Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 156


The sound of the two-footed flying dragons flapping their wings up and down echoed over the whole of Orleans, and it seemed to cause a steady stream of wind.

Hundreds of thousands of Dragons surrounded the city square in the castle, echoed a terrifying roar as if they were ready to rush down and bit their prey.

But the dragons’ movement was unnatural, they just surrounded the army without doing anything. Well, maybe because someone controlled them.

“Hahaha …”

Some evil laughter was heard from one of those dragon’s back.

That laugh was from a young girl.

The girl was dressed like a goddess, with armor on her body, and an iron headband on her head. She held a fluttering flag in her hand, she was looking like a smart and capable female general.

However, be it the priestly outfit, refined armor, headband, or banner, all of them were in a dark color, and short hair with only one long braid was hanging down.

As for the flag in the girl’s hand, it had an ominous dragon pattern.

It was dark.



That was the first impression the young girl gave.

The young girl was standing on the dragon’s back, she was Dragon Witch.

At that time, the witch was leading hundreds of two-footed flying dragon legions to surround France’s army.

When the soldiers looked at the evil witch, soldiers in France’s army bit their lips and looked pale.

Even Gilles de Rais was shocked.

“Saint!” Gilles called her with such a name.

But …

“She’s Jeanne?”

Rozen, who rode on the wolf’s back, could not believe what he saw and heard.

“Master …” Mashu held up her shield and stood in front of Rozen while paying attention to the surrounding, staring at the witch, bit her lips, and whispering, “So wicked …”

Mashu thought that Jeanne did not resemble a saint at all.

However …

“Saint?” Everyone was in a panic.

“Do not put that stupid and ridiculous title on me.” The witch laughed, “Otherwise, I will burn you all and use this cursed flag in my hand.” Dragon Witch said.


A flame was burning like the fire of hell.

Rozen has already activated the Heavenly Eye and saw the attack coming.

“Retreat!” Rozen shouted at Mashu.


Mashu executed Rozen’s command without hesitation.

“Hup!” Mashu jumped and landed on the ground near a soldier.

“Aaaaargh!” The soldiers’ scream echoed through the city square.

The soldiers who came into contact with the fire of hell were immediately burned, leaving no ashes, and disappeared without a trace in such a scream.

“This …!?”

Witnessing that scene with her own eyes, Mashu’s face turned a bit pale.

Because if she could defend the attack, the soldiers wouldn’t have died.

“Concentrate! Mashu!” Roman’s voice was heard by Mashu’s ears.

“That’s not your fault! Pay attention to the enemy in front of you! You will put Rozen in a dangerous situation!”

Roman reminded Mashu to snap out of it.

Mashu regained her composure.

France’s army was confused.

“Damn witch …!”

“How dare you …!”

“Damn …!”

“We used to believe you!”

The soldiers were frightened and angry, they cursed the witch.

But the witch showed a satisfied expression instead when she heard all of the curses.

“Yes, this is the attitude you should show.” The witch sneered.





“This is everything you sent out at me before the flames burned me.” The witch opened her eyes, turning the dark emotion into her strength, then she shouted.

“Now that you have given me all of that, put away your pity and sympathy, and continue to curse me like before!” The saint announced.

“Because I will turn all of the curses into the flames of hell, it will burn you all, and destroy you along with this country!”

The witch lifted up the wicked flag in her hand.

“My servants!”

“Let’s hunt for food!”

“Let’s eat all of the rats who dare to invade your nest!” The dragons responded to their master’s order.

The dragons flew up to the sky and ready to attack.

In the next second, a two-footed flying dragon swooped down and rushed towards the soldiers below.


Gilles de Rais also issued an order.

Rozen wouldn’t be able to handle all of that dragons at once, and he thought of something…

“Bring down Dragon Witch!”

Rozen’s voice turned into magical power channeled into Mashu’s body.

Mashu immediately understood what Rozen meant.

There was no chance to win the game unless the witch who controlled the dragons was defeated.


Mashu planted her feet deep in the ground and jumped so high and fast like a rocket and headed straight towards the witch.


The witch responded coldly, not even raising the flag, as if she did not bother to fight Mashu head-on.

Because someone will protect the witch.


The sound of the blast was heard by everyone, as if a whirlwind-like arrow blasted from a distance, aimed at Mashu’s head.

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