Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 153 March to Orleans


Early in the morning.

When the two-footed flying dragons appeared in the sky again, all the troops stationed had been withdrawn.

The elite France’s troops led by Gilles de Rais were currently hiding in the woods while avoiding the two-footed flying dragons in the sky, they discussed the next moves.

“If we want to deal with Dragon Witch, who controls a group of dragons, we can’t use a standard strategy, considering our strength.”

Gilles de Rais knelt down and glanced at Rozen.

Rozen and Mashu said, “But now you have enough power to fight those monsters, we can think of the strategies that will be useful in battles.”

It’s simple.

“Let’s march to Orleans.” Gilles de Rais took a bold decision.


Mashu was a bit surprised and didn’t expect Gilles de Rais would take such action.

Rozen also frowned, and objected.

“I don’t want to break your morale, but Marshal Gilles, maybe you overestimate us.” Rozen said, “We do have enough power to deal with those dragons, but don’t you think it is too reckless if we have to fight against Dragon Witch at the same time?”

Also, they will easily be wiped out if thousands of dragon legions attacked them.

And Orleans was Dragon Witch’s base. There were definitely a lot of dragons there, and there might even be pure-blood dragons there.

So it was impossible for them to recklessly charged in.

Rozen didn’t think his current mission to retrieve the Holy Grail and stopped the singularity in that era was any easier.

Gilles de Rais knew that Rozen was cautious if they were to charge in recklessly, but Gilles explained that the Dragon Witch did not stay in Orleans all the time.

From the information from all around France, the Dragon Witch came along with the dragons’ legions to attack the city with the dragons, and she did not come back to Orleans but attacked other cities instead.

Therefore, at that time, Dragon Witch should have left Orleans with the dragons legion.

Gilles de Rais continued to explain that he had an intel in Orleans, and the enemy didn’t know about Gilles’ troops have enough power to beat the dragons. Also, there were far fewer dragons left in Orleans at that time compared to usual.

Based on that, their current combat power will be enough to subdue Orleans.

It was just …

“If that’s the case, what’s the point for us to recapture Orleans?” Rozen said, “Our goal is to defeat Dragon Witch, we are not simply trying to recapture a city.”

“Because Dragon Witch can use another city as her base and summon the dragons again to defeat France.” Rozen said.

“Of course, I know our ultimate goal is to defeat the Dragon Witch.” Gilles de Rais said, “However, no matter how strong the Dragon Witch herself can be, let’s say that you manage to defeat all dragons, can she still pose a threat to you?”

That was correct.

Fighting servant with servant. That was the most basic tactic.

And if Rozen and Mashu focused their power on Dragon Witch, they will win for sure.

Based on Gilles’ intel, all the dragons already left Orleans, and those dragons didn’t have the ability to reproduce themselves.

Gilles’ intention was obvious, he wanted to reveal the secret of the dragons in Orleans.

“Jeanne can not control dragons before she died.”

Gilles de Rais said, just as Rozen guessed before.

Hearing Gilles’ words, Mashu whispered to Rozen’s ear and said,

“Is it possible the Holy Grail is not in Dragon Witch’s possession, but is placed in Orleans and used as a source of magical power to summon the dragons?”

After all, the so-called Holy Grail was actually a source of magical power that will never be exhausted. The prerequisite to perform all of the miracles was sufficient magical power.

So, that theory was acceptable.

“…… Understood.” Rozen said, then he nodded.

“Let’s attack Orleans!”

Gilles de Rais nodded when he heard Rozen’s words.

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