Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 136 What Are You Going To Do



Rozen followed the sound and saw Shouko Karyuusai sat near the door.

Shouko Karyuusai sat there alone without Setsugetsukas, that was a rare sight.

“It seems you are in high spirits, Little Boy.”

Shouko Karyuusai lazily sat on the corridor outside, while smoking a pipe and smiling at Rozen.

However, Rozen’s response was not very good.

“What do you mean by that?” Rozen made a straightforward question.

“Who is going to die?”

Rozen guessed Shouko Karyuusai didn’t like Izanagi Clan.

“Do you think you can find the answer by coming to the Izanagi Clan?” Shouko Karyuusai said, “Do you think they will help you?”

“Although I don’t know what happened between Akabane and Izanagi, since Akabane Clan has been wiped out and Akabane Tenzen is in a wanted-list, do you think Izanagi Clan still have a reason to help you?”

Shouko Karyuusai reminded him of cruel reality.

From a long time ago, Akabane and Izanagi Clan never had a good relationship. And since Akabane Clan has been wiped out by Akabane Tenzen, if Rozen came to Izanagi Clan, they will undoubtedly arrest him and framed him for working together with Akabane Tenzen.

Rozen understood that, but he will find another way.

Rozen’s idea was …

“Going alone to Mt. Tengu and sneak into Izanagi Clan’s mansion, to secretly find the answer. Is that your plan?”

Shouko Karyuusai saw through Rozen’s thought.

The only thing she was missing was Rozen actually wanted to find Domon Hinowa, Kamo Subaru, or Yuge Mutsura and learned something from those three.

With their status, even though they did not know too much about family secrets, at least they knew more than Rozen.

Rozen could collect some information from those three, which hopefully will lead him to the answer.

the fact was …

“You will die, Little Boy.” Shouko Karyuusai’s tone changed, just like teaching her disciple, she said, “With your current ability, do you have any chance to succeed?”

That was the root of the problem.

Is he sneaking into the Izanagi Clan’s mansion to collect information?

Was that something that could be done so easily?

With Rozen’s current ability, even if he could slip into the Izanagi Clan’s mansion, he wouldn’t be able to collect information.

Five years ago, Rozen and Raishin were able to sneak into Izanagi Clan’s base, because Rozen deliberately avoided Izanagi Clan’s important facilities, and did not touch Izanagi’s secrets.

But that was no longer the case.

He had to touch their secrets.

He will die for sure before he could save Chaldea.

“Can’t you understand such simple words? Just give it up.”

Shouko Karyuusai’s tone became gentler as if she tried to calm Rozen.

“You don’t need to worry. You can still find the answer. But if you die because of recklessness, then everything will be over.”

Rozen understood Shouko Karyuusai’s words.

“You are afraid that I will act so reckless, you have been waiting here, so you can stop me from doing stupid things?”

Rozen smiled bitterly.

Obviously, Shouko Karyuusai basically understood what kind of person Rozen was.

It was true that Rozen was very smart, knowledgeable, and a capable person, so it was impossible for him not to notice that.

Rozen was still a human, in the end, someone could change when it came family matter, and Shouko Karyuusai understood that.

“And … You dare to act so arrogantly in front of the number one in the automaton’s world.”

Shouko Karyuusai smirked and said that.

“But, I like your style.” Shouko Karyuusai stood up.

“What are you going to do in the future?” She asked the last question.

Rozen pondered for a moment and immediately answered.

“Continue to hone my skills.”


“If you don’t improve, you don’t have the qualification to pursue the answer.”

If he didn’t improve, he couldn’t win against Akabane Tenzen.

If he didn’t change, then he couldn’t win against Izanagi Clan.

Only when he became stronger, all of those problems could be solved.

“Very well.”

Shouko Karyuusai nodded.

“The agreement between us is still valid.”

Shouko Karyuusai left after she said that.

Rozen was alone.

“Stronger …”

Rozen recalled the battle that took place in Akabane Clan’s mansion, Akabane Tenzen used Crimson Wing Formation.

Immediately, Rozen determined in his heart.

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