Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 149 Dragon Summoning Technique


When looking at Mashu, who was fighting with the dragons, Rozen moved ahead with some plan.

“Although they are legendary creatures, they belong only to the Magical Beast category.”

Legendary creatures also had their level.

Ranked from the lowest to the highest, they were Magical Beast, Fantasy Beast, and Divine Beast.

Generally speaking, the legendary creatures that still existed in the world were magical beast, and they were about hundreds of years old.

They were a rare sight even for the magus.

The magical beasts were not so easy to deal with.

Even the first-class servants must have a powerful noble phantasm to fight them.

As for the divine beast, it was a dangerous creature with a story in various myths and legends.

For example Fenrir and Griffin.

Another example was the Scourge of Mesopotamia, Gugalanna.

Those were the dangerous creatures that even not all the top servants could defeat them.

Even if they could be defeated, it was definitely a decisive battle.

Among those legendary creatures, dragon species was at its apex.

If the dragon in front Mashu was the pureblood dragon species, then it was simply impossible to beat them with Mashu alone.

Fortunately, the two-footed flying dragon was not a pure-blood dragon, not a real dragon species, only belonged to Magical Beast level.

At least, in Rozen’s point of view, those two-footed flying dragons were almost the same level as superior servants or familiars. And there were so many of them in the sky.

But servants won’t have a hard time dealing with those dragons.

Mashu has gained an overwhelming upper hand, destroying the flying dragon’s formation.

Seeing that the two-footed flying dragon fell after taking Mashu’s attack, Rozen could not help to say…

“That’s a legendary creature but just a magical beast.”

Its scale or fang could be useful for making magic tools.

For Rozen, it was also worth watching.

Because …

“In the Summoning Technique, there is Dragons Summoning Technique.”

But that technique was for the higher level magus.

In other words, Rozen has not yet mastered that technique.

In order to summon superior servants, Rozen picked any technique that could be useful for him to able to summon a superior servant.

And he already decided…

“I will learn the Dragons Summoning Technique first.”

For that reason, Rozen believed that he needed to start with capturing the two-footed dragon.

That way, Rozen could research its body.

At present, Rozen ordered Mashu to…

“Capture them alive!”

The instruction surprised Mashu a bit, and also the surrounding soldiers.

The next moment …

“Who are you !?”

France’s marshal, who had been immersed in his emotions, immediately showed his sharp eyes, raised his sword, and faced Rozen.

The soldiers around him also surrounded Rozen. Their face was full of vigilance.

Surrounded by the armed soldiers, Rozen did not panic at all but raised his hands easily as a sign that he did not bear any hostility.

“I’m not your enemy.” Rozen smiled at France’s marshal.

“Can you ask your men to put away their weapons? Marshal Gilles de Rais.”

Gilles de Rais.

When Rozen said that name, the entire soldiers felt uneasy.

“… Do you know me?”

Gilles de Rais stared at Rozen.

But Rozen calmly said.

“Of course, I know you. After all, you are a France aristocracy and a famous soldier. You once worked with Jeanne D’ Arc to recapture Orleans a year ago and was praised as heroes by French. How can I not recognize you?”

With that being said, Rozen silently added that sentence in his heart.

“Although I was using the Heavenly Eye to observe the soldiers, and I found that one of them mentioned Jeanne D’ Arc, and I’m sure that you were Gilles de Rais.” Rozen thought.

Because Gilles de Rais was one of the first France generals to fight under Jeanne D’ Arc, and he was one of the few friends whom Jeanne could trust.

Therefore, after Jeanne was captured by the enemy, the marshal was completely trapped in Mania and retreated to Mashkull and Tifford.

In the Japanese territory, he began to study alchemy, hoping to discover the secrets of alchemy by using blood and tortured more than 300 children to death for that purpose.

But it seemed he did not completely fall into madness because of Jeanne D’ Arc’s death, but at least he was still normal.

“We will help you drive away from the flying dragons, and then we will talk about it later. What do you think?”

Rozen also signaled at Mashu’s direction, so the soldiers could clearly see Mashu’s heroic action.

That was to show the soldier that Rozen bore no hostility and to tell Gilles de Rais even they had a chance of winning with Mashu’s help.

Gilles de Rais, as the famous marshal, naturally realized the fact.

“…… I understand.” He lowered the weapon in his hand and signaled everyone to put away their weapon.

“Thank you for your assistance. After driving away all the dragons, we can answer your questions.” After hearing that, Rozen nodded with satisfaction.

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