Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 152 Can You Fight


“Senpai?” Mashu turned at Rozen’s direction, who looked so refreshed like he was enjoying something.

The soldiers looked frightened when they saw Rozen while he was approaching Mashu.

Rozen thought if the Holy Grail was in Dragon Witch’s hands, then she could summon all of the dragons by using its power.

Then Roman asked where she would build her basecamp.

Gilles de Rais and all of them came into a conclusion…

“Orleans.” Rozen said, “Dragon Witch is in Orleans, and she builds her base there, Dragon Witch launch her invasion to France with the dragons from there.”

“The creepy feeling I felt from Professor Lev’s presence also came from Orleans’ direction.”

In other words, it was not only Dragon Witch who was waiting in Orleans, but also the hands behind the scenes.

And if Rozen’s hunch was right, there might also be a pure-blood dragon there.

It was just …

“It’s just you two who we can count on to break through their base.” Roman said.

He helplessly explained if they can’t clear their current mission, which was the lowest fluctuation of the singularity, then to save humanity was just a dream.

“All we can do is provide you as much support as possible.” Roman said, “We will investigate and research all the threats so you can rest assured. We have a capable person in our team.”

The so-called capable person should refer to the one that Roman mentioned before.

Regarding that one ability, Rozen was quite relieved.

What was more …

“The director was also secretly investigating various records and materials, trying to find any information we can use.”

Roman said that sneakily.

Rozen and Mashu were not fighting alone.

“Then please, doctor.” Mashu said to Roman.

“Leave it to us.” Roman smiled and said, “Remember to keep in touch. If I find anything out of place, I will notify you as soon as possible.” After that, Roman’s hologram disappeared.

Mashu was relieved.

“Good work out there, senpai.” Mashu said to Rozen and then asked, “How about the research?”

“Well …” Rozen said mysteriously, “You will be the important key in the future.”

After hearing that, Mashu was curious, but she didn’t ask any further.

At that moment … “It seems that your business is done.” Gilles de Rais came to them.

“Marshal Gilles.” Mashu looked at him instantly.

“Thank you for the information you provided. It means so much for us.” Rozen thanked Gilles de Rais.

Gilles de Rais shook his head.

“Don’t mind me. It’s a win-win situation anyway. We also have a valuable combat power, which has given us some confidence to fight against the Dragon Witch.”

After all, they haven’t found out yet whether Dragon Witch was Jeanne D’ Arc or not. And one thing they were certain of, Dragon Witch was a servant.

The question was …

“Marshal Gilles, can you really defeat Dragon Witch?” Rozen looked at Gilles de Rais then said, “Even if Dragon Witch is Jeanne?”

“… Is that all you want to ask?” Gilles de Rais stared at Rozen.

After a while, he said, “It is because the Dragon Witch is Jeanne that I must take back France from her. That was the only thing I could say for sure.” It was a pity for a best friend to fight each other.

But …

“Can you beat her?” Rozen stared straight at Gilles de Rais and said, “Can you really kill her?”

Rozen asked directly, Gilles de Rais couldn’t say anything at that moment,

“France has betrayed Jeanne even though she is our saint.”

Jeanne was captured because of a small battle in Compiegne.

When she ordered the army to retreat to Compiegne, and because Compiegne was afraid of Britain’s invasion, the gates were closed before all the troops withdrew, leaving Jeanne and the remaining troops outside the city, in the end, she was captured by the enemy.

According to the history of that era, as long as the captive’s family could pay enough ransom, the captive could be released.

But Charles VII did not make any effort to rescue her.

As a result, she was detained in Burgundy. She was sold to England and was executed by England.

Jeanne was not only be killed by England but also betrayed by France.

“That’s why I can’t watch her like that forever.”

Leaving such a word, Gilles de Rais left.

Rozen and Mashu face each other there without saying a word.

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