Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 147 Legendary Creature


“Senpai, are you feeling better?”

“Well, I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Mashu helped Rozen to sit on the rock.


Fou still stayed on Rozen’s arms, but curled its tail, yawned, and looked like Fou was going to sleep.

As for Roman, he has already started the review.

“Sorry, I already promised to support you, so that you can focus on your mission. But you encountered this accident right after Rayshift.” Roman felt sorry.

For such a physical abnormality to occurred right after Rayshift, it was only natural for Roman to blame himself.

It was just …

“Please don’t blame yourself too much, doctor.” Mashu comforted Roman, “It’s not your fault.”

“Yeah.” Rozen smiled said, “Who would have thought this would happen? What’s the situation?”

Rozen focused on his mission.

The accident was just really unexpected.

“Is this a kind of bad omen?”

Rozen shrugged, said that while actually, he didn’t really believe in such superstitions.

But Rozen succeeded to cheer up Roman.

“In short, in order to prevent the same situation from happening again, we will do the real-time scanning of Rozen’s status, and analyze the abnormality in his body, trying to find out the cause of the change.” Roman said, “Also, regarding the halo above the singularity point, we will begin the analysis here, and you guys will focus on exploring the singularity point.”

“Yes, doctor.” Mashu said, “We will carry out the mission without fail.”

Roman nodded and said, “I will contact you as soon as possible when something happens.”

After that, the projection screen disappeared.

“Okay.” Rozen stood up and said, “Let’s get started.”

“Are you okay?” Mashu asked, “Don’t you need to rest for a while?”

“Nope, I’m fine.” Rozen put Fou on his shoulder, poking at Fou’s cheek, and said, “If something happens, leave it to this little boy.”

“Fu!” Fou shouted as if it understood Rozen.

“That’s really reassuring.” Mashu relaxed a bit, and then asked, “But where should we start exploring?”

Then, Mashu looked around.

She only saw the endless grassland and a shadow of the castle.

“This should be France in 1431, right?” Mashu said.

“At this time, Charles VII and Philip III have signed an armistice agreement. The Hundred Years of War has begun to enter peace. Now, there will be no more large-scale wars.”

Just to decide where to begin their journey was already such a pain in the ass.


“Let’s go there!” Rozen said that suddenly and pointed in a certain direction.

Rozen said in a determined tone.

“Where?” Mashu asked.

Rozen didn’t explain anything, just stared at that direction.

“As soon as I came to this singularity point, I already felt the throbbing feeling.” He felt a strange feeling familiarly.

It was …

“The creepy feeling that Professor Lev gave me.” Like he did in Chaldea and Fuyuki City.

That time, Rozen felt the same creepy feeling.

“Is Professor Lev also here?”

Mashu looked at Rozen’s gaze; his expression became a bit serious.

Now that he knew where the hand behind the scenes were, he didn’t need to think about what to do next.


Mashu called Rozen as his demi-servant.

Rozen nodded in response, and lowered his head, looking at the back of his right hand.

On that hand, the black satin gloves were worn by Rozen again.

The Command Seal was shining there.

Feeling the huge magical power hidden in the Command Seal, Rozen shook his head and commanded.

“Let’s go!”

The master and his demi-servant from Chaldea followed the direction of the hands behind the scenes and began to move forward.

But Rozen didn’t know, the next situation he will encounter was definitely very dangerous.

“That’s …!”

“No way …?!”

When Rozen and Mashu traveled all the way to the distance, they saw something that shocked them.

“Raaaaaagh …”

“Raaaaaagh …”

The roar from a group of beast echoed in the sky shocked those two.

Rozen and Mashu saw…


It was dragons with wings spread wide, with smooth scales and a salamander-like appearance.

“Two-footed flying dragon …”

Mashu could not believe what she saw.

Rozen even whispered.

“A legendary creature …”

A legendary creature existed only in fantasy and did not belong to the current ecosystem.

Some of them only existed in some myths and legends, and some of them were mutations, but no matter which one, they were truly an unknown creature.

Rozen was so surprised when he saw that creature.

“Although the legendary creature can be found everywhere during this era, they should avoid humans.”

It seemed the singularity which brought so much magical power affected their existence.

Because of the accumulation of long history, the legendary creature generally possessed a powerful magical power, and their existence was unknown.

A legendary creature with more than a hundred years of life was no longer mortal.

They were not something that a mere magus could handle, and they already achieved the true magic.

Even a powerful servant couldn’t beat such a creature without their Noble Phantasm.

With the development of science, the legendary creature rarely showed themselves and chose to hide in the underworld.

Even if legendary creatures were living in the current world, they would live in the inhabitant place.

But Rozen saw the two-footed flying dragons, which flew across the sky in a group and scattered towards all directions.

“Does the singularity of this era start from here?” Rozen could not help wondering.

At that moment, Mashu shouted.

“This is bad! Senpai! A two-footed dragon attacked someone!”

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