Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 143 Step By Step


In the end, Rozen still didn’t explain clearly to them what he already went through because he must also explain Miracle’s existence if he wanted to explain that he traveled to another world.

Because Roman once ordered Rozen…

“You can’t tell anybody about this ring’s existence under any circumstances, are you clear?”

Rozen still remembered Roman’s words.

Therefore, Rozen also had no intention of exposing Miracle to anyone.

Both in Chaldea and in Narukami’s world.

So he took advantage of his and Olga Marie’s relationship, they never cooperated well, and Rozen didn’t answer the questions clearly by using that advantage.

As a result, no one asked him about that matter anymore.

But Rozen received a punishment…

“Starting from today, you must report to the command room once a day.” Olga Marie said.

Even though Rozen’s disappearance caused an uproar in Chaldea, but they didn’t stop to re-build Chaldea in those three months.

After the concerted efforts of the survivors in Chaldea, the facilities have been restored by more than eighty percent; the operation of Chaldea barely returned to its previous level.

The ruined command room was gradually restored to its former shape.

Chaldea, which was located in a snowy mountain above 6000 meters above sea level, was inherently self-sufficient.

Based on the current condition, everything was right on the schedule, Chaldea could survive longer if the doomsday came.

The question was, how much resource was left.

“You have to adjust to our current condition in one day!”

Olga Marie commanded Rozen and then flapped her wings and flew away.

That scene was really funny.

“Anyway, it’s good that senpai is back.”

Mashu already forgave Rozen’s disappearance from the looks of it.

“Please have a good rest, we’ll see you tomorrow.”

Mashu said that, and then she left.

As for Fou, it has long gone as usual, and no one knew where Fou mostly spends his time.

In the end, only Rozen and Roman left in the command room.

“What is this …?”

In Rozen’s room, Roman found a bottle full of blood, and he looked at Rozen with a shocked gaze.

Rozen told the truth when he found Roman was in a serious mode.

“That is the blood of a rare descendant of the ancient Magus Family.” Rozen explained.

“They are born with a special ability. They can use a secret technique called Crimson Wing Formation.” Roman understood what Rozen was trying to say.

“Do you want me to analyze this blood?” Roman asked Rozen.

“That’s right.” Rozen didn’t hesitate to say yes, and he said, “Brother, with your ability and Chaldea’s advance technology, that should be very easy to do, right?”

Roman was also one of the most important people in the medical department.

And at that time, he already became Olga Marie’s representative.

But of course, just analyzing the blood would not be enough.

According to Rozen’s idea, if he wanted to master the Crimson Wing Formation, analyzing Crimson Blood was only one of them, he needed another thing.

“Do you want to learn Destiny?”

Roman said that suddenly.

That was the second purpose why Rozen needed to return.

“Sure, that is necessary for me to master Crimson Wing Formation.” Rozen requested to Roman.

“So, brother, can you give me permission so that I can freely learn Destiny’s system?”

Only by thoroughly learning Destiny’s system, Rozen could execute his plan.

“That …”

Roman was a bit hesitant.

It was fine for Roman to help Rozen analyzed the Crimson Blood, it just needed three days or ten days at most. But it was a bit difficult to grant Rozen free access to Destiny.

“The Heroic Summoning System is Chaldea’s foundation. If something goes wrong, it will cause big trouble.” Roman didn’t dare to joke about such things.

If something really went wrong with the Summoning System, then there was no way to save humanity.

How could Roman casually entrust Rozen with such a huge responsibility?

More importantly …

“If the director knows it, she will scold me to death.”

Roman’s reason made Rozen a bit disappointed.

Rozen rolled his eyes instantly.

“You are already used to being scolded by that old hag anyway!”

Rozen pierced Roman’s heart with that fact.

“Who … Who said that? It’s not like she scolded all the time!”


“Of course!”

“Then tell me, did you ever scold that old hag?”

“That …”

“Also, even if that old hag has never scolded you, has she praised you?”

“That … that is …”

Rozen kept asking questions, making Roman speechless.

“I get it … I get it! I’ll give you permission!” Roman finally surrendered.

Rozen nodded with satisfaction when he heard that.

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