Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 158



That roar was different from the flying dragon’s roar, far more violent, heavier, and more terrifying than the flying dragon.

That was a tyrannosaurus with a huge head, a spikey spine, a long tail with poisonous thorns, and six sharp claws.

The tyrannosaurus rushed into France’s army, roaring and raging violently, making the claws and tail a lethal weapon, and in a single swipe, caused a wave of stormy winds crushing its enemy.

Someone dressed in a saint’s costume was standing above the head of a tyrannosaurus, holding a scepter like a cross in her hand, and looked like a beautiful girl, like a goddess coming out of the water.

That was …


A group of sea monsters.

The sea demon was like an octopus and a starfish. It was full of muddy black-purple spots, with sticky tentacles, which was quite disgusting.

Such a group of sea monsters was being organized under someone with a strong gaze, he was wearing a black robe, and the clothes were designed with a lot of luxurious jewelry, and his smile gave off an eerie feeling.

Like a worm, he entangled them with tentacles, and twisted them vigorously, and killed them one by one causing a rain of blood.

That was …


At the same time, unlike the previous two, a servant jumped from the top of the building and attacked France’s army.

It was a swordsman wearing a France-style knight tuxedo, holding a rapier in his hand, and wearing a musketeer hat on his head. He looked like a beautiful woman.

As soon as the opponent rushed into France’s army, the rapier in his hand was moving fast. It was as if he was dancing with his sword among France’s soldiers, it was as if flowers petals were falling down each time he swung his rapier.

He defeated the soldiers with the beautiful Sword Dance technique, the Sword Dance cut their throats, pierced their hearts, and the soldiers fell one after another, leaving only bloodstains on the ground.

That was …


At that point, all of the enemy’s servants have already been revealed.







Plus Dragon Witch herself.

At that time, Rozen confronted seven servants.

Meanwhile, those servants seemed to be commanded by the Dragon Witch to fight the enemies in the city square.

France’s army in the city square was at the mercy of the iron rods, torture tools, arrows, tyrannosaurus, sea demon, and sword dance.

Facing all of that, the soldiers could only scream and suffocated in despair.

Gilles de Rais also roared when he was facing a group of monsters. Mashu lifted up her shield to defend the incoming attacks.

Rozen kept controlling the wolf familiar, it could dodge all of the attacks with its extraordinary agility.

Dragon Witch was standing on the back of the dragon while laughing.

“Kill them!”

“Kill them!”

“Kill them all! Let the sorrow, curse, and tragedy befall from the Lord of heaven! Let them see the real hell!”

“Haha … haha ​​… Hahahahaha!”

The girl who was once called the saint in the past was laughing so loud, the sarcasm, resentment, and emotions mixed in her laugh followed by the screams, wails, and roars from the soldiers.

Roman, who saw everything from Chaldea, had only one word.


Roman shouted eagerly at Rozen and Mashu.

“There is no chance of winning!”

Seven servants and a large number of dragons.

How could Rozen win by relying on a group of normal human forces and one servant against that kind of enemies?

The fact was Rozen never thought he could win, he just wanted to find out the details of the enemy.

And he found seven servants and the Legion of the two-legged flying dragon.

“Is that all?”


There must be more than that.

The creepy feeling has been tingling Rozen’s back, telling him that the hand behind the scene has not yet shown himself, and he still hid in the shadow.

Moreover, even though Rozen was already seen Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Assassin had been summoned, how could he be sure Dragon Witch did not summon more servants?

All of that fact was telling Rozen that things were far more complicated.

However, no matter what kind of possibility that Rozen was considering, there was only one thing that he could do at that time.

That was …

“Retreat!” Rozen shouted to Gilles de Rais’s direction.


However …

“The gates of hell can only be opened, and cannot be closed.” Dragon Witch was standing on the dragon’s back laughed, and finally raised the banner in her hand.

However, at that time, if she tried to attack again, Rozen would not give her a chance.

A huge magical power swept across the city square and turned into Telekinesis.

Countless weapons from the fallen soldiers in the city square floated and headed to Dragon Witch.


Rozen controlled all the weapons with Telekinesis, like the barrage of weapons were storming at Dragon Witch’s direction.


The witch froze, and she stepped on the flying dragon.


The two-footed flying dragon roared and immediately flew high to avoid the incoming barrage.

However, Rozen used Telekinesis to change the weapons’ trajectory.

Taking advantage of that …

“Mashu! Make the way!” Rozen shouted.

At that moment, Rozen exerted all his magical power.


Mashu suddenly felt enormous energy inside her body.

“This is …?”

Mashu and Roman was shocked,

“What … what’s going on!?” Mashu’s overall ability values raised!

In other words, her offensive and defensive power increased.

Because, at that very moment, Rozen used all of the techniques he mastered when he was in Narukami’s world to Mashu.

Body Hardening improved Mashu’s physical ability.

Magic Defense improved Mashu’s defensive ability.

Magic Blade improved Mashu’s offensive ability.

Mashu’s power suddenly skyrocketed thanks to Rozen’s buff.

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