Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 157


Mashu’s expression changed.

The whirlwind-like arrow blasted out and was about to hit Mashu, she didn’t have enough time to think.

When Mashu was in the air, she saw at the top of a bell-tower-like building, a girl was standing there, with the killer eyes, and the bow in her hand was aiming at Mashu.

The girl was at least a few kilometers away from Mashu, and there were many buildings between them, but she could find the best shooting trajectory even with so many buildings there.

“Servant …!?”


That girl was a servant.

Moreover, he was a servant of the Archer Class.

In Orleans, not only Dragon Witch, who was a servant of the Rider Class, there were other servants.

Mashu suddenly realized why the witch suddenly came back, because there were servants who constantly reported the conditions to her.

Mashu watched as the arrow-headed straight toward her.

Immediately …


Following a loud sound, the arrow full of magical winds was blasted out by an invisible shield engraved with a magic circle.


Archer opened her eyes slightly when she saw the scene from a distance, and then she was shocked because of what she saw.

“This is …?” Mashu was also a bit surprised, and then immediately seemed to understand something, and quickly turned her head to look at Rozen.

Right there, Rozen was dodging all of the incoming attacks from the dragons while riding the wolf familiar.

At that moment, Rozen’s magical power was divided into three tasks, one channeled into Mashu’s body, the other one channeled into the wolf, and the last one transformed into Magic Defense, helping Mashu defended Archer’s attack.

Rozen shouted when Mashu wanted to say something.

“Let’s do it now!” Rozen used Magic Defense under Mashu’s feet and became Mashu’s footing.

Mashu instantly realized what Rozen was trying to.

“Bang!” With the crackling sound, Mashu stepped on the barrier under her feet, rushing like a rocket to Dragon Witch’s direction.

However, the witch didn’t even wave the flag, but looked at Mashu with a sarcastic gaze, as if looking at a clown.

At that time, two more figures appeared around the city square.

“Bwooosh …!” With the sound of slashing the air, iron rods came out from the ground, like thorns, aimed at Mashu’s body.

The surrounding air was shaking, one by one, the iron chains, nails, and two-door came out, high enough to surround a person, and a coffin suddenly fell from the sky like a Meteorite headed straight into Mashu’s body.

Mashu, who was midair, was surrounded by iron rods rising from the ground and torture tools falling from the sky, leaving her no room for escape.

The one who summoned iron rods was someone wearing a black coat with a spear.

His pair of eyes have thick black shadows, and he had a sinister smile.

No one knew when that man appeared on the roof, with iron rods rising from the ground.

The torture tools were controlled by a woman holding a scepter and wearing a costume that looked very luxurious.

Her body was covered with iron chains, and the other hand was holding a torture tool with a red light in her eyes.

When she appeared on the roof of another building, suddenly, torture tools fell from the sky.

The weapons held by those two and the atmosphere they gave was enough to discover their identity.

“Lancer …! Assassin …!”

It was the servants of the Lancer Class and the Assassin Class.

Lancer was a pikeman, the noble with a spear.

Assassin was like… Assassin. From the torture tools held by the lady, there was no doubt she was an Assassin.

Incidentally, all of the servants were engulfed in madness.

However, the Rider still had a sense of self, but her killing intent was amazing.

Facing that two-thronged attack from the sky and the ground, Mashu was in a pinch situation.

But …

“One meter to the right! Jump!”

Almost at the same time, Rozen activated the Magic Defense barrier under Mashu’s feet, granting Mashu a footing even in midair.


Mashu, without any hesitation, stepped on the barrier made of Magic Defense and leaped one meter to the right.

An iron rod and a torture tool reached the place where Mashu was going to.

“BOOOM!” Then, they collided fiercely.

“Three meters ahead! Jump!”

Rozen continuous command halted Mashu to survive through the current pinch.

At the same time, a barrier from Magic Defense appeared again under Mashu’s feet.

So, under Rozen’s command, Mashu kept jumping, avoiding the iron rods and the barrage of torture tools.

“Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!” The heavy torture tools and the sharp iron rods collided with each other constantly.

Mashu survived without being scratched at all, accurately avoiding the iron rods and the torture tools that fell from the sky.


Lancer and Assassin saw the scene and frowned.

Even the Dragon Witch’s expression finally changed.

However, Rozen couldn’t let his guard down at all.

Because Rozen has already seen it.

Seeing three other figures slowly appeared at the top of buildings.

Rozen knew those three figures were all servants.

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