Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 155


Rozen only had one thing in his mind.

“In the end, I found myself coming to the battlefield once again.”

Rozen already said that he didn’t want to go to the battlefield.

It was a pity that heaven didn’t hear him.

Fortunately, the enemy of the current war was not humans, but dragons.

Even though the bloody smells in the air were real, Rozen could bear it, he controlled the wolf under and ran on the battlefield.

Even if he hated war, Rozen was not naive.

Even though he hated it, if he had to do it, he will still do it.

In that regard, Mashu and Rozen were the same.

Compared with Rozen, who hated war, Mashu was more serious.

That girl hated fighting and was more afraid of it.

However, when push paint to shove, Mashu had the resolve to fight on the battlefield.

Because …

“Senpai is behind me.”

That alone, kept Mashu going.

Not to mention, Mashu was not fighting alone.

Feeling the magical power in her body gradually rising, the fighting spirit in Mashu’s heart granted her more courage.


That girl rushed towards the dragons like a chariot.


The two-footed dragons roared one after another, trampled by Mashu.

However, those two-footed dragons found the wrong opponent.


The shield in Mashu’s hand crashed heavily on the dragon, like a truck, knocking out the dragon, and it fell to the ground with a huge impact.

Mashu then rushed into the dragons’ legion, swung a heavy shield like a wind wheel in her hand, colliding with the two-footed dragons.

Under such circumstances, the two-footed flying dragons were either hit by the shield’s surface or by the shield’s edge.

Mashu used the shield in her hand so effortlessly, even though that shield was heavier than a human.

Then, those two-footed flying dragons’ legion began to fall into France’s army, who was already waiting with the tip of the gun and the blade below.

“It’s really beautiful.” Rozen thought.

With Mashu’s power, France’s army could pose a threat to the dragons.

One person could turn the tide.

That was a hero.

“I want to be able to summon a powerful servant one day.”

Rozen thought about such a thing and then rode the wolf familiar firmly behind Mashu.

In the process, all the two-footed dragons trying to approach Rozen were blocked by Mashu.

They kept charging toward Orleans.

“Rush in!”

Gilles de Rais was shouting as he swung the long sword in his hands, parried the claws of the two-footed flying dragon.

“You have to rush into Orleans’ Central City and destroy the dragon’s lair before Dragon Witch returns!”

Then Gilles de Rais rushed into the city first.

“Follow the Marshal!”

The soldiers followed him without any hesitation.

That scene made Rozen muttered a bit.

“The dragons have pressured France for so long, and now finally they have a chance to fight back. No wonder their morale is so high.”

Even without Mashu’s support, that army would still be able to fight the dragons equally.

“Senpai!” Mashu said, “Let’s rush in too!”

Rozen nodded, and together with Mashu, riding the wolf familiar and stormed Orleans.

But no one realized, a young girl was standing there on a mountain at some distance from Orleans.

The girl was wearing beautiful emerald green clothes, with beast ears and tail, and holding a bow in her hand, she had a beautiful face.

Such a beautiful wild girl was staring at Orleans at that time.

“Kill …”

“Kill …”

“Kill …”

“Kill …”

“Kill …”

She looked engulfed in madness, the girl leaped forward and disappeared.


As Gilles de Rais expected, with the departure of Dragon Witch, Orleans only had a limited number of dragons, even if it was not something that could be casually dealt with.

There was a magnificent castle, the pride of the heroes, located on a square with many buildings surrounded it.

“That’s right!” Gilles de Rais shouted.

“That’s Dragon Witch’s house!”

Well, if the Holy Grail was really in Orleans, it must be there.

It was just …

“I’m not sure that it will be that easy.” Rozen muttered.

The moment he said that the communicator on Rozen’s wrist suddenly activated.

A projection screen like a magic circle displayed in front of Rozen, revealing Roman’s anxious face.

“Get out of there!” Roman shouted.

“A lot of life signs are approaching Orleans at an extremely fast speed!”

And …

“There are reactions from servants!”

Rozen and Mashu’s expression changed when they heard Roman’s words.

Then …

“I didn’t expect there will be such a stupid mouse sneaking in, you will entertainment me.”

When Rozen and others heard such a mocking voice, the atmosphere at the scene changed.

Rozen slowly raised his head and looked at the sky.

There, a large number of dragons formed a huge legion, flapping their wings and roaring.

A person was standing on the back of the dragon in the center.

Rozen was shocked while looking at that person.

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