Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 141 You Will Know That Later


“You want to leave?” Yaya was staring at Rozen.


Even Shouko Karyuusai frowned, looked towards Rozen.

“I have to take care of something. I have to finish it first, don’t expect me to come back anytime soon.”

That was the decision Rozen made from the start.


Rozen was ready to return to Chaldea.

Even though he hasn’t achieved his goal to be able to summon the superior familiar and high-rank servant, but he had learned enough technique to support him in a battle.

The ability of Puppet Technique, the knowledge from Akabane clan’s hidden library, to fully control his magic in a battle.

That was a huge harvest for him.

Of course, there was another reason behind it.

“In order to beat him and his Crimson Wing Formation, I must also master the Crimson Wing Formation.”

Otherwise, he won’t be able to defeat Akabane Tenzen.

Therefore, Rozen was ready to return to Chaldea.

Only by returning to Chaldea, Rozen’s research on Crimson Wing Formation could be completed.

Because to master Crimson Wing Formation, Rozen must rely on Chaldea’s power.

Given that, Rozen was ready to re-use Miracle‘s power, and open back the door to Chaldea.

But Rozen didn’t know how to explain it to Shouko Karyuusai; he could only say, “After I left, I hope you can stay here, Yaya.”

Rozen looked at Yaya’s eyes.

“Your Eve’s Heart is powerful, but I believe you still have a lot of room for improvement.”

Rozen’s words snapped Yaya.

“Indeed, you have brute force, but I also know how to make you fight better, but I don’t know how to improve your combat skills.” Rozen said, “So I hope that within the time of my departure, you can borrow Karyuusai’s hand, go to the military or somewhere else to improve yourself, get as many combat experience or technique as you can until I come back.”

“That…” Yaya seemed to had a lot of things she wanted to say, “Can’t Yaya go with you?”

Rozen was distressed when he heard that.

Because the door opened by Miracle could only be passed by Rozen alone.

There was no way to bring Yaya from that world to Chaldea.

Only through Absolute Contract, he could do that.

The contract that could only be done with Miracle’s power.

Usually, due to Miracle’s power, the door of Rozen’s soul has always been opened. Just use the Summoning Technique to summon new servant, the servant will be recorded, engraved within his body and became so obedient to him.

However, to perform Absolute Contracts, both of Rozen and the subject must open their door at the same time.

And the subject must have a will for that.

will to sacrifice his/her life for Rozen, an absolute loyalty.

Only by reaching that level will the door be opened.

From that point of view, Yaya’s feelings for Rozen should be enough.

The problem was once he/she became Rozen’s Familiar or Servant, their soul was engraved into Rozen’s soul.

It will be undying and inextinguishable because their lives were in Rozen’s soul, but once Rozen died, they will immediately disappear.

That was not the most serious problem.

The most serious problem was that if someone became Rozen’s Familiar or Servant, it meant he/she had to rely on Rozen’s Magical Power to live, in other words constantly consuming Rozen’s Magical Power all the time.

And did Rozen have enough magical power to maintain the existence of a High-Class Familiar or Servant?

Even if Rozen could do that, once he engaged in battle, he will consume a lot of magical power, and it could endanger his life.

That was the reason why Rozen hesitated to perform Absolute Contracts.

“How can I imprison someone else for no reason?” Rozen thought.

Rozen didn’t want to do that if he could, but back then in Chaldea Mashu was about to lose her life, so he had no choice.

Rozen would not rush to take away Yaya’s freedom.

At least, not at the moment.

So, Rozen could only say…

“Listen to my words, Yaya.”

Rozen’s gentle hand patted Yaya’s head.

“This is also for your own good.”

When Yaya heard that, she knew that she couldn’t break Rozen’s will.

“What a cunning…”

Yaya was about to cry.

When Rozen saw her, he could only smile and began to comfort Yaya.

Shouko Karyuusai just looked at those two quietly without saying anything.

When Rozen looked at Shouko Karyuusai, he asked something out of the blue, “What is the thing above the Banned Doll?”

Just because of that one sentence, the atmosphere changed.

Shouko Karyuusai did not answer him and remained silent.

Then she said, “You will know it later.”

That was what Shouko Karyuusai finally left for Rozen’s question.

After that, Rozen said goodbye to Irori and Komurasaki, which surprised those two and they finally understood the reason.

A month later, Rozen, who was in his prime, finally set foot on his way back home and left his current world.

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