Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 139 I Hope That You Do Not Mess Around


Was a swordsman using Magus’ skills?

Moreover, it was Magus’ Eight Great Steps, second only to the final step, Magic Blade.

Seeing that scene with her own eyes, Yaya thought …

“How… How is that possible??”

Raishin was also thinking the same thing.

“Why are you…”

Raishin was speechless.

Raishin, who didn’t learn magic, didn’t know how amazing what Hibari had just done.

However, at least he had seen Hibari’s power.

That was enough to make Raishin shocked.

“How do you think about it?”

“Tell me, if you have such strength, will you still lose to him?”

A simple question that stabbed Raishin so hard.

If Raishin’s strength was like Hibari, he had a chance to win against Akabane Tenzen.

“You just haven’t learned everything yet, that’s all, and you turn a blind eye to your own weakness. Someone who can’t use magic come to me, even though he hasn’t learned everything yet he complains about it already.”

Hibari’s sentence was like a sharp blade.

Raishin thought that he did not have talent in the magic, so he joined the martial arts. He had already lost his way once, did he want to lose it again?

“Or, do you think that if you learn magic from an early age, you can win against him?”

Hibari dealt the final blow.

That’s right.

He won’t be able to win.

Even though he tried to learn magic from an early age, could he win against the prodigy?

“Then, what should I do…?” Raishin spoke in despair.

And that was the reason why Hibari came.

“There are two ways in front of you.”

Hibari lifted the sword in his hand.

“Either, you escape from reality, give up the sword technique, and re-learn the magic that you abandoned.”

“Or you can continue to hone your swordsmanship, until one day you can cut the enemy’s head with your own hands.”

“There are two roads ahead of you, choose one.”

Hibari didn’t say anything after that.

Raishin was confused to choose which road he should take.

“… in magic, I will never win.”

Raishin raised his head, and his eyes stared sharply at Hibari.

Raishin’s choice was already clear.

“Please help me to hone my sword technique! Sensei!” Raishin made that choice.

“I will try my best.”

Hibari said that with a low tone.

After that, Hibari left with Raishin.

He started a long journey to the road of the strongest with endless possibilities.


Rozen could not help but remain silent.

Unexpectedly, Raishin made the same plan as himself.

Become stronger.

Although Raishin chose a different path, their ultimate goal was the same.

The difference was that Rozen wanted to find the answer behind Akabane Tenzen’s act, and Raishin was just doing that for revenge.

“As always, you can only see what is in front of you, stupid.” Rozen said.

“Say, why is that swordsman able to use Magic Blade?” Yaya asked.

Strangely, he was not Magus, but he could use Magic Blade.

Rozen answered that question.

“It’s nothing strange.” Rozen said, “Magic is originally derived from life force, and life force is the vitality of the body. Everyone has it. It’s not surprising that he can use the life force to do that.”

Just like the servants, they needed magical power from their masters to fight.

Fuyuki City’s Saber even could use Mana Burst to strengthen her body, thus exerting amazing combat power.

They were not even Magus, but they could do it even though their power came from a different source.

The same was true for Rozen’s current world.

“I have seen all the records in the family’s library.” Rozen explained it to Yaya, “It is said some excellent Martial Artists can practice the Qi without learning magic. Enhance the life force and gradually master skills such as Body Hardening, Magic Defense, and Magic Blade.”

With those skills, a Martial Artist could win against Magus.

Just think, if Hibari used Body Hardening to enhance his physical ability, and then used Magic Blade to enhance the lethality of his weapon, and fight with amazing martial arts’ technique, how could he lose to an average Magus?

“I didn’t think Raishin’s master is a monster like that.” Rozen sighed.

Achieving that level of power in martial arts was much harder than being a first-class Magus.

Rozen even suspected there were less than ten people who could achieve that in the world.

Hibari has mastered the Eight Great Step that not even all Magus could do.

Raishin was honing his skill under such an existence.

Perhaps, one day, he could catch up to Akabane Tenzen.

Rozen looked at Yaya while thinking that.

“Before leaving, did Raishin tell you something?” Rozen asked.

“He told me to tell you that when he comes back again, he won’t lose to Akabane Tenzen, and he will certainly avenge the clan.”

That showed how much Raishin hated Akabane Tenzen.

“…I hope you don’t mess around, stupid.” Rozen could only make such a wish.

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