warning.

When the huge eagle supped down from the sky, and its sharp claws attacked relentlessly aiming at Akabane Tenzen’s head, that was the life or death situation.

Akabane Tenzen was already well prepared.

It’s just …

“This is unexpected, is that a puppet?” Akabane Tenzen said those words coldly.

Beside him, a young girl with long pink straight hair and the letter fire on her veil suddenly moved, and the whole squad leaped like a rocket, fighting the giant eagle that attacked from the sky.


An explosion sound was heard from the air.

The pink-haired girl’s palm burst a huge amount of power, she jumped so high and hit the eagle that was much bigger than her own body, the eagle fell down and crashed the building.

“BOOOM!” The huge eagle fell and was engulfed in flames and burned in the sea of ​​fire.

However, that was just the beginning.

“Come out!” Rozen shouted, and his magical power covered a huge area.

Suddenly, in flames around him, a figure jumped out.

Akabane Tenzen reacted.

“Is he using those broken puppets?”

As he said, all of those puppets were Akabane Clan’s puppets.

Although they were not automaton with built-in magic circuits, they were also exquisitely crafted puppets.

Those puppets were also equipped with sophisticated equipment, and even if those puppets fell into the flames, some of them were not burned.

Rozen noticed that when he used Heavenly Eye and did not hesitate to use Telekinesis to control those puppets as his own weapon.

“Come on!” Those groups of puppets moved, rushed out from every corner, and surrounded Akabane Tenzen.

At the same time, the weapons held in those puppets’ hands flashed brightly, emitting a dangerous power.

“Is he already able to use Magic Blade?” Akabane Tenzen narrowed his eyes.

After all, Rozen never showed the Magic Blade except to the Setsugetsukas.

That should be enough to surprise Akabane Tenzen.

It was a pity …

“How wasteful, those puppets don’t deserve to receive that kind of technique.” Akabane Tenzen said.

“Burn them, Hotaru.” As soon as he said that, one of his automatons raised her head.

“Booom!” That girl cracked the ground with her attack.

“Hya!” Rozen’s puppet swooped into the sea of fire easily.

Each time that automaton attacked, her attack was imbued with a hot wind.

And that attack easily crushed Rozen’s puppet or sent it flying.

“Did you see it?” Akabane Tenzen said coldly, “This is automaton’s power.”

“I know, I’m not as good as you in the eight-steps.”

Akabane Tenzen admitted that frankly.

“If we fight one on one without automaton I will lose to you.”

“But, you can’t only depend on the eight-steps.”

Like what was currently happening, Akabane Tenzen crushed all of Rozen’s puppets easily.

“Even if you see through all the movements with Heavenly Eye, the speed of automaton has exceeded your ability to react, leaving your Magic Defense too late to react, and make your control completely fail to keep up.”

Akabane Tenzen made a harsh sentence.

“You can’t win over me now.”

Akabane Tenzen stretched his hand to his automaton.

The magical power burst out from his hands like a flame, like a beautiful stream in the air, and finally, all of that flowed into his automaton’s body.

“BOOOM!” A large amount of heat burst out of Hotaru’s body.

Just as the fire charged toward Rozen, giving him a fatal blow …

“BZZZ!” There was a buzzing sound in the air.

Rozen’s instinct took over his body, countless of puppets shards floated up, and all of them were enhanced by Magic Blade, like an arrow, aimed to Akabane Tenzen.

“!!!!” Akabane Tenzen was shocked.

Rozen didn’t care about Akabane Tenzen’s words at all and bombarded him with countless fragments like the barrage of bullets.

Obviously, Rozen had never thought of using Akabane puppets to defeat Akabane Tenzen.

“Are you trying to attack me?” Akabane Tenzen said.

Rozen did not hesitate to launch a relentless attack enhanced with Magic Blade toward Akabane Tenzen.

Rozen’s power has already surpassed Akabane Tenzen from a long time ago.

Rozen did not only enhance all the shards with Magic Blade, but he also increased the accuracy and sharpness to its highest level, using a large amount of magical power, in order to kill Akabane Tenzen in one hit.

Akabane Tenzen could only defend against Rozen’s attack using Magic Defense.

But that won’t last too long because Rozen’s power surpassed him.

Unless Akabane Tenzen used that …

“Kamakiri!” Akabane ordered one of his automaton without hesitation.

So, the girl with the letter Sickle on her veil jumped and came to Akabane Tenzen.

Akabane Tenzen and all of his automatons disappeared in the explosion.

And he suddenly appeared in another place.

That was …

“Instant Teleportation!” Rozen was shocked when he saw that.

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