Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 134 Forever


” …… “

Pain, Rozen has not experienced it for a long time.

However, if he thought about it, it hurt so much.

“After all, it was a cut by the sickle along the waistline …”

Because of that, Rozen’s upper body and lower body were almost got separated, and fortunately, he had good luck.

No, it’s not good luck, it was all within Rozen’s calculation, so he could be prepared the countermeasure beforehand when he saw that attack was coming.

“If I’m late to use Telekinesis at that moment …” When Rozen realized Akabane Tenzen was planning to use Crimson Wing Formation, Rozen has already foreseen his Magic Defense wouldn’t be able to stop Kamakiri’s attack that was already enhanced with Crimson Wing Formation.

At the very last moment, he applied Telekinesis to himself and dragged himself away from the attack range.

Thanks to that, Rozen avoided instant death.

But the injury was inevitable.

“Blood … there is so much blood …”

Rozen felt his body’s temperature was gradually dropping, caused by blood loss.

“I have to take care of it quickly …”

Rozen was aware of Akabane Tenzen’s movement; he couldn’t let Akabane Tenzen dealt the final blow to him.

“I still have a lot to do …”

Rozen tried his best to stay awake and concentrated his magical power.

He saw Akabane Tenzen chose to leave through Heavenly eye, which was a very wise choice.

If Akabane Tenzen intended to deal the final blow, then Rozen will definitely use the Summoning System to counterattack without hesitation

Even though Rozen could defeat Akabane Tenzen, but he will die due to blood loss.

He kept monitoring Akabane Tenzen’s movements with Heavenly Eye.

“He’s gone?” Rozen was reassured, and he almost lost control of his magical power.

“No! I can’t lose control of my magical power!”

Rozen still needed his magical power to survive.

For example, if Rozen lost control over his magical power, then the Fire-Mouse will disappear, and he will die in the fire.

“At least I have to maintain my magical power …!”

He must also protect Yaya, who was caught in the fire.

“I … Can’t give up …”

Rozen maintained his magical power and his consciousness.

His body no longer felt any pain.

Because it was numb.

Gradually, his consciousness faded away.

Vaguely, Rozen seemed to see himself was lying on the bed in the past before he met Miracle.

“It’s an unpleasant experience …”

Rozen laughed at himself, and at the same time, he lashed his spirits harder and to stay awake.

The fire continued to burn the entire surroundings.

Finally, the Akabane Clan’s mansion collapsed.


“Urgh …” With a soft groan, Yaya opened her eyes.

” …. ?”

Yaya was confused; she slowly stood up and looked around.

The scene that she saw was not Akabane Clan’s mansion anymore, but a ruin.

Seeing that ruins, Yaya finally remembered what happened last night.


Yaya suddenly jumped up, and the snow was falling down from the sky.

Yaya was almost buried by the snow.

“The injury is gone …?” After receiving a fatal blow from the Kagerou last night, Yaya was seriously injured, but that injury had disappeared without a trace.

The reason was simple.

For a banned doll  like Yaya, as long as she had enough magical power provided to her, she could recover on her own, but the heavier the injury, the more magical power she needed.

And if she wanted to recover overnight from that fatal injury, it will take a lot of magical power.

Yaya could feel there was a magical power that was channeled continuously into her body.

She didn’t even have to think about it to know from where the magical power came from.


Yaya immediately followed magical power’s direction; she rushed into the ruin.

Thanks to the magic that was constantly channeled into her body, not only Yaya’s injury was already healed, but she also had more magical power to use.

Therefore, Yaya activated Eve’s Eyes without hesitation, her body was full of power, and she rammed the ruins where the magical power came from.

“BOOOM!” Yaya kicked away the ruins effortlessly.

“Bruagh!” Yaya shattered the door.

Yaya continued to destroy the ruins while looking for Rozen.

It didn’t take too long to find Rozen.


Rozen lied in the snow as if he had lost all his anger toward Akabane Tenzen.

Yaya stepped forward and approached Rozen.

When Rozen looked into Yaya’s eyes, Yaya couldn’t help covering her mouth and cried.

Rozen did not pass out, but he was about to faint at any moment.

His face was pale.

His body temperature dropped.

His lips were bruised.

There was a wound on Rozen’s abdomen; the wound told Yaya that Rozen almost got cut off last night.

However, Rozen did not die because of blood loss.

Because on Rozen’s wound, there was a burnt mark.

Rozen burned his skin in order to close the wound.

Yaya realized how bad Rozen’s condition was.

“Hold on … Hold on … Hold on … don’t close your eyes …”

When Rozen heard that, he couldn’t help it anymore.

“Stupid …! Stupid …! Stupid …!”

Tears came from Yaya’s eyes.

Yaya knew Rozen struggled not to faint because he wanted to provide Yaya his magical power to heal Yaya’s injuries and protected her from the fire.

“Narukami didn’t protect himself, but he chooses to protect Yaya?”

Yaya felt her heart was broken.

Yaya vowed to herself for the very first time in her life.

“Please rest assured that Yaya will protect you.”

“Forever …”

“Forever …”

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