Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 154 Offensive



That was a city with a long history.

It was built during the reign of Gaul, where the Loire Valley was the source of the France royal family.

It was once the capital of France during the Merovingian Dynasty.

As the birthplace of the France royal family, it had a large number of castles and various historical monuments.

For France, it was important an important place to learn its history and family lineage.

During the Centennial War, Orleans was occupied by the Britain Army.

Most of the southern part of France fell into the Britain army, making Britain the master of France.

If France ignored that fact they will be defeated by England.

Under such a crisis, Jeanne stepped forward and led France’s army. After several battles, she finally liberated Orleans and took it back from the Britain army.

After that, the liberation of Orleans became a major turning point in the Centennial War and changed the course of European history.

If Orleans were not liberated, the results of the war would change, and the development of human history would also change greatly.

Therefore, the liberator Jeanne became one of the best heroes in France and was also called the savior of the nation. After hundreds of years, she became the world’s most famous saint.

Now, the city once liberated by Jeanne D’ Arc was completely reduced to a monster’s lair.

“Raaagh …”

“Raaagh …”

The sound of dragons was like waves, like echoes, and never stop like a waterfall.

The two-footed flying dragons patrolled flew back and forth above the city.

“Is that Orleans?”

Rozen hid in a wood, looking at Orleans’ direction squinting his eyes.

“Sure enough, Orleans has become a dragon’s lair, and there is no human there.”

Mashu stayed beside Rozen with her big shield, and her expression looked a bit sad.

That was because …

“All the people in Orleans have long become the food for the dragons, and none left.”

Gilles de Rais reported, “Now, there are only a few dragons left in Orleans.”

That was to say, Rozen and others could attack without fear of hurting innocent people.

“If you are ready, then we can attack them now.”

Gilles de Rais turned his eyes to Rozen and asked.

After a long day and night, Gilles de Rais was so sure that Mashu was the brawn on combat power, and Rozen was the brain.

Mashu would not hesitate to execute Rozen’s commands.

Therefore, Gilles de Rais only looked at Rozen and asked Rozen for opinions.

“… Yes.” Rozen thought for a while and then nodded.

“That’s good.” Gilles de Rais became serious and said, “As we have discussed before, you will be our vanguard to open the path for us, and we will support you to attack Orleans.”

After that, Gilles de Rais signaled the troops behind.

Rozen and Mashu also looked at each other.

“It’s started, Mashu.”

“Yes, Master.”

The words were concise and simple, expressing their determination.

“So …”

Rozen concentrated.

“Snap …” As if the invisible switch was pressed, the magic circuits in Rozen’s body lit up one by one and began to operate fast like an engine.

The magical power flowed instantly in Rozen’s body.


Rozen channeled his magical power into Mashu in one breath.

“Haaaaa …” A gas blasted from Mashu’s body.

Mashu closed her eyes, only to feel the strength in her body was rising like a tide.

With sufficient magical power, Mashu’s power kept rising.

Then …

“Come on! Mashu!”


Under Rozen’s instructions, Mashu opened her eyes.

The next second, they rushed out of the woods together.

Gilles de Rais immediately pulled out his weapon, while pointing it, and shouted.


As Gilles de Rais’ order was heard by the troops …


The cry of the army sounded.

France’s elites troops rushed out of the woods. Some held weapons, some raised shields, and others pushed cannons in the rear.

Such an amazing momentum naturally will attract the two-footed dragon’s attention.


“Raaaagh!” The next second, the two-footed flying dragons hovering over Orleans, like the arrows, flew out and rushed in the direction of the army.

Not long after that, they clashed with each other.

The first to move was the France Army.


Along with Gilles de Rais’ roar, the cannon in the rear fired a heavy cannonball one after another, sending it through the air, and crushed the dragons.

“BOOM!” The Dragons’ formations scattered because of that explosion.

The France army fired relentlessly and blasted the dragons’ group and shaking the sky.

The two-footed flying dragons were unwilling to show their weaknesses. As soon as it flew over France’s army, it immediately opened its big mouth and prepared to spew a fire breath.


The breath of fire burned the troops.

The two sides fought evenly.

Suddenly, the sound of dragons, growls, roars, sorrows, and screams kept ringing.

Under such circumstances, Rozen and Mashu rushed to the battlefield.

Rozen used magic as he rushed out of the woods.

“Summon Wolf Familiar!” That was the same type of technique as Summon Ants Familiar.

However, unlike the ants, the wolf summoned by that technique was not only powerful, but its speed, agility, and flexibility were top-rate.

So, a huge black wolf answered Rozen’s call, leaped out of the magic circle, carrying Rozen in his back, and ran on the battlefield at an amazing speed.

Otherwise, Rozen could not keep up with Mashu’s speed and did not have enough physical strength to sprint.

Rozen rode the wolf on the battlefield, he kept moving forward.

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