Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 130 What Tenzen Pursuing Is


Space magic was very rare in Rozen’s former world, and it was the same in Rozen’s current world.

Instant Teleportation.

Naturally, Rozen knew that magic.

In the past, in the singularity incident, Rozen once used Command Seal’s power to perform Instant Teleportation and summoned Mashu, who became his servant, from another place.

Therefore, Rozen knew Instant Teleportation was high-level magic.

It was basically impossible for an average magus to perform that magic.

The same was true in Rozen’s current world.

Instant Teleportation was very high-level magic.

It required high-level skills to teleport something to the exact place.

If one made a mistake and teleported inside a wall or ground, that would be the end.

The space-based automaton was as rare as a precious gem.

There may be less than a hundred of them all over the world.

But at that moment, Akabane Tenzen had such an automaton in his arsenal.

“I’m waiting for Akabane Clan to get better at controlling the puppets. The magic that requires skillful control Crimson Wing Formation. Akabane Clan will rule over this era. This era belongs to Akabane Clan and me.”

Akabane Tenzen looked at Rozen.

“Your talent will be a waste, don’t you think so?”

That statement was like challenging Rozen.

“Are you really, my brother?” Rozen stared at Akabane Tenzen.

How did his kind and gentle big brother suddenly change so drastically?

“You shouldn’t …” When Rozen was about to say something, he got interrupted.


In a flash, Hotaru slammed Rozen’s belly.

She attacked Rozen with amazing power.


Rozen was sent flying by that attack, he crashed onto a fire pillar and then fell down.

“Cough …”

Rozen coughed a bit of blood.

However, Akabane Tenzen was shocked that Rozen still was still alive after such an attack.

“He saw the attack coming with Heavenly Eye. He concentrated a lot of magic on his belly, and activated Magic Defense, but is that enough to defend the attack?”

Rozen’s internal organs should be shattered to pieces by that attack.

If it was not for the fire mouse hidden in Rozen’s sleeve, Rozen would have been burned when he crashed onto the burning pillar.

Although Akabane Tenzen didn’t know about that, he could guess there was something off about Rozen.

“There is something off with you.” Akabane Tenzen said, “Your body hides a big secret.”

“In this home, the person I don’t know the most is you, because you always practice and research by yourself, you never communicate with others.”

Akabane Tenzen stared at Rozen coldly.

That look was almost like he was looking at precious goods.

“Unfortunately, you don’t have the power of Crimson Blood. If you have it in you, you will be the best living material, right?”

That words shocked Rozen’s soul.

Living materials?

Could it be …

“You create Banned Dolls from our clan?” Rozen asked.

If Akabane Tenzen needed living materials to make Banned Dolls, then that answered all questions about what happened in the mansion.

As he said, Akabane Clan members were the best material for making Banned Doll.

However, Rozen did not agree with that.

“If it’s just to make Banned Dolls, then you don’t need to kill our clan.”

Why did Akabane Tenzen kill everyone?

Rozen only had one speculation.

Since Banned Doll’s material was humans, there was no need to be picky for the material. But… What could he achieve with such high-class material?

“You are not only trying to create Banned Doll but the things above Banned Doll …!”

Akabane Tenzen trembled when he heard Rozen’s words.

“… I take back what I said earlier.” Akabane Tenzen said.

“You are not a narrow-sighted person. On the contrary, you are a terrific person who can see all the possibilities.” Akabane Tenzen said.

That was because Rozen was also pursuing Miracle.

“It really is dangerous to keep you alive.” Akabane Tenzen said with a cold gaze.

“I will make you sleep in eternity with everyone else.” Akabane Tenzen channeled a huge amount of magical power into Kamakiri around him.


The space behind Rozen suddenly distorted.

Suddenly, someone came out of it.

It was Hotaru.

Rozen saw it all with Heavenly Eye.

Unfortunately, Rozen was not fast enough to dodge Hotaru’s attack from behind.

Hotaru went straight with her punch toward Rozen’s back.

Death was approaching Rozen.

But …

“Haaaa!” Everyone heard a girl’s voice, that girl jumped quickly to Rozen’s back and kicked Hotaru’s punch.


Rozen turned around and looked at the girl standing in front of him.


That was Yaya.

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