Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 148 Flying Dragons



Rozen was shocked by Mashu’s words.

He saw a group of people was being attacked by a group of dragons descending from the sky.

“Dragon … !?”

“Dragon is coming this way!”

“Do not … Do not be afraid! Engage!”

“Take up your weapons! Engage!”



They took up their weapons one after another in fear. Even if their hands and feet were shaking, they had to face the dragons that descended from the sky.

Those people did carry not only weapons such as spears, swords, shields, and armors but also horses, that group looked quite strong.

Rozen knew it at a glance.

“Is that France’s army?”

It seemed France’s troops were attacked by a two-footed flying dragon on their way.

Moreover, they did not seem frightened at all.

Obviously, that was not the first time they saw those legendary creatures.

“Are dragons often seen wandering in France?” Rozen pondered.

Otherwise, those soldiers would be in a panic when they saw dragons.


Mashu’s voice snapped Rozen in his deep thought.

At that time, many of the soldiers had been killed by several dragons, and the entire formation had been scattered.

The entire army would be wiped out any time soon.

“How can an army of mere soldiers defeat the group of two-footed dragons?”

Rozen was not surprised at all, but he knew what he should do.

So …

“Get ready to rescue them, Mashu!”

Rozen instructed Mashu.

“Yes! Master!”

Mashu immediately raised her shield.


“Raaagh!” Their roar was enough to shake the air, the two-footed flying dragons, like arrows shot down from the sky, crushing the army below.

The sharp dragon’s claw pierced the soldier’s back.

The sharp dragon’s teeth penetrated the soldier’s body.


The soldiers screamed so loud, the dragons took the soldier one by one and ate them in the sky.



“Those damn dragons!”

The soldiers’ morale dropped, but they still had a fire in their eyes and clenched their arms.

There was a commander behind those soldiers.

“Fire! Use all the cannonballs!”

He was using a silver-white armor with a black hair, aged between 30 and 40 years old, looking smart and brave, but had a thin figure, completely skinny, France’s marshal.

France’s marshal frowned and kept ordering the soldiers to fight.

“Keep the formation! Don’t be blown away by the dragons!”

“The pikemen hold up your spears! Aim at the head! Keep your stance! Prevent the flying dragons from running away!”

“Don’t ride a horse! The horse will run away! All troops charge!”

“Quick! Quick! Quick!”

With the instructions of France’s marshal, the soldiers did not collapse in an instant, and they could withstand the dragons’ attack.

Then the soldiers used their spears to block the dragons’ attack.

And it successfully reduced the casualty.

But …


After roaring, the dragon opened its mouth and ready to spew the flame from its mouth.

The flame, like a meteorite, fell straight into the army.

“Boom!” With the sound of the explosion, the flame breath burst out at the center of the army.


The soldiers were blown up by the flame breath, and even swallowed up, and burned directly in the fire.

The remaining dragons also started to spit flames, destroying the entire formation of the army.

The French marshal cursed the dragons and clenched the sword in his hand.

“Is this the end?”

Unwilling words leaked out of his mouth.

At that moment …


The voices overwhelming the scene like a chariot charging in, setting up a heavy shield.

The speed breaking the wind, unveiled the sand and dust, and the dragon couldn’t react fast enough.


The two-footed flying dragon that didn’t have time to dodge was instantly knocked out, and it was gone.

“That’s …” France’s marshal could not help but hold back.

Not only France’s marshal, but the soldiers were also shocked when they saw their leader.

At that time, France’s marshal commanded again.

“Kill them all!”

Upon hearing that instruction, the soldiers holding the shield responded instantly.

“Yes!” As the words sounded, the soldiers raised their shield high and knocked it down hard on the ground.

“BOOOM!” With the sound of the explosion, the shock wave erupted like a geyser, mixed with sand and dust, and rushed to all directions, blowing the encircled flying dragons all over and jumped.

“HYA!” The soldiers shouted again.

Mashu was like a shadow, jumped up into the air, and between several jumps, she showed an amazing power, catching up with the flying dragons who rushed into the air.

The shield in her hand was swung like a hammer, like a wind, like thunder, with the extreme speed, the flying dragons were beaten to a pulp.

Watching that scene, the soldiers in the army caused a great commotion.

“Okay … awesome!”

“She can deal with those monsters alone!”

“Is she an angel sent by the god!?”

“God!” The soldiers became excited in succession.

Even France’s marshal looked at Mashu in disbelief.

So brave.

So powerful.

It was almost like …

“Jeanne …” France’s marshal murmured the name of his comrade with the sad expression.

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