Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 132 Kagerou


Eve’s Heart.

That was the name of Yaya’s magic circuit.

In the past, Rozen only knew that magic circuits could improve the user’s physical ability so that a skinny girl like Yaya could have a very terrific power.

But he realized after he gave Yaya some of his magical power, that magic circuit was deeper than what he thought before.

Yaya’s Eve’s Heart was not just to improve Yaya’s physical ability.

It could materialize and controlled atoms and even particles.

Utilizing that magic, Yaya’s strength, defense, and speed will be improved, and will become indestructible.

That was the real effect of Eve’s Heart.

And another effect was it could protect other objects in her zone—for example, clothes, shoes, gloves, etc.

The only limitation was that Eve’s Heart could only affect one object at a time.

Even so, Yaya’s Eve’s Heart was the world’s hardest magic circuit.

Facing that kind of attack …

“Let’s see if you can stop it!”

After grasping the nature of Yaya’s magic circuit, Rozen immediately changed the way he gave his magical power to Yaya, making it easier for Yaya to receive the magical power.

He was a world-class puppeteer, which could master his/her automaton’s ability and draw out its potential.

Thanks to that, Yaya’s speed soared up again, her punch extinguished the fire.

Meanwhile …


Akabane Tenzen shouted to Kamakiri next to him.

The next second, Kamakiri disappeared from Akabane Tenzen.

When Kamakiri appeared again, she was already in front of the fire.

To be more precise, it should be said that she appeared near Yaya.

Kamakiri was already holding a sickle, and it seemed she used instant teleportation for that.

Kamakiri held the sickle so high, and she intended to cut off Yaya’s head.

She successfully landed a hit on Yaya’s head.


The sickle couldn’t even scratch Yaya’s head.

“Since that sickle-shaped magic circuit is an instant teleportation type, she can’t use other magic while using it.”

“Her magic circuit did not pose that much of a threat, so what should we afraid of?” Rozen’s magical power burst out.

At that moment, Rozen channeled his magical power into Yaya’s body, and it mixed well with her magic circuit, Rozen completely controlled Yaya’s body.

That was a technique often used by a puppeteer called Forced Domination.

As the name suggested, that was a technique to control the puppets they manipulated forcibly.

Rozen used the Forced Domination technique to control Yaya’s body completely.

Yaya countered Kamakiri’s attack with a high kick.


Kamakiri fell down because of Yaya’s attack, and that blow was enough to immobilize Kamakiri

Hotaru took advantage of the situation, suddenly showed up from underground, and attacked Yaya’s back.

Rozen didn’t dare to confront that attack directly.

Rozen guessed that Hotaru’s magic circuit was almost as dangerous as Yaya’s magic circuit.

There was heatwave every time she moved.

So …

“I can’t let her touch Yaya.” Rozen’s thought.

Right now, Yaya took back the control of her own body, and jumped in the air; she was spinning very fast to avoid the attack.

“Get her!”

Akabane Tenzen ordered coldly.

Hotaru used the heat explosion to catch up to Yaya.

“Fight her!”

Rozen channeled a lot of his magical power into Yaya’s body.

Yaya immediately adjusted her strength to welcome Hotaru’s attack.


There was a shockwave when those two clashed with each other in the air.

“Hyaaa!” Yaya and Hotaru fought fiercely in mid-air.

But that showdown didn’t last for too long.

Because Yaya’s strength was above Hotaru’s.

But even so, Hotaru still put up a fight, even though she couldn’t deal with fatal damage to Yaya.

But Rozen felt something with his fight against Akabane Tenzen.

Akabane Tenzen let Hotaru occupied Yaya’s attention; it was not too difficult to guess what action Akabane Tenzen would take next.

Kamakiri was using Instant teleportation. She instantly appeared behind Rozen and was about to attack him with her sickle.


Seeing that, Yaya punched Hotaru and rushed toward Rozen.

In response, Akabane Tenzen called out one of his automaton’s name.

“Kagerou!” As soon as he shouted that name, a young girl appeared in front of Yaya.

The letter dragon was written on the veil.

A puppet named Kagerou extended her hand toward Yaya’s direction.

Her magic was like ripples.

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