Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 142 The Best Explanation


Chaldea, Rozen’s room.


A vortex of light suddenly appeared in that room.

The boy in a kimono slowly walked out of the vortex, stepped on the floor and returned to his room.

The vortex behind him disappeared.

The room became silent again.

That young boy looked around, and that room seemed so familiar.

“It’s been fifteen years …”

Even though he had been mentally prepared to return to Chaldea, Rozen couldn’t help but felt a bit hesitant and even more excited.

“This room hasn’t changed at all.” Rozen easily noticed that fact.

“Although fifteen years have passed in that world, I believe it has not been that long in here because the time-flow is different.”

But he didn’t know how long he had disappeared.

However, as mentioned before, the greater the time difference with Chaldea, the younger Rozen became.

“Since I was a baby when I went to that world, then it proves that the time flow difference between the two worlds is quite large.”

“At least it’s not 2020 yet.”

Otherwise, Chaldea would have long disappeared.

“Let’s take a look first.”

Rozen let go of his feelings and took the laptop on his bed.

The familiar booting music when he turned on his laptop sounded, which made Rozen felt so comfortable.

“I haven’t touched a computer for more than ten years.”

Rozen suddenly felt itchy, anxious to quickly open his games, at least to find the excitement when he was playing the game.

However, Rozen could hold back and chose to check the current condition of his world first.

“I’ve only been away for more than three months?”

Rozen breathed a sigh of relief from his deepest heart.

When Rozen left Chaldea, the people there only had one and a half years left to improve because Chaldea will disappear in 2020.

Rozen was already prepared mentally if he was on the verge of extinction.

But he was so relieved because he only disappeared for three months

“How are big brother and Mashu doing?”

Rozen was thinking of those two.

And …

“Pshock …”

The sound of the automatic door was heard and snapped him.


An animal immediately came out of the door.

And after that …

“Senpai …?”

An unexpected voice was heard by Rozen.

When Rozen looked at that voice’s direction, his eyes were about to cry full with excitement.

“Fou!” Fou, who was resting on Mashu’s shoulder, leapt and jumped into Rozen’s arms.

“Haha! It’s been a long time! Little guy!”

Rozen was laughing cheerfully, felt the soft fur of that mysterious animal in his arms.

Then …


Mashu also leapt into Rozen’s arms.


Because Mashu’s power was too strong, Rozen was thrown down by her onto the bed.

But Mashu was unaware of it.

“Senpai … Senpai … Senpai …!” She was holding Rozen like she didn’t want to be separated again from him.

“Really …”

Rozen could only laugh and hugged Mashu, thinking about something in his heart.

“It seems I will have a bit of trouble this time.”

Chaldea, the control room.

“You brat! Immediately! Quickly! Explain the details to me perfectly!”

When Rozen returned to the control room, the first thing that greeted him was…

Yeah, right, that was Olga Marie’s voice.

In an owl’s body.

At that moment, the owl flapped its wings and flew in the air in front of Chaldea’s personels while glaring at Rozen.

Rozen shouted very loud when he saw that scene.

“It seems that you have adapted well to your current body, old hag.” After a few months, Olga Marie apparently could control her body as Familiar; she could even fly.

But Olga Marie was obviously not proud of it.

“I’m asking you a question! Give me an honest answer!” Olga Marie yelled to Rozen, “Do you know how chaotic is your sudden disappearance affecting Chaldea?”


That was no exaggeration.

Rozen disappeared for more than three months; it indeed caused a lot of chaos.

That was not simply a matter of missing persons.

Because, at present, Rozen was the only master in Chaldea and the only one who could do Rayshift to save the world.

His existence will have a great impact on Chaldea and the restoration of the human race.

Chaldea and all of the human race would perish if something really bad happened to him.

How could Chaldea not panic under such circumstances?

And Olga Marie, as Chaldea’s director, had to bear all of the responsibilities and tried to find countermeasures.

It was not just Olga Marie…

“I also want to hear your explanation, Rozen.”

Roman, in a white coat, was staring at Rozen in a serious expression.

Mashu also took Roman and Olga Marie’s side; she also wanted an explanation.

“This time I’m a bit angry, too, senpai.”

Mashu pouted, though she still looked cute despite that.


Fou also said the same thing while he was standing on Mashu’s shoulder.

Rozen was speechless even though he already expected that coming.

“That …” Rozen said helplessly, “Did I leave a message saying that I just went out to stroll around?”

“Is that the best explanation you have!?”

Mashu, Roman, and Olga Marie’s voices echoed through the control room.

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