Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 137 Take Your Responsibility


After that, not only Shouko Karyuusai but other people in the mansion also visited Rozen.

“Please rest well and build your body as soon as possible.”

Irori, as usual, she had to take care of Rozen’s daily necessities, like helping Rozen changed the bandage, make the bed, and bring his meals to his room, but somehow, Rozen thought that Irori was more gentle than before.

Komurasaki changed from the lively and cheerful person to be a worrywart; she was worried about Rozen’s condition.

Rozen was reading many books to spend his time, and Komurasaki accompanied him and took care of him gently.

“I have heard about Yaya-neesama, thank you, big brother.” Komurasaki said.

“What have you heard about?” Rozen asked.

“Did you fix neesama injuries?”

Well, the fact was, Yaya was the one who helped Rozen.

Therefore, Rozen was just doing what he should do, took responsibility for the damage he brought upon Yaya.

Rozen also said that to Irori and Komurasaki, but those two just shook their heads without saying anything.

That made Rozen somewhat uncomfortable.

The most uncomfortable thing of all was …

“……What’s going on?” Yaya was sitting beside Rozen.

“Great… great…” Rozen muttered such words.

Yaya held Rozen tightly; her small face was full of joy and emotions.

Rozen could feel Yaya’s body temperature and her soft, lovable body.

“That … Yaya …” Rozen was about to say, “In short, can you let me go first?”


Yaya didn’t want to let him go.

“Master said, although your condition is getting better, Yaya still has to take care of you. Yaya as Narukami’s Automaton, of course, have to shoulder the responsibility, Yaya will take care of Narukami!”

“Bla Bla Bla blah!” Rozen said, “When did you become my automaton?”

That was in the battle with Akabane Tenzen.

“Didn’t you say only for that time?” Rozen mentioned that.


“… Am I wrong?” Rozen winked at Yaya.

“Whatever, Yaya already said that Yaya wants to be Narukami’s Automaton. ~~~(love)”

The sweet tone of love, she said that to Rozen.

Rozen was trying his best to hold the horses while Yaya was leaping on top of Rozen’s body.

“… What a huge mess.” Rozen muttered.

Rozen was worried Yaya received fatal damage from the previous fight that changed her attitude toward him.

If that was the case…

“My sin is big.”

Rozen muttered those words, and Yaya heard it.

Then Yaya’s pretty face turned red and said, “Yeah, it’s a sin to steal Yaya’s most important thing. You better take responsibility for it.”

After she said that, Yaya looked toward Rozen’s eyes with her sparkling eyes.

Rozen did not see any touching emotions. Instead, he felt Yaya wanted to swallow him, just like carnivorous animals.

Rozen shivered because of that.

Rozen even had a feeling. If he was alone with Yaya, he would be eaten by her and thoroughly eaten in various ways.

“Yeah, right! Okay, I get it!”

Rozen quickly changed the topic to distract her.

“How is Raishin’s condition?!”

Raishin was seriously injured by Akabane Tenzen without any mercy back then.

Rozen did not forget his brother.

Back then, Rozen made sure he had enough Fire-Mouse to protect Yaya and Raishin from the fire.

He already knew Yaya’s condition, but what happened to Raishin?

“That…” Yaya was a bit hesitant to tell Rozen.



Back when they were still in Akabane Xlan’s mansion.

“Please hold on, Yaya will take you home.”

At that night, Rozen, who was in a coma, carried by Yaya at high speed by activating Eve’s Heart.

Back in the current time …

“… What do you want to do with Narukami?”

A very weak voice came from a corner.


Yaya was so angry, she fiercely turned her head, and looked toward the voice’s direction.

She saw a bruised body, a ruined kimono, the teenager who showed some sorrow in his eyes and climbed from the valley of despair.

It was Akabane Raishin.

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