Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 146 Throbbing Feeling


“The anti-summoning system is activated.”

“Commence Rayshift.”

“Three seconds are remaining before Rayshift.”

“The countdown starts.”

“3 …”

“2 …”

“1 …”

“Preparations complete.”

“Operation code Grand Order Start.”

Rozen was lying in the Rayshift Capsule when the system announced that. He became particles, entered a circle of light, leaving the current world and era.

By the time Rozen regained his vision, he had sawed a different landscape.


Rozen was standing in the vast grassland; then he saw hills and the castle’s shadow.

Immediately …

“Urgh …!”

Rozen’s heart suddenly beat faster.


His chest was in such immense pain.


Mashu held Rozen’s body when he was about to kneel down.

Mashu’s uniform disappeared, replaced by a huge cross shield in her hands and a tight suit that outlined her graceful figure.

Mashu’s power as a demi-servant manifested.

But Mashu hasn’t realized her transformation because she was so worried about Rozen’s condition.

“Senpai! What’s wrong with you!?”

Mashu asked quickly.

When hearing that, Rozen just shook his head.

“I’m fine. But my chest hurt so much.”

Rozen felt like …

“It’s almost like resonating with something terrible.”

Rozen put his arms around his chest and said what he worried about.

“Resonance?” Mashu asked.

Rozen didn’t say anything else, he slowly raised his head, and looked up to the sky.

And then…

“That’s … What is that …?!”

Mashu also looked up to the sky when she heard Rozen’s words.

They saw clouds in the clear blue sky, which they rarely saw from the Chaldea facility.

However, there was a very strange object on the scene.

That was …

“Halo …?” Mashu murmured.


In the endless sky, there was actually a huge halo floating.

It was like a huge hole in the sky, the clouds couldn’t go in, the wind couldn’t blow out, it looked beautiful, but it will send a chill down anyone’s spine, an overwhelming sense of existence.

“Urgh …!” Rozen’s heart beat so fast again.

“Is that …!?”

Rozen held his chest tightly, and his expression got worsen.

Rozen was sure that the halo had some connection to the singularity.

But Rozen was the only one who felt a strange feeling, Mashu didn’t feel anything.

“What the hell is going on!?”

Rozen held his chest tightly.

Rozen was familiar with that strange feeling.

“This is …”


Mashu worried about Rozen’s condition that seemed to worsen.

Then …

“Fou!” A cute white creature jumped out of Mashu’s shield.

“Fou?” Mashu looked surprised.

Rozen was also surprised.

That cute creature was mysterious as the singularity.

“Fu Fu!”

Fou uttered an unknown language and then stayed on Rozen’s arms.

On him, an unknown streamer flashed slightly.

“Huh?” Rozen was confused.

“What’s wrong, Senpai?” Mashu asked.

“No, it’s nothing.” Rozen shook his head and held his chest, wondering, “It’s just that I’m fine all of a sudden.”

That was right.

Somehow, Rozen suddenly felt better even though his chest was still throbbing.

“Did you do that? Little boy?” Rozen looked at Fou on his arm.


Fou just looked up and shouted.

Even though Rozen mastered eight languages but he couldn’t understand Fou.

“What the hell is going on?” Rozen frowned.

“Pip pip pip!” Suddenly, the communicator Rozen wore on his wrist began to ring.

Rozen immediately opened it.

In the next second, a magic circle showed up in front of Rozen and turned into a projection screen.

Roman’s figure began to appear on the screen.

“That’s great! It connected!” Roman shouted.

“What happened just now? I saw Rozen’s heart was beating like crazy!”

All of Chaldea’s operating functions will be centered on Rozen.

For example, to continue monitoring Rozen’s condition, so Rozen could return safely.

For another example, they took Rozen as the center and conduct reconnaissance and analysis of the surrounding area.

And just recently, Chaldea detected Rozen’s abnormal heartbeats.

“Doctor…” Mashu became serious.

“Please look at this.”

Mashu also opened the communicator on her wrist and pointed the screen to the sky.

“This is …?” Roman was surprised.

“What is that !?” Roman shouted when asking that question.

Rozen held Fou in one hand, and the other hand held his chest, raised his head, and looked at the strange aura in the sky.

“So … what is it …?” Rozen only had that question in his mind.

What exactly was that halo?

Also, what was with that throbbing feeling?

Rozen was confused.

The only thing he was sure …

“It’s definitely something that can endanger people’s life.”

That was the only thing he knew for sure.

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