Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 140 You Will Stay Here


Akabane Tenzen committed a serious crime, genocide, and left with six Automatons made by himself.

Akabane Raishin went to hone his martial arts skills under Hibari in order to get revenge.

Akabane Nadeshiko has been killed by Akabane Tenzen and turned into an Automaton.

As for Rozen, he was also about to improve himself in order to find out the truth.

No one ever thought those four siblings that had been playing with each other, one day, would be like that.

But life must go on.

Rozen stopped grieving, holding the blessings and pledges of his family in the current world, and holding the miracle that he had.

In Shouko Karyuusai’s mansion, Rozen also changed a lot.

The most obvious change was Yaya.

After the genocide, Yaya, who was usually hostile toward Rozen, has changed into a baby who couldn’t let him go.

“Because Yaya is Narukami’s Doll!” That was Yaya’s ultimate words.

“Have you already brushed your teeth today? Please hand it over to Yaya! Yaya will definitely clean up all the dirt in Narukami’s mouth!”

“Are you eating properly? Does it suit your appetite? If it doesn’t, please tell Yaya! Yaya will prepare the most delicious dishes for you!”

“Let’s take a bath, and also…”

Yaya was taking care of Rozen’s daily necessities while he was staying in Shouko Karyuusai’s place.

Gradually, Yaya’s behavior was getting more and more excessive.

For example, she was washing Rozen’s dirty clothes.

She ate the leftover in Rozen’s bowl.

She was stealing Rozen’s pillow.

For another example, she destroyed all puppets that Rozen used for practice while shouting Eve’s Heart when she did it.

Since Rozen already had Yaya, at least that what was she thought.


“I have had enough! (╯‵□’)╯(┻━┻)”

Rozen smashed the table.

Rozen even went to Shouko Karyuusai for help, and for the first time, Rozen bowed to her and asked her to check Yaya to see if there was something wrong with her or not.

Unfortunately, she said.

“Yaya already became your automaton!”

Shouko Karyuusai wasn’t surprised at all.

She smiled at Rozen’s funny face.

“Congratulations on completing our deal, you successfully get the Moon from Setsugetsuka series, Little Boy.”

Shouko Karyuusai’s words crushed his hope.

Rozen came back to his senses after he heard Yaya’s voice.

“From now on, Yaya officially becomes Narukami’s automaton.”

Yaya was like looking forward to a bright future.

“Please do not hesitate to use Yaya! Chu ~~ Chu ~~ (love)”

Those words made Rozen wanted to cry but also wanted to laugh at the same time.

Rozen indeed asked for a doll and hoped he would get Setsugetsuka series, but he never thought his hope would end like that.

Rozen really wanted to say.

“Can I return her?”

“No.” Shouko Karyuusai answered without the slightest hesitation.

If anyone heard Rozen’s words, they would be shocked because all puppeteers in the world wanted to have Setsugetsukas, but Rozen wanted to return Yaya.

“At least please return Yaya to the way she was before!”

Rozen felt Yaya became more dangerous than before she was still hostile toward him, dangerous for his body and soul.

When Yaya heard that, those two started to have a catfight.

Shouko Karyuusai turned a blind eye to all of that and continued to smoke her pipe, and leisurely spoke,

“Since it has already been decided, from now on, Yaya’s ownership will be transferred to you. It’s up to you whether you want to abandon or use her.”

“Yaya will be very happy.”

Rozen was crying while lying on the ground with Yaya on top of him.

“It’s just like my daughter is about to get married.” Shouko Karyuusai said.

“Are you really serious, Yaya?”

Rozen made the final confirmation.

In that case…

“In that case, I will give you the first instruction as your Puppeteer.”

Rozen ordered Yaya.

“Yaya, you will stay here.”

Rozen wanted Yaya to stay there.


“Next, I will leave, and I can’t bring you.”

That was Rozen’s decision.

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