Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 144 Started Again


After a long day, the first thing that came in Rozen’s mind was…

“Finally, I can play all the games.”

After more than ten years, he finally could play the online games he liked.

Rozen was originally a game master.

It did not take long for him to get back to his prime.

He even used Telekinesis to control the computer so he could execute the more difficult maneuver.

His technique was improved instead of getting rusted.

Rozen kept playing the game all day and all night long until he got puffy eyes.


With a cute cry, the little white creature jumped up and hit Rozen’s face.

“It hurts!”

Rozen screamed in pain, he covered his face and then looked away from the computer.

After satisfied with Rozen, Fou returned to his buddy.


Mashu caught Fou when it jumped to her, and then she looked at Rozen.

“Ma … Mashu?” Rozen was shocked.

“Senpai.” Mashu said, “Did you play the game all night again?”

“Ah, haha …” Rozen could only smile stupidly.

“Really…” Mashu sighed, “Did you forget the director is waiting in the command room?”

“I remember it …” Rozen rubbed his tired face, and he said, “Can’t you give me more time to rest?”

“But, you waste it for games.” Mashu said.

“This is my way to relax from the strict director.”

“Senpai!” Mashu was a bit angry.

“… Yeah, I get it, I was wrong.” Rozen surrendered.

“Okay, senpai, take your time.” Mashu said helplessly.

“Although I am just a bit worried about senpai’s health, we have to meet the director in the control room.” Otherwise, Olga Marie will become furious, and Rozen understood that.

“That owl will still get angry every time we meet. What’s the difference?”

“… Senpai?”

“Okay! I know!”

With Mashu urging him, Rozen shut-down the computer reluctantly and then left the room.

Roman looked at Mashu, who came together with Rozen, and then he wondered.

“Say, Rozen, what’s going on with your puffy eyes?” Roman asked.

“… Don’t worry about it.” Rozen answered while yawning.

Rozen glanced at Mashu and then sighed after seeing Mashu’s helpless expression.

“You’re like a zombie.”

Obviously, Roman could guess what was going on.

“I’m really fine, and I won’t take a nap during the mission.” Rozen waved his hand, looked around, and asked, “Well, where’s the crazy lady?”

“Did you forget? We have already announced the director’s death.” Roman whispered.

“If that’s the case, that woman don’t dare show up.” Rozen said gleefully.

The command room as lively as usual, like before Lev’s attack.

The difference was, there was no Olga Marie, most of the staff were gone, and Rozen was the only master.

“Come to think of it brother, what about those masters who almost die in the Rayshift capsule?” Rozen asked that because Roman was the medical director.

“Their injuries are too serious. With Chaldea’s current resources, we can’t guarantee they will be healed 100%.”

Roman felt a bit helpless.

“But, I have already frozen them in Rayshift Capsule by Director’s instruction.”

That way, all the masters will have a better chance to live in the future where humanity had better technology.

“Is that so?” Rozen muttered.

Mashu comforted Roman.

“Please don’t blame yourself, doctor, you have done your best, and you did save their life.”

And Mashu succeeded in comforting Roman.

“Yeah, You’re right, at least I saved their life.”

Roman recovered his mood a little, cheered up, and looked at Rozen and Mashu.

“Then, let’s start the formal talk about our mission.”

Learning from Fuyuki City’s singularity, Chaldea’s mission to save humanity started again.

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